The Knight

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A novel that takes place in the medieval times. It describes a duel between two knights. One of them a traitor, other one loyal.

Submitted: January 22, 2017

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Submitted: January 22, 2017



The armies clashed with screams and metal against metal clinking. As shields find swords the sound vibrates across miles. Those lucky enough had the time to raise their shields or to fall under a killing blow. The unlucky ones fell on the ground and slowly got trampled on until nothing but bloody mass of flesh, skin and iron was left.

Avrain raised his sword, deflecting an uppercut and with a quick riposte tried to thrust between the connection of gorget and helmet. Opponent raised his shoulder to catch the blow. Avrain had a longsword, meant to pierce light leather armour and chainmail not stainless steel plates. The longsword, which Avrain named Limerence bounced off of the shoulderguard, leaving a little scratch on it. His opponent used the momentum by doing an attempt in cutting of Avrain's head, or so Avrain thought. The man bent his body back but that was a feint from his opponent and instead of using the force behind the blow to cut off the man's head, his enemy tried to slash open Avrain's kneecap. Avrain got lucky, the connection between his thigh and knee platemail didn't get damaged and deflected his opponent's blade. Then the men clashed their swords again and pushed each other away.

For once they got the chance to look at each other. Avrain's opponent was in a full stainless steel platemail. The chestpiece was decorated orange and it had black stripes running over it. In the middle of the chestpiece was the sigil of his heritage, tree with a hanging man. He wore an iron helmet with a faceguard and a orange feather was sticked onto the back of the fullhelm. The orange knight used a steel claymore which was decorated with an orange handle.

Avrain himself also wore a full stainless steel platemail and a fullhelm. His chestpiece was red, black stripes running over it. His sigil, white dagger with red spots was knitted onto the chestpiece. He used a bastard sword. Avrain also had a shield but he lost it in the momentum of the battle.

Then the orange knight attacked again. The men exchanged blows, catching each others platemails time to time. Avrain felt that he is starting to get tired and knew he had to do something quick or he may lose this battle. His opponent wasn't showing any signs of getting tired. So Avrain took a risk. Instead of blocking his opponents blow that was aimed for his heart he ignored it and tried to cut his opponents kneecap. The claymore bounced back from the chestpiece, leaving a hole in it, the sharp metal pieces of his own platemail cutting into Avrain's skin. Avrain's own attack pierced the chainmail between the platemail's connection point at the kneecap and cut through the tendon, leaving his opponent limping. Now both men breathed heavily until orange knight attacked again. Without a leg to put the pressure on, Avrain had the advantage and he felt it. His opponent was slowly falling back and the red knight kept pushing the orange one back.

Suddenly the orange knight catched Avrains bastard blade in his gaunlet and tore it out of the man's grasp. Avrain was so astonished by what just happened that he didn't even undrestand how then the orange knight took hold of his own sword by blade and hit the hilt of it inside Avrains gorget, like a mace. The thin plate of gorget gave in to the blow and went inside the knight's skin, cutting the wound deeper with every move. Avrain screamed of pain and ran at his opponent, dodging the slash that came his way. When he got to him he grabbed his opponent by the stomach and with a smack hit him on the ground. He got a few blows in, heavy iron gaunlets destroying the fullhelm's faceguard until his opponent recovered. The orange knight raised his elbow to block a hit from the right and struck with his left hand, punching Avrain off of him. Breathing heavily, Avrain fell down next to his enemy. Orange knight rose to his feet. Avrain didn't find such strength and paid a heavy price for it. His enemy hit him in his face with the ironclad boot, hitting Avrain's helmet off, then backed off to catch his breath. He thought that he had knocked out Avrain with that blow.

Avrain, nose and mouth bleeding because of the blow, rose and raised his hands, ready to fight. His opponent was surprised by Avrain's resilience. With a warcry the orange knight attacked fiercly. A blow came in from the right, which Avrain caught with his shoulder and tried to do a quick counterblow to hit off the orange knight's helmet, revealing his face as well and evening the odds. The blow was blocked though and again Avrain was under fierce attack by his opponent. He undrestood that the orange knight was better trained in the arts of hand-to-hand combat and suddenly also felt it when a heavy iron gaunlet blow caught his cheek, hitting out half of his teeth. The force of the blow made the man fall on his knees but then he saw his opponent's claymore right next to him. Quickly Avrain grabbed it and slashed at his opponent, cutting his arm cleanly off. The orange knight screamed of pain and stared at his hand, from which sanguine blood flowed out the same way a little fountain shoots out water. Then Avrain undrestood his advantage and prepared to give the killing blow but then the orange knight spoke

„Wait wait wait. Let me atleast die with some dignity.“. The orange knight took off his helmet, revealing sweaty red hair and brown eyes. It was undrestandable, that the slahed off limb hurts him.

„Get on your knees.“, Avrain said.

The orange knight oblieged and heavily fell on his knees, bending his head forwards. Avrain rested the heavy claymore on his neck.

„I, Ser Avrain Epoch of house Daggerdawn sentence you, Ser Grandiz Illicit of house Justicar to death for treason against the rule of king Wheres the third.“, Avrain said heavily and loudly.

After saying the words, Avrain raised the claymore to give the killing blow and started to let the blade fall but then Grandiz pulled his head back on the last second and thrusted his dagger inside the wound that his swordhilt had made inside Avrain's gorget.

„Never give people secound chances.“, he said as he moved the blade into the wound. Even if Avrain had something to say back he couldn't. Blood became his breath.

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