Don't stand there idling. Some times you got to be the passenger, even if it's not your thing!

Start the engine up, start the engine up.
Don't let it stand idling.

You know what they say, what they say.
You're gonna kill it with your stifling.
A little back and forth, a little in and out,
you're the control shifter.
Fuck the bottom out, fuck the bottom out.
Put it in reverse as you lift her.
Take her for a ride, Take her for a ride,
Getting drunk from speeds that high.
You're cruising for bruising, cruising for bruising.
Slap it hard; don't leave it dry, don't leave it dry!
Her mouth is on the stick, mouth is on the stick.
Now, who has the control, shit......her!
You nasty little prick, nasty little prick,
Control Shifter.


Submitted: February 17, 2014

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