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when a woman"s fed up

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Check out my new book, When A Women's Fed Up! santoniot.blogspo... CHRIS Driven by the fear of being alone has caused me years of pain, frustration , and 100's of vow's to never get in a relationship with a women that don't want shit. Being obsessed with a phat ass, accompanied with insanity and denial kept me in a viscous cycle of O Lord here I go again. That's what got me in trouble with Angie. I ignore all the signs that she was trifflen as hell. I mean this women was 5'3 pecan tan with a body shape like an hour glass. Her ass omg! It looks like she dipped it in honey and sat in a wasp nest. Dam she has the prettiest, round ass on earth. But the moment I spoke to her in line at Wal-Mart. I should have known she was not the one. Her breath smelled like ass and cigarettes, I'm talking morning breath at 6 in the evening. Men, you know how a pretty face and phat ass get us every time. I said to myself, I can hit it doggy style. Rationalizing and carrying on. I was doing too much knowing I could smell her breathe, if she was in she kitchen and, I was in the back bedroom and she yawned. Anyway, we exchanged numbers and later that day I found myself calling her then riding to her house to beat the pussy up. When I crossed tha thrush hole into her house, I should have ran like hell, but no I looked past all the dirty clothes in the flour, on the chair. The dirty dishes , roaches swimming in a bowl of old milk and cereal, the shitty diapers and bloody tampons piled in her bath room trash can. Fuck it I thought, High as gas is I'm gonna hit this ass anyway. Boy how I was fooled. When she took off her pants. I began to comprehend what men mean when they say her ass smells like a sewer trout. I be dam if I didn't think I was near a waste plant. This shit is too much for me. I was out. I turned to walk out of her room and crack! My skull was bashed to my brain, by her brother with a aluminum bat. Mamma chasing ass would get me in trouble one day. Who know she would be right, and I would be Angie first victim of many men to be found dickless and dead. yep. I got some ass alright, my own. Picture this me lying on a church step my dick cut off stuck in my ass. My head so smash in, that you could see my brains coved with maggots sucking the blood and my nuts in my mouth. That's what chasing a phat ass and a fed up women got me.

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when a woman

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