The blood on the Walls

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sometimes your problems can lead you to make wrong decisions. But after you solved the problem, do you regret that decision or not?

It is raining outside. Michael is standing at the window of his bedroom. The voice of the rain is piercing his heart which is burning in the fire of jealousy, he was betrayed by the person who he loves the most. He wants to cry, but he can't. He knows that she loves him too. But she also loves an other person. He just want to leave them alone. He will live somewhere else. He had filed for the divorce today, he had to tell his wife that it has been over between them.

He heard his Bungalow's main gate's voice. He couldn't see that much far due to the rain. But after a while he saw her. With a matching purse in one hand and an umbrella in the other, she was approching towards the main door.

She is his wife. Stacey McAdams. The wife of a millonaire. She has a boutique for herself and has also a company of interior design. She had also earned a great name in her field all because of just Michael McAdams. Michael McAdams is an owner of a Tyre making company and also holds 20% shares of his wifes Interior Design Corporation.

Michael heard his bedroom door opening.

"You are still here!"Stacey said " You had a meeting this afternoon."

"I canceled it."

"Why what happened?"

"I had some work."

Michael wanted to tell her but after that he would lose her.

"What work?"

Michael turned towards her. "I filed for a divorce." He finally said.

Stacey came towards her. She hugged him tightly."I love you, Michael." Stacey started sobbing.

Michael could feel her palms on his shoulders, her breasts pressed tightly on his chest. Michael's throat dried. He wanted to leave the divorce topic for the momment.But he had enough of this in recent years.

"My lawyer will talk to you." Michael said and tried to remove Stacey's hands from his back.Stacey kissed him on his lips. A sensation travelled through every part of Michael body. He wanted to love her for the momment. He didn't want her to cry. But Michael stepped back."You are not going to win this time."

"You still love me Michael. You are filing for the divorce because I am having an affair." Stacey stepped back and close the door. She removed her jacket and threw it in side."But you are my husband dear." She removed the upper two buttons of her shirt. Michael could see her clevage as she bent towards him a little bit."You could still have a bite of me!" She came near Michael, placed her hands on Michael and kissed him on the lips. Michael could feel the love he wanted from her but he knew that, that love which Stacey was showing is not from her heart.

Michael pushed her aside and walked towards the door. He opened the bedroom door and moved out of the room.

That night Michael didn't go back to his bedroom. He knew Stacey would be sleeping there. He was resting for whole day on the couch in the hallway. He didn't sleep that night.

Next day he woke up late in the morning. He walked towards the kitchen to get himself some water. Last night he didn't do anything but still he was tired like hell. He drank that water came back and sat on the couch. He tried to remember the last night. He didn't know when he felt asleep. He remembered that it was still raining and Stacey was in their bedroom sleeping alone.

Should he go up to see her. No he is still angry with her. He will not talk to her anymore.

Suddenly he saw a red mark on his hand. He didn't noticed it before. He jumped and stood of his couch. He could see some marks of blood on the stairs.

Soon the place was filled with the persons in the uniform, trying to investigate every mark of blood on the house.

"When did you find out that your wife was dead?" Detective Derek Scrouge asked Michael during investigation.

"This morning."

"Were you sleeping with the body while you woke up.As the body was found on your bed."

"No I was sleeeping on the couch in the hall."

"Did you filed for divorce yesterday?"


"That would make you also as a suspect. Please don't leave town."

After half an hour investigation Derek investigated the bedroom.Later he leaved.

After the body was taken by the policeman for furthur information, Michael walked in that room. The blood was all over the walls as if somebody had made an art. A masterpiece, you could recognise that every drop of blood had a meaning on that wall. He had seen the corpse. He cannot look at it again. Every flesh of her body was torned, torned as if somebody was trying to find something in her. He had tears in his eyes. He now loved her more.

After a week Detective Derek visited the home. Both were talking in the room the corpse was found. The blood marks were still there, fresh as if the murder took placed yesterday.

"We have arrested the person who was having an affair with your wife, on the basis of his fingerprints found in this room. He had confessed that after he get to knew about the divorce you were going to give your wife...." Derek stopped in between."He was in your house that night. In your bedroom. He wanted to end the relationship between them after the divorce, but your wife loved him and tried to stop him. And then he killed her."

Michael was listening but his mind was still in the walls. He was glancing at every blood mark.

"I should leave now, sir."

"Thanks Detective." Michael said.

While moving out of the room Detective stopped and turned. Michael was still looking at the walls. "Mind if i ask a question?"

"Yes, ask."

"Why didn't you cleared the wall?"

There was a silence for a while then Micahel spoked, "These walls look alive to me." he was still watching towards the walls. "It says that at her last momments of death she would have realised that her end would have been different if she would have only loved me. Here layes the guilt feeling that why she didn't understand my love. She would have felt me as her true lover and would have thought that she will never leave me if she survived that.Her heart purely sacrificed that last momment of her life to me." Michael stopped and looked towards the detective,"I would have done anything to her, to let her feel that love for me."

Detective didn't say anything, closed the door and went. Michael started watching the walls again.

"Anything!"he said and an evil smile glanced over his face.

Submitted: May 11, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Sankalpvyas. All rights reserved.

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Arid Land Kate

Wait, that evil **** did he do it? This was very interesting. I saw quite a few mistakes and if you want I can point out where they are and how you can change them. This was very interesting and intriguing, it is clear that you have a creative but perhaps your actual writing may need improvement. I feel like a hypocrite because mine does too! This was very good and still has me wondering what actually happened, haha this story sure took me for a spin! Thanks for the reading request and keep up the writing!!!

Tue, May 13th, 2014 3:04pm


Thanks! I knew I need an improvement in my writing. If you wish you can point out the mistakes for me and also how can I change them. It will be lot helpful.

Yes, that evil **** did that!

Tue, May 13th, 2014 8:40am

Arid Land Kate

There's not very many and I'm not sure if I'll get them all but I'll point out the ones I see. First paragraph 'he want to cry' just change want to wants. You did the want thing again towards the end of the same paragraph. Second paragraph 'he couldn't see that much far due to the rain' just take out the much. At the end of that paragraph put a 'the' in front of 'other'. 'Michael wanted to tell her but after that he would loose her' just change loose to lose, that could have been a typo. 'I filed for a divorce. He finally spoked' Perhaps change to said, I'm not sure if that's a word (there is a little tick thing in the area where you write before publishing, click on that and choose SCAYT and it will do spell check for you). 'Stacey came towards her.' I am sure that you meant him, being Micheal? 'He wanted to leave that divorce topic for that momment' to 'He wanted to leave THE divorce topic for THE moment' I think it sounds a bit better. '"My lawyer will talk to you" Micheal said and tried to remove Stacey's hands of his backs.' change of to from and take the s from backs (Again, probably a typo). 'He didn't wanted her to cry' to 'He didn't want her to cry.' Maybe I skimmed over the rest but I couldn't see anymore, although I have bad eyesight. It looks like a lot but in my opinion it's really not and you still did a very good job in writing this. Let me know if you need anymore help!

Tue, May 13th, 2014 3:59pm


Thanks i will change them...

Tue, May 13th, 2014 9:20am


I absolutely loved this, I seriously think there should be a cooler word than "love" but just as strong because this story was cool and dark and just freaking amazing. I like the way you left readers to their thoughts, to ponder about what exactly happened. Thanks for leading me to this, I've been in need of a good read.

Wed, June 18th, 2014 3:21am



Wed, June 25th, 2014 9:59am

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