Eternal Love

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Submitted: July 12, 2017

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Submitted: July 12, 2017



After 25 days of my father’s death on june 26th @ 10.16 pm. I was alone @ home & was on terrace gazing the stars as my a part of my routine. Since the sky was cloudy the stars weren’t visible except one star. @ once I had a thought “this star might be my dad, keeping a watch on me from the sky”. I was starring at the star for sometime and was badly missing him. Suddenly the street lights were out, there was a power disruption & the city was covered with pitch darkness. This made believe stronger that the star is my dad as it started to shine brighter,  then slowly the star started to come close, brightness increased with volume.Then I realized that it may be a space ship, my thoughts about the space ship was absolutely right.It was a space ship and it was about 100 feet above my head, was curious what would come out of the space ship as there was no sound. Suddenly a voice fell on my ears “don’t be afraid, relax yourself and get into the ship we wont harm you.” I said “I can’t, why should I ??” then I heard “you will learn the secrets of universe”. I was astonished how on earth do this voice from strange space ship know about my thoughts and the eagerness of learning the secrets of universe dragged me to get in. A stair case rolled down from the ship and I stepped in, the interior of the space ship was covered with different spectrums of visible light like we see orion nebula pictures on internet. I then thought that colors are just brain’s programming, I couldn't find  a single creature even though I rolled over my eyes at every nook and corner of the ship. I followed their instructions- took a seat, fasten’ed the belts and wore a helmet. The ship departed and was moving in a maximum speed, a few minutes passed and things started to move in slow motion.

I observed Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in just 8 mins. Then I was close to the heliopause and entered the interstellar regions. The space was filled with photons {packets of energy}. I was still in a dilemma whether it’s a dream or reality, then I pinched myself and realised that it was reality.

The space ship entered into a exoplanet, it was a similar to that of planet Saturn with rings. The atmosphere was thick and a jerk made me realise that the ship was landed on top of a huge building, I thought this might be the space station. The doors opened and I got down from the ship, two men with black suits and hats welcomed me by saying “welcome to our planet Mr. hteejnas.”

I was shocked how do they know my name, I tried to look onto their faces but I couldn't as they wore black hats.

I couldn't stoy myself from asking them “how do you know me?” For that one among them replied we know each and detail about you since you took birth that is on june 16th 1993 @ 11.13am. I got amused that these extraterrestrials are ruling over our planet Earth, I was quiet and just followed their path. I observed each and everything in detail including the, it was a kind of sci-fi movie pictuarisation but I was still blank, as the language in which they conversed was quite different. I entered into one of the room, my eyes were full of tears because I saw my super hero. My dad was sleeping on a bed, he was looking at me and spread his arms for me. I rushed to him, hugged him and kissed him frequently.

 My dad was young around 24, same as my age. He was with full conscious and spoke the word which I was waiting for past 4 months “kai be” and continued with “amma khasai, sanketh khasai?” I couldn’t control my tears.

 I asked him “are you okay now pappa?” “Where have you been from past 25 days?” Dad replied “this is my first day in this planet” I then realised that

“time is gravity” 25 days on earth is equal to one day on this planet.

Suddenly a doctor entered into the room and wished me “hteejnas your father is absoultely fine he will be discharged within 1 week” i.e {175 days}. This was the first good news which fell on my ears from the doctors since he was hospitalised. Then I tightly hugged my dad and he started to console me by saying “don’t worry about me, nothing is forever.” My job got over on earth, now it will start year for couple of years . its like we finish our school life and go to college life. We are just visitors to the planets. Take care of saumya sanketh theju madhu and yourself. Lead a good healthy life. Make saumya strong as much as possible. Don’t worry about me, everyone is taking care of me after 10 days I will gonna start my new life I will have job life as I had on earth. After 2 years by that time saumya will finish her work on earth{1 day= 25 days on earth so for 2 years 730 days here = 18250 days on earth so it is equal to 50years of life on earth at that time saumya will be around 95} and she will join me once again at age 16 and I marry her and repeat the same life with sanketh and you. Don’t think about anything am always there for you to protect.. I couldn’t control my tears & kissed him and pampered him to the core & he said we will be together forever…he was so happy to see me. only my father has the ability to recall the memory of past life due to his spiritual path he had in his past life, by that these evolved specied made me contact. My father said its time to return home. My heart was weightless and brain with full of oxytocin and positive emotions erupted from amygdala. I was with complete satisfaction that once again I can continue my life with my DAD.. MISS YOU  LOVE YOU, I WILL TAKE CARE OF SAUMYA these were the words I spoke to him  by holding his hand and left the room . I was there for one hour and lost my consious. When I opened my eyes it was 11.16pm 27th july….


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