true friends??

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this short story is about 2 friends who love each other alot,but one day everything changed.Was it for good?Should this had to happen?You guys tell ur opinion.
This is the first time i am writting so forgive me if there is any mistakes.

Submitted: October 07, 2014

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Submitted: October 07, 2014



It was the month of june and all the 11th grade classes had begun\"Tongue\".5 friends meet and they became great friends and were a popular gang in the college\"Wink\".Aliya,Nidhi,Pari,Akira,Dhisha,Seema were very happy with each other\"Smile\".Aliya was well known for her intelligence\"Geek\",Nidhi had a passion for food\"LOL\",Pari was the glam queen of the college\"Embarrassed\",Akira was always happy helping other's,this was how she used to be happy\"Smile\",Dhisha was a bubbly lively girl\"Tongue\" and Seema loved drawing\"Shocked\".All 6 of them spend excellent moments with each other.Akira and Dhisha were best friends which the whole college knew\"Embarrassed\".Everything they used to do together.they loved each other alot\"Heart\".All 6 of them used to have fights but they sort them out very fast.

Then the day came were everyone had to choose their own path\"Shocked\".Boards were over and they all did good.Ofcourse the topper was Aliya\"Clap\",and then Akira but the last was Dhisha.As all 6 were in science stream they wrote their entrance exams for medical but none of them could qualifiy mbbs\"Ouch\".Aliya got into a top most engineering college and even Seems joined her college.Nidhi and Pari joined in a B.s.c college.Akira got a dental seat\"Confused\" and she had no other option than to take it as she didn't want to do engineering and her dad didn't allow her to take B.s.c nor he wanted to pay and get a seat for her.Akira and Disha wanted to join the same college Akira knew before her exams that this could not happen but Dhisha cried and begged and promised Akira that she would join whichever college Akira would join at any cost.Akira was very happy and thought that her future is filled with happiness.
That was the biggest mistake Akira did,believing Disha\"Cry\"\"Broken.When time came Disha left Akira.Disha paid money and took a seat in a medical college.Akira wanted to join with Disha but she couldn't pay so much money so she Disha infact begged her to join in the dental college which she got as it would be less fees and they both could study together,and also dental is not as stressful as m.b.b.s.But Disha didn't listen,Disha never liked science so much and she was very scared of everything.Akira was very upset but Disha never cared\"Angry\".To Akira it seemed like everything changed in a second as she could see alot of difference in Disha's behaviour and Akira didn't like it. Akira knew this was not the ending of their friendship if they both didn't join in the same college but it hurted her alot and also the change in Disha's behaviour\"Cry\".But Akira knew that just because her friend changed she can't change maybe things can't be good as before but still considered Disha as her best friend after all Akira loved and cared for Disha more than anyone. \"Sleepy\"
So what's your opinion about the short story\"Tongue\",what should have Akira done\"D'oh\"?

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