A Glorious Mind

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this story is rather non fiction and fiction. iconnected the fiction to the half non fiction.

My friend Baba has a mother of beautiful mind; of course beautiful than others. That his blood relation brother too handed over her to him to be looked after as she does easily disrepute him. So he is the only for her to take care of. His brother now no more cares her because he is richer than Baba. And has his image in the society unlike him. So, not to lose his image among the public he handed over his burden, the lunatic mother to him since Baba is not reputed like him. And living an isolated life among the public. Being far away from him.

And now, this lunatic mom has an habit. A strange habit. That other may not have, that is………………….. Begging. Yes, she begs the public on the road while she is out of the home.

She herself gets out of the home when wants and begs like the beggars come from the mobile areas. She herself developed this habit. Never Baba troubled her or troubles. In fact he calls her mom with love though she begs but not simply mother. But this lunatic mom making Baba on the contrary controversial among the public by her strange habit that can not be get ridding of her. She begs on the roads, in the lanes, at the shops at the two wheelers and at the four wheelers stopped for time being, with her strange costumes which she likes against Baba’s admonition- sari- old dark green and blouse black on her dusty wrinkled body and the face and limbs that make her to see perfect beggar, in addition.

That is she. That is Baba’s mom. And my friend’s one of the parent who gave birth and bred him on her laps with lullaby sleep at the evenings in the cool shades of the house roof. And on the full moon days showing the silver moon’s magical light thrown on the earth. And at the silent noons at the threshold while the eastern warm breeze with the odor of hay passesfrom the face- cutting a light cut. While the earth itself sleeps by tiring the burning sun’s burning light. While the noon birds return to their nests with crumbs in their beaks to feed their lovely littles.

The breasts, by which, once, she suckled him forcefully which he couldn’t suck, now those have been sucked completely by nature itself and left nothing but bare bones. the black blouse loosened. Now, they became to be fed on the milk offer by Baba himself; And the fingers by which she fed making the rice balls became the black broom sticks; And the thick dark black hairs by which once she, warded off evils, now became the thin net on the scalp that the scalp could be seen through it’s white cover; And the laps on which she made him sleep, like the soft mattress, now became rough hard thorned cot; And her sweet voice once by which she sang the lullaby songs to make sleep him, became rough gurgle unstoppable recorder by which she matters, always, to herself loudly when gets leisure, ununderstandable meaningless vocabulary,

'Man,…..cheeks,…. Vehicle,….. ay….chap….. here…….where……. come………shivaaaaaa…….!mistake………mistake!.............be……which….wife…..wiwith…….. .youuuuuuu……! ughhhhhh……..!' these ineffable meaningless words or sentences with exclamations.

So Baba tired of her personality, gradually, began to neglect what she does. And so slowly she began to step out of the house on the roads, at the shops, temple steps, the parked vehicles, stopping cars for time being on the roads.

Though Baba getting much admonitions from the public that she had appeared at the temple steps, was seen at the car parked, begging. he’s cutting all that out saying “ It is her hobby now I could do nothing.”

Whatever it is but the fact is, this lunatic lady’s memory is talkative. If once one caught in it never cleared out. She never forgets them. Once, I myself went to him to meet.. she saw first time and Baba introduced me to her, however. Next time after three years I visited again she correctly caught my presence and called “ Hari… Baba… Hari came, see….” That is her brain in busy modern life being the brainless lunatic

As she first time saw me at her home, I, too, caught her like them all, near at my home begging on the road to a two wheeler man- stood power off for time being.

First time I astounded to see my friend’s dear mom on the road, begging- with her dark green wrinkled sari and black blouse. Really I was astounded then.

Then I was confirmed by Baba, “ She is habitual by brainlessness. Rather lunatic in nature. Don’t mind. Many told me but I forgot to tell you in advance about her.”

But I told him, “ It is your image’s matter, dear. Prestige’s matter. How do you adjust this? You should change her. Tell her. Admonish her. Modify her nature. You have family of yourself. If not for you but for your wife’s sake. You are a part of her blood so you can manage but what about her and other your near and dear? And your friends? What if somebody saw her before the society? Or she herself seen before the publics, functions or parties?”

She is Baba’s only remained blood relative that father was died already ., when Baba was twenty. Now he grew to thirty three. And his brother living an isolated life in status. Handling over his burden to younger brother.

How could Baba get anger on that old lady? That lunatic lady? How could he admit her in the lunatic asylaum, if it is the only solution, as she matters herself meaningless syntax?

“ Ah….! What got…go…..go…. there…. Loooo….rd! no….not…..here…..there….out…out ….we …dear….come…come….dear….what….what…..mental?.....happened…..in the time…..kite? …..rat….. uhhhhhh!” etc. with exclamations without reason. The meaningless vocabulary. So she was confirmed as a lunatic.

One day I was on a tour with my foreign friends who, however, being friends do tease me when get opportunity. Trouble me, if possible. Make fun of me and my personality, though being friends. But we were going to a tour along. And my prestige, status before them I did never make lessen. I maintained it always before them. Because that’s the only ultimate weapon I have to battle upon their harsh words.

So along the tour, as we started out the four wheeler packed on the road, a lady came begging. And stopped at us our car. And started to beg. My vision fell on her and I astounded to see Baba’s being molded lunatic mom was there before me. Just a feet away from me begging in her routine costume. I tried to hide myself or at least the face. And I did get success in it to let her go not seeing me. She begged and went straight, since my foreign friends casted her out.

“God bless! she couldn’t recognize. I am saved. Am left. From being troubled. Teased, if she called me, with my name, as she knew very well, before them. They would get astounded to hear my name from the beggar’s mouth."

I relished.. They would tease me of my prestige, status saying “ Hari….what a surprise you given us that you are famous among the beggars. The road side beggars.” Laughing loudly. Talking with each other about me with teasing me pinching the skin.

Then I would perhaps have said, to defend myself before that gang to be left from the mock, “ I do offer her beg, always, so she caught my face.”

However, then, I stepped out the car for time being, to purchase the travel toffee, then againi encountered her at the toffee corner in the roof of a side shop uttering with her routine meaningless vocabulary to herself that I heard and again astounded but not usually,“ shhhh…… out…..!.......here …..from…..1 no…..not…..dear…..go.. go…go..go…go….ayyu….ay….dear…..not….. HARISH……HARI…..IN THE CAR……!HARISH….MY DEAR…..BABA’S FRIEND……IN …….THE CAR…!HID….HIMSELF….DARLING!....”

‘THE END. `’

. .

Submitted: December 23, 2012

© Copyright 2021 sanju. All rights reserved.

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Thought that you could hide from the "All-seeing" eyes of Mama did you? I guess it didn't work... I liked this story...

Tue, March 11th, 2014 9:02am

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