My Unforgettable Love

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My first and last Love at College

Submitted: December 29, 2012

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Submitted: December 29, 2012



Hello I'm Sid, like every other Indian student studying in USA I am too enjoying staying here. I am good at studies here and stay with my family here.

We shifted here after my college in India. Well I am 21 years old. I donot have a girl friend here. Some girls tried to woo me but I just do not want to be in this type of relation what I wanted is real love and what I missed some years ago in India. I did had sex with some of girls in my friends group. But I miss that girls. I still curse myself for being so coward. 

I was going to my friend's marriage in India. Speaking of India reminds me of Neha. She was my dream girl in college. But me silly, stupid, coward boy never tried to talk to her. Sometimes I felt as if she too likes me b'coz she used to behave awkardly in front of me as I used to do in front of her. I had many time caught her staring at me but always avoided all that thinking that all as some misunderstandings. I never even talked to her the whole 2 years of my college life but still I remember our last college day.

That day I had made my mind to express myself to her. We set off party dat day. I wanted to talk to her and whenever I look at her I always found her staring at me and my hearts used to get limp. When party ended and I finally said to myself. Now or never. I searched for her and found her alone. She was like searching for someone. I said," excuse me..!!". She turned towards me and her eyes was like she found some treasure. Her reaction was like I was the one she was searching for... I again got fear seeing her face. She then said," hi...

I mean yes I mean how can I help you?". I was just thinking what to say. Then she said," do u want to say something??". I said," yes... I... I". Her face was like she was expecting a large gift from Santa.. Then suddenly out of nowhere her friends disturbed and started puling her saying," Neha, come Ma'am wants to have a photo with us.". She was like," no, you go. I will just come in a minute". But her stupid friend pulled her ," come on. U can talk later. Sid wait please for sometime".. She took her. I was just standing there without any words. Neha looked at me.

Her eyes was like saying to me to wait please wait for me.. I was very dissapointed. I thought she wasnt in my destiny. I still wanted to stay but some of my friend a pulled to to click photos and say good bye.. Etc etc. What they said or they did I did not noticed anything. My eyes were looking everywhere for Neha. But I didnt found her. I thought God isnt interested in our meeting. Heartbroken I said bye to all friends and walked to my bus stop.

The whole year I had to wait for hours for bus on that fate days bus came very early. I wanted to wait but somehow I got pushed inside the bus. Whe I looked back I saw Neha running towards bus. This wasnt her bus. She was running for me I need to get down. Unfortunately bus left the stop and due to the crowd i couldnt get down. I looked at her she was like .. Like. Ok I got down at the next stop and got a rickshaw back to my stop but when I reached there Neha wasnt there. I look sorroundings but I didnt find her. I thought all this as just a dream. From then I still remember her face and still love her the same. 

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