"I Understand You Need To Have Some Time"

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time to yourself, reflection

"I Understand That You Need To Have Time"


Sometimes you need some quiet space

to be on your own, to collect your thoughts.

Sometimes it is necessary to be alone to clear

the cobwebs out of your mind.

Everyone needs to have that kind of time

by themselves.

I understand this completely.

A good friend will give you all the space

and time that you need.

And when you are through you know

just what to do.

You just call on me and I'll always be there.

Sometimes your life gets overloaded and you

feel crammed.

You need to sort things out all by yourself.

Take all the time that you need.

My friend, I will always be here.

And that you can depend upon and rely.

I understand that you need to have time.

Submitted: February 28, 2016

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