Run; Monsters are coming

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This story is about all of us running from our fears instead of facing them ;

Submitted: October 17, 2011

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Submitted: October 17, 2011




Yet another evening, yet another day coming to an end. He looked up to the sun and slowed up a little. He was running since morning.
Its been years him running like this. He would start running in the morning and stop only late at night. He was not alone though, he had his friend Courage with him all this time. He would help him get up and run everyday. He had a vague memory of some other friends as well but they were almost non existent to him. He lost those friends a long time ago.
There were other people also who would start running early like him and would stop very late at night. Some of them would not even stop at night.

All eyes were glued to a very bright light at a distance,while running they would not see anything else but that light.
"Thats money to make our life better, happiness and peace comes along with it" Thats what a co-runner told him once.
He wandered how many have reached there so far.He wanted to get these things as well, so he started running towards that light.

Today he had covered a lot of distance.He was tired now and wanted to have some rest.
Suddenly everyone started running faster.
"Monsters are coming" Someone shouted

He looked back, he saw DEFEAT coming towards him along with JUDGEMENT,POVERTY and CRITICISM.
"These monsters take us back,keep a distance from them and run faster" He remembered two men talking next to him one day.
He covered a lot of distance in all these years and did not want to go back so he started running even faster.

And in this run for life quest yet another day got over.

He was tired now and wanted to sleep, so he sat down under a tree and slept. He saw a dream that night.
He saw himself along with his beautiful wife and adorable kids in a big house. Money was pouring in from everywhere. Everyone in his family was happy but he was searching for something. But the thing he was searching for was nowhere around and that was making him restless.
Suddenly the kids shouted in fear "Monsters, Monsters"
The monsters dragged him back. Everything got vanished, the house, the money, everything.

He got up in fear. That was such a bad dream. I should run from these monsters before they catch me and drag me back.

He was about to leave when he heard someone groaning in pain.
The sounds were making him feel very strange and restless so he decided to help.
He looked around and saw two men lying on the ground, they were looking very weak. He could not see their faces.
"Hello, what happened to you guys?" He enquired
One of them looked back,he looked exactly like him.
"Who are you and how can you look so much like me" he was shocked at the resemblance, it was as if he was looking at the mirror
"Thats because I am you, I am your self-belief. I was left in this forest along with you and him" he said pointing towards the man lying next to him
"And who is he" he asked
"I am your confidence" The other man said in a faint voice
"We were left together here along with Courage to find Happiness and Peace , but then you started running behind Money and we lagged behind, you did not take care of us and now we are about to die."
He did remember something,but the memory was very vague.but he just wanted to run right now.
"Everyone will go ahead of me today" He thought to himself.
"Whatever, but Let me go now, I am sorry I cannot help you" He said
"Please take us with you.Without us you cannot reach anywhere" Belief said
"I need to run very fast, I cannot look after you" He said again

"Monsters are coming!! Run faster everyone" someone yelled at a distance
"I need to go now, monsters are coming, they will drag me back" He said
"You should face these monsters, believe me, they cannot harm you" Belief said
"No I cannot, they are huge in size" He said to belief, his Confidence lying by belief's side groaned loud in pain, he was dying

By then monsters came very near, running was not an option anymore. He knew he will be dragged back, everyone else will reach the happiness,find money and everything. He got sad.
He was left with no other choice but to take a chance. He took Belief and Confidence by his side and stood up facing the monsters.Courage was by his side already.

He closed his eyes.The monsters came one by one and tried to pull him but couldn't.Then they all came together and tried again.The monsters tried a lot but could not pull him back and finally gave up and ran towards others.
He opened his eyes after some time, the monsters were gone. He looked by his side.He had never seen Courage so happy before. Belief was looking so healthy now and so was Confidence. Actually Confidence had grown almost triple in size.

"How the hell did that happen to you, you were so weak" He was amazed to see that transformation
"You took care of your self belief, thats all I needed to grow" Confidence said, he was looking monsterous now
"Monsters are gone, lets find happiness and peace without any fear now" He said to Confidence and Belief
"All right" They said

He started running again, but this time he realized he was running much more faster and in no time he started flying. Belief and Confidence were with him.
After some time he saw a lady in white gown. She was looking very pretty.
"Who are you?" He asked her
"I am Happiness,come with me" She said with a smile

She took him to a big plane flying in the sky at a distance.He found Peace there. He was feeling so happy now. He was not afraid of anything. He looked down.People were still running and monsters were chasing them.He saw many Beliefs and Confidences die. But he was above everything now. He thanked his Belief and Confidence who helped him to reach this ultimate place. He wanted to sleep now.

That night he saw that dream again
He saw himself along with his beautiful wife and adorable kids in a big house. Money was pouring in from everywhere. Everyone in his family was happy, there was one difference though, he was not searching for anything now.

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