Dino Dimension

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Dino Dimension

Submitted: March 15, 2016

This is a story about a building called Dino-Dimension, which you go to find out more about Dino's.  There life-like creatures, which are said to be made out of machinery.

So then as you can tell they were having trouble with them not getting enough customers. For years now they've been trying to make perfect Dino's. Now they're inviting kids of all ages.

There is one family of six that actually had a good eye for the Dino's and the manager guy ask most of the kids to come with him.

The parents were going to say no, but then the guy said:” All the parents of the kids will be able to watch from thescreening room over there.”

So the parents agreed taking the youngest of kids who was Faith, through doors that looked like a theater with all sort of stuff like food, drinks and restrooms.

Then someone said to the parents:” If you are hungry or if you need to use it you should do so now. Its free since you are here.” The screen by the way was showing them even now.

Back to the kids, the guy took them to a room were there was a huge door and people like scientist all around.

He then handed each of them each a paper on a pad. Guy:” Please write your name and answer the questions.”

So they did, all the questions were only asking name, age, favorite color and favorite hobby or career. After all of them finished signing them, the manager took them from the kids.

Guy:” As I see your the oldest one right? Sandy is it?”

Sandy:” Yes.”

Manager:” Make sure to keep a good eye on them.” He was as you can see talking about the others.

Then had them go through the huge door and when they went though the huge door and when they went through it fault funny.

When everyone went through there was no door to look back at.

Then another guy came up to them. Guy:” Are you guys the kids that were put through that door?”

All:” Yeah…”

Guy:” I am the guarder… Please introduce yourselves.”

Sandy:” I am Sandy and this is my brother Donald.”

Donald:” I like being called Don-chan.”

“ I’m Kristina and my brother here is..”


“ Call me Anthony and this is my sister..”


Guarder:” Now that we know each other, let’s get to the others…”

Anthony:” Others?”

Guarder:” They collected more than you guys..”

So he took them to an area were there was at least 20 others of kids around their age.

Then the guy stood in front of all of them and said:” Okay everyone; there is one rule here. Survive! An don’t think the Dino’s are fake.”  

Then the guy took off after there was a whole lot of noise of people screaming.

By the way they were in a city like place surrounded by a forest of plants and other wild stuff. None of the kids understood what was going on at all.

Everyone heard a like roar sound were the guy ran to. All the kids were mostly scared by now.

Kristina:” Sandy, you don’t think he was serious do you?”

Sandy:” Either way it seems we’re going to have to hide everyone. Some place we can’t be found..”

Celeste:” Why not in the trees?”

Anthony:” They would be taller than trees here..”

Derrick:” Why not under grounds?”

Don-chan:” How do we get there?”

Sandy:” That would be best since buildings aren’t very safe.”

Kristina:” There’s a small sewer pipe there!”

Sandy:” Let’s go then.”

Celeste:” We have to tell the others!”

Sandy:” Then let’s split for only a second.”

So they did having everyone go through the sewer. Everyone was to worried to disagree.

When everyone was in there and was just waiting for the guy to come back. Sandy was watching out of the sewer drain were he was, when a huge light and without anyone noticing she had walked to the area were the light was.

Then saw the guy on the ground with torn clothes, a bit of bloodstains and scratches trying to get up.

Guy:” Where are the others? An what are you doing out here?”

Sandy:” There in the sewer pipes. I just.. I don’t really know…”

Guy:” Looks as if you’re just like me. Was called here, I wonder if there are more of us.”

Sandy:” Like you? What does that mean?”

Guy:” You’ll soon find out. I have to go and so do you.” She then helped him up all the way.

Sandy:” But your hurt!”

Guy:” I’ll be fine. I’m more worried about the others right now. You need to go now and don’t be scared.”

So then she left getting to a house that was huge and went inside finding an older lady there.

Lady:” You must be looking for the truth.”

Sandy:” Truth?”

Lady:” Yes the truth of why you’re here. There is a secret tunnel in this place to keep you from “them”.”

The lady took her through a few rooms till getting to about a completely empty room with only a rug on the ground.

Sandy then fault danger coming and a guy came in.

Guy:” Is she one of them?”

Lady:” Yes, now we need to get under.”

Lady removed the rug from were it was and there was a metal like sewer drain top, but it wasn’t a sewer. It was a secret passage to a hidden place.

Then the lady opened it, there was a switch control Sandy then picked it up, while the three were on it, she had pressed the switch and it took them down.

When it was only there heads out Sandy seen a huge sort of head with teeth through the window in the room which it was facing the side. Then when the plate like elevator finally stopped at the bottom, she just stood there for a second and noticed where she was.

Which was a darkish room with two ways to go, one was completely dark which fault like something was going to come out to grab her and the other way had a small lighting, she then got a weird feeling someone was watching her though the lighting way.

She quickly while the other two were off the elevator thing clicked the up button leaving the other two behind.

The head with the teeth thing was gone.

Sandy:” That must have been a tyrannosaurus rex…”

She then left the place, then noticing people coming out like nothing even happened. Then she found a place that was like a theater and went in.

