The Letter of Death

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A postman carries a secret with him. Will that secret be known to anyone or not. What is that secret? What is he hiding?

The sun settles down as the evening sky grew dark. The life of the villagers after the whole day work slows down. The peasants and farmers wandering down the small pitted roads, had now moved to there homes. Some people gathered around the temples for some group discussions. Life seemed easy here. No one looked stressed after the daily work. In those laughs and plays of those small children, the night passes its daily routine.

During the night, a place is still silent. Silent as if nobody is there. Its a Post Office. There is a post man sitting on his desk. There is no post master here. Just him, alone; glooming at the lights of his Post Office and waiting for the Letters to arrive, so that he can arrange them for tomorrow distribution.

The Letters came. He arranged them. He was looking for a particular letter; but after arranging the letter for half an hour, and then checking again,(if he had missed what he was finding) he took a deep breath as if he didn't found what he was searching. He had seen that letter many times in his life and he knew what will that letter contain.

He locked the post office and moved towards the main gate. He waited for sometime at the main gate. Do he want that, what he was trying to find some momments ago. No seriously not nobody wants to know what he was trying to search in those letter. He walked towards his home. He was late tonight for his supper.

Next day, he went to distribute those letters. After he came in the office he saw a young boy sitting on a corner table inside the office

"What do you want?" asked the postman.

"I need a job."

It had been years since the postman heard that sentence. In his village nobody wanted to work in that post office. The postman always told the job seekers a very horrific story of which they got scared and didn't stepped back at that door.

"Come and join tommorow. I need some assistance here. Later you can take my place after a week." The postman said."I want to retire."

The postman didn't beleived the words coming out from his mouth, but thats what he was thinking while he walked back home last night. He need some rest. He is now too old to do this job.

"I will join from today."

"Ok then. Grab those letter and arrange them in datewise order."The postman pointed towards some letters.

The Postman seemed happy. His workload was loosened by that young boy. He took that boy everyday while distributing the letter. The boy seemed to be learning things easily. But the postman's happiness was just for few days. He had kept a secret from the whole village for years. But he had to tell that secret to one who wants to join that job. This time he would tell that boy the secret, in the end.

On the last day of the week the boy came with some bundless of letters, to the postman.

"Why these letters aren't delivered till now?"

he asked.

The postman looked at the letters and took a deep breath. "Have you read those letters?" He asked in a rude manner.

"No, but these letters were destined to be at their addresses years ago. Then why?" The boy asked.

"There's a story behind those letters, son." The postman replied. "They are the letters of destiny. They contains the deaths of respective people. We should keep that a secret." The postman eyes gloomed in the boys mind.

"You are joking."

"That were my words too when I listened to that story."

"You mean to say you can know how will you die, if one these letters have your name on it."

"Well, I will not rather try to know by myself." The postman said.

"Have you noticed, or tried to find out if thats true."

"Yes." The postman said. " But still its an old story."

The topic was closed with that comment. The boy got busy with other work. Later that evening when the postman was leaving the post office for last time the boy asked,"Was that story really true?"

"You will get to know about it soon." Postman kept his hand on boy's shoulder."Just remember that nobody wants to know about his death."he said."What is the time?"


"Its about time now. I should leave.You are now the new postman of this village."The postman went. The boy was alone in the post office.

The letters came he arranged them for tomorrow's distribution. He noticed a drawer of the postman's table slightly opened. The drawer was empty except a letter was kept in there. The boy recognised from the writings of the letters.It was the same writing which he saw today on the bundles of letters which were not delevired. The envelope was not sealed. He read the address. It had the name written "The Postman". The boy read it again and again. The letter was for "The Postman" only. He checked the date, it was one week ago. He opened the letter. It contained

Day of Death- Thursday

Date- 5/11/2004


The date is of tomorrow. Does the postman know about it? He ran towards the home of the postman. The night made it difficult to see what was ahead but he still kept running, untill he reached the postman's home. The door was locked. He knocked at the door. The door opened. He was taking deep breaths.

"Did you knew about it?"The boy asked showing the letter.

"Yes!" The postman said.

"Then why didn't you told me that you want me to do this job because you knew that you were going to die soon."

"I'm not going to die now. You should read the address carefully."The postman smiled.

The boy looked at the address.

The Postman

Post Office, Malgaanv

Rajasthan 353004

The boy looked at the postman confused.

"I'm not the postman anymore. You are." and the postman closed the door.

Submitted: May 28, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Sankalpvyas. All rights reserved.

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Creative! I liked it, I think maybe you should enter some of your books to Tales of CrossWood Lane. We accept all stories! But I choose what I think is best. Your story stood out to me. Please look at my profile for more information. :)

Sat, May 31st, 2014 5:59pm


Thanks! I will look towards it.

Fri, June 6th, 2014 7:23am

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