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Shiva - physical dimension and non physical dimension

Submitted: July 03, 2018

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Submitted: July 03, 2018



Nothingness or Shiva – that which is not. Before time or before creation. Shiva is divided into 2 parts later, physical and nonphysical. First comes the nonphysical dimension of Shiva. Within Shiva @ certain point there emerged a drop of Shakti (Energy) like a water bubble. That water bubble later divided into hundreds, thousands and millions like a kind of cell division on planet earth (physical dimension). Those bubbles of energy are nothing but the pure souls. That non-physical dimension was filled with trillions of energy bubbles. Those bubbles grew slowly and there were many levels to reach the ultimate. The vibrations of energy decide its fate to be in which level. Bubbles were too far from each other, but something strange was going to happen. There was a kind of small clump, 4 bubbles were adhered together apart from the others. Considered to be one bubble which emerged during division of bubbles. We can name the 4 bubbles as Alpha, Beta, Gamma and delta. It doesn’t make any sense in the nonphysical dimension. The primary aspect of the bubbles was to move rather than being stationary i.e. being kinetic instead of potential. But at some point there lied a bubble which suddenly became stationary. Vibrations became too strong, reached the higher levels within the bubble. Tremendous amount of vibrations build within the bubble and suddenly there was a wild explosion. Rudra of Shiva (roaring Shiva). The small bubble later manifested into the present physical dimension (Universe). Kaala has created; kaala means both time and space created by the roar of Shiva. The energy took its new form into Matter. Millions of years passed, that matter coalesced into billions of stars, planets, galaxies. Material bodies have formed in some of the galaxies. But it was lacking with something, incompleteness within the bodies. There was greater attraction between the nonphysical energy bubbles and physical material energies. The attractions made the bubbles to flew to the physical dimension during this the 4 bubbles tear apart from each other and ended in different regions of Universe. The bubbles got encapsulated into the material bodies in some galaxies to give a completeness of the material body, i.e. LIFE.., LIFE started to evolve in the physical dimension for the first time. Let’s focus on the 4 bubbles. Alpha bubble is present in sombrero galaxy, beta into loopy galaxy, gamma into tadpole galaxy and the delta into whirlpool galaxy. Billions of years passed life evolved into further steps, bubbles shed thousands of bodies so far. Their vibration levels of 4 bubbles made them unsuitable in the present world and moved to the Milky Way galaxy in one of the newly formed habitable planet Earth. Those bubbles moved apart in different time zones. Alpha entered into the Fish body (golden fish), beta to amphibian (tortoise), gamma to reptile (snake), and delta to bird (cuckoo). Millions of years passed those bubbles shed hundreds of material bodies and 4 of them entered into mammals (humans) @ different time scale. Alpha bubble in the earth year 1961, beta in 1972, gamma in 1991 and delta in 1993. Coincidence leads those bubbles once again to stay together. After trillions of years those bubbles of energy met once again. There was a harmony in their lives. Filled with pure love, they found their heaven; time passed so quick their memories was just of love and happiness. Love became the basic instinct of those 4 bubbles. But there was a tragedy in the heaven, alpha bubble’s vibrational energy was reaching further level, now it’s time to alpha to say good bye once again and left the 3 in heaven, gradually heaven became hell. Gamma and Delta bubble couldn’t bear the pain of Beta bubble. That suffering leads the gamma and delta into higher level of consciousness about life. They came to know the key of life i.e. the vibrations of energy. Alpha was travelling to the another galaxy called MACS0647, 13.3 billion light years from earth, which was formed 420 million years after the roar of Shiva. So the alpha energy may take millions of human years to reach it. But for alpha bubble its just 11 days of travel. Gamma and delta reached the higher level of consciousness and tuned the vibrations of energy so that the alpha bubble vibration stopped for a while; it became stationary for some time. Alpha vibrations started once again but this time not in kinetic. On potential (stationary). Slowly Vibrations of energy became too intense so that bubble cannot hold anymore. Then there was a tremendous explosion in the space-time lead to the formation of alpha UNIVERSE. After 50 years Beta, gamma and delta moved to the Alpha universe in order to once again remain in harmony. Millions of years passed, Alpha Universe became the heaven, harmony world for the bubbles of soul. Alpha universe became the ultimate destiny for souls, Bubbles which attain Mukti came to here, Whose Samsara came to an End.

Alpha Bubble- Sathyanarayana Beta Bubble- Saumya Gamma Bubble- Sanketh Delta Bubble- Sanjeeth

Universe of my FATHER , heaven of physical dimension, harmony of Love. Love you vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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