A Conversation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

it is about a conversation between two people

A Conversation


“No , this cannot happen !!”

“Unfortunately it has really happened…”

“She must be crestfallen hearing this!”

“I know. What a sad day..”


“If this had happened to me, I would have committed suicide by now”

“She won’t. She is a very strong girl”

“But we need to console her. She must have broken down by now!”

“Yes , she was crying profusely in her room and did not let anyone enter”

“What!! We need to stay beside her. After all, we are her best friends.”

“You know the saddest part-I saw it happen in front of me….”

“And you could not stop him??”


“What could I do? He was quite angry”

“But atleast you could have hit him for doing such a thing!!”

“I couldn’t . The sight only made me cry….”

“Tom should have never done this to her..”

“Yes, we need to teach Tom a lesson!!”

“Yes we should surely but what about her? She can’t even sleep now! She will be haunted by those lovely memories she had……..”


“Do you think that it will become a ghost and haunt her?”

“No, but if she commits suicide, she will surely haunt Tom in the middle of the night!”

“She should! She has the full right to do so! Anyone suffering from this pain would have done so!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“But for now, we need to divert her mind from the topic.”

“Let’s try entering her room…”


They went to the door and knocked.

She answered, “Please go! I don’t want to talk to anyone..”

“Darling, forget the topic. Let’s go for a walk”

“No, no! Please go or I will have a fight with the both of you also!!”

Crest-fallen, they came back.


“It is a pity that our friend is suffering from this trouble and we cannot help her.”

“All this is happening because of Tom! I did not like the guy from the beginning. I had even warned her but she did not pay any heed to my advice, hence this has happened.”

“I know how it feels. When it happened to me, I felt like tearing everything to bits and pieces. I could not become normal very easily after the incident.”


“But she has to get over it one day. Or else how will she live????”

“Yes, things will soon be normal again. We need to help her to recuperate from this heartbreak. But I swear I won’t leave Tom!”

“We need to do something about Tom. He is becoming unbearable with every passing day…..”


“We need to stop this from happening. Horrids like Tom have done this to many girls before! We need to ensure justice for these girls. How dare he do such a thing!!!”


“You know what, when something like this happens to Tom, he will then feel the pain that we suffer from…”

“All that you say is correct but first we need to take care of her. She can take any major step at this point of time. We need to stay beside her and look after her.”


“We should inform the other girls about this. When we all girls join hands, then no more Toms will be able to do this to us!!”



“On second thoughts, why not take her to my house? There will be a positive change, probably..”

“Brilliant idea! We should tell Uncle and Aunty about this. But first, we need to make her agree to our proposal.”

“Ha! Don’t worry about that! We can do it.”

“But what if she is not ready to go??”

“Don’t think bad. Support good and you will get positive results.”


“I have heard that if one cries too much, her face sags”

“Oh my God!! We should warn her or else her beauty!”

“Yes, she looks so beautiful even without her make-up..”

“OK, let’s go or else she must have cried the bed –cloth to a pulp by now………..”


This was the conversation between two best friends, Georgia and Janet, both

Eight-year olds, when their best friend Margaret’s doll was destroyed by their pet dog Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Submitted: March 16, 2016

© Copyright 2020 sannoy mitra. All rights reserved.

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