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Isabella's father has just died, and the family is starving and broke. The mom tries to marry a rich guy, so they can pay off the house morgage.

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013




It had been 2 months since my last birthday, the day before papa died. Momma just had my new baby sister. I didn’t care for her, but I had to get along. We can’t buy anything, because we ain’t got much money. But I have a pet goat that I got for my last birthday, she gave us enough for us not to starve, also I had to gather eggs from the hens, but the fox got the hens this morning, so no more eggs for breakfast this morning. The morning fog was still in the air as I walked to the garden for some cabbage. After I was done I started my way to the house, when a beautifully carved wagon, pulled by 2 solid black horses stopped right in front of our house.



An old guy in a top hat with a pearl black suit lightly stepped out of the beautifully carved wagon. I dropped the basket of cabbage, and ran inside to where mom sat in the old wooden rocking chair papa had made for her to knit in. Molly my little sister sat on momma’s boney lap as momma fed her some of my goat’s milk. All I could say was, “he’s here again” momma grabbed Molly from her lap and shoved her into my chest with enough force to leave me fly to the hardwood floor. Molly starts to cry, so I pick up and I set her down with her bottle in the wooden rocking bed (papa also made.) I start ran to the door like a cat being chased by a hungry dog. When I got to the front door I watched momma give the fat guy the money that papa had given me for my birthday before he had died.

I ran to my room, trying not to believe it actually happen. Momma had pretty much given this guy about the only thing I had left of papa. I looked out the window as the morning sun kissed my red face from me crying. Then, BOOM!!! I ran to the room where Molly was sleeping, but she was still asleep. Then BOOM!!! There it was again! Then I realized that it was come from outside. It was the fox again. I grabbed the axe from the wood pile, and start screaming and yelling to try and scare it away. But it was too late; the fox had taken 3 good eggs. It looked at me like a chipmunk’s with food in its cheek, and ran into the dark foggy woods.


I ran inside to momma and told her about what just happened, and all did was ignore me, and walk away with baby Molly on her hip like a baby monkey on its momma back. I ran after mom asking her repeatedly over and over again till she turned around and slap me in the face with enough force to leave me flying across the room and onto the old brown rug that use to be whiter than a clean sheet of paper. I slowly looked at her with anger. All she did was look at me with this evil stare. I ran out of the room. As I was running I tripped over one of Molly’s toys, and I felt of embarrassment as my mom started a cackling laugh, and walked away.


Momma has a new boyfriend now, and they have been dating for about 3 months and I absolutely don’t like him, and never will. Momma’s been so caught up in her new man that I have to take care of Molly all day and night. His named is Billy and I just don’t care much for him.


Billy tried to that me fishing this morning, and I said no with a growl. So when I said no he decided to take us on a picnic. “How are we going to have enough food to have a picnic”, I said.

“I bought a bunch of food for the picnic, for after we went fishing”, he said.

So he ran outside and came in with a cake, a whole bunch of sandwiches, and a big soda pop!

Now I was starting to see why my mom likes this guy. Because of all the dough that he’s got!

During the picnic, Billy got on knee and said, “Will you marry me Scarlet A. Smith.”

My jaw hit the ground, and of course she said “YES!!!”

I knew the real reason that she said yes, because of all his money, cash, and dough! I hated her for saying yes, couldn’t stand it I ran straight to the house, and didn’t stop though mom and my new dad were yelling and screaming for me to right back at that very moment.

I jumped on my bed, and start to cry, cry more than I have ever cried before. Why'd papa have to die? Why’d papa have to get sick? Why? Why? Why?
Billy walked into the room, and sat on the end of my bed like a pet cat, or dog. “Why are you so mad Isabella?” he said.

“Because, I loved my papa more than you!” I screamed.

“And I don’t want you as my papa.” I said.

“But I will help your family” He said.

“How?” I said with tears in my eyes.

“I have a lot of money, and I I’ve always wanted a daughter like you.” He said.

Then it hit like a softball in the face that he really did want a daughter like me! And that I needed a papa.

We hugged and I told him that I loved him, and that I was sorry for saying what I had said to him.

Then all of a sudden the familiar wagon pulled up.  And all of a sudden Billy jumps up and walks out the door.  I get up and look out the window, and watch Billy give the guy the money.  And all I did was smile.

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