But when she got in there, there was like three or so long necks, which are vegetarian Dino’s.

She then went to the front were you usually pay, but there was a bunch of teens talking that looked like workers.

Sandy:” What do I do here?”

One teen:” No need to pay, go ahead inside.”

So she did going to the theater part and sat down in the back.

She then heard someone walking and turned to see a guy picking a fight with another guy? Or so she thought it was a guy. But it was a Rex in human size with another Rex, which was a girl.

The girl rex:” Please don’t fight Joe!” She was looking to Joe which was the guy rex.

Joe:” I can handle this myself, Sharah!” He yelled back at the girl Rex and when he turned the other way back to the guy, his tail knocked her over.

Sandy got tired of this getting up and helped the girl named Sharah stand up. Who turned back into a human and which the guy rex turned human to and then Sandy knock over Joe.

Sandy:” You should apologize to her for being a jerk and for knocking her over.”

Joe:” I…” He stared at Sandy for a second. Joe:” I’m sorry?”

Sandy:” Say it to her not me!” An’ so he did.

Sharah:” Thanks…”

Sandy:” Just call me Sandy.”

Sharah:” You can call me Sharah. An this is Joe.”

Sandy:” You know, we should sit down..” An so they did, which Joe sat behind Sharah and Sandy who were spaced out.

On the screen started to talk about Dino eggs, etc. Though Sandy turned her head to say something to Sharah, when she noticed a guy around her age across from Sharah and the guy was looking her way as well.

Joe:” Hey Sharah, aren’t you supposed to be very smart? Why are you paying so much attention to the movie?” The guy then turned towards Joe.

Guy:” It’s good to look over what you have already learned.”

Sharah:” Wow, you must be smart as well. For what is yours used mostly for?”

Guy:” Science most definitely.”

Sharah:” Same here.”

Sandy:” I use mine only in art…”

Sharah:” Arts? Do you really have to use smarts for that?”

Guy:” I guess it varies by the person what smarts are.”

Sandy then grabbed a pad of paper with drawlings in it out of her backpack.

Sharah:” I sort of see what you meant…”

Joe:” Since you’re so smart why not write this whole movie down.” He was talking about the theater movie they were watching.

Guy:” We’d have to watch it from the beginning first.”

Sandy then got up and sat in the back from behind the other side of Joe.

Sandy:” I’ll set back here were the non-smart people are then.”

Guy:” I didn’t mean it like that…”

Sharah:” By the way her name is Sandy. That’s Joe my boyfriend and I’m Sharah.” The guy looked at Sandy.

Guy:” My name is Kevin, its nice to meet you Sandy!”

Sandy:” You as well Kevin!”

Then someone ran in looking around for a second. “Its you Sandy!”

Sandy:” Guarder?”

“You can call me Nick.”

Sandy:” Nick? Ok… What’s wrong?”

Nick:” You need to realize your power before its to late, Princess…”

Sandy:” Power? Princess? What’s going on here?”

Nick:” I’ll fin it off till you do.”

Kevin:” Princess? You’re the princess? I can’t let you go out there!”

Joe:” She’s a princess? Huh..”

Sharah:” What power is he talking about?”

Then all of them heard roars like two Dino’s were fighting which was out of the theater where Nick was.

Sharah:” Looks like we have to go Joe!”

Sandy:” I have to go as well, I think.”

Kevin:” You’ll get hurt if you go now!”

Sandy:” Don’t worry about me Kevin; I’ll be just fine. You should be the one to stay here.”

Kevin:” I can’t! I’m the knight of the princess.”

Sandy:” Then go find your princess.”

Kevin:” But you are the princess.”

Sandy:” Fine- fine. Let’s just go.”

Kevin:” We should make a plan first.” Though all three were already out of there.

Sharah:” I’ll make it where we can talk to it. See if there’s some way of stopping it.”

Joe:” I’ll completely transform so I can help the Nick guy out.”

Sandy grabs a cookie out of her bag. Sandy:” I have some what realized a power, I think cause the rex Nick is fighting. I think that is the reason at least…”

Closing her eyes for a second then reopening them. Sandy:” I think we should have rex eat it so he turns from a meat eater to a vegetarian Dino…”

Kevin:” If that is true I’ll give it him.”

Sandy:” ‘Sign’ Fine, I’ll stay.”

When Sharah got on Joe’s Rex form shoulder, he took her to the other rex.

Sharah:” Rex! I am speaking to you now. What is your purpose for destroying this place?”

Everyone there heard the rex say:” I’m hungry and so are my kids! There are only these small creature’s!”

She was pointing at Sandy and Kevin.

Sharah:” Then if we help you, you’ll not attack anymore?”

Rex which was a mother:” I will not attack anymore.”

Sharah:” Then let him give you something small to see if it works.”

Nick was actually a different Dino, but he had gotten tired and had transformed into human again.

Kevin then started walking towards the rex with the cookie in his hand. Kevin whispered:” Why does it feel like I’m walking to my death…”

The rex then said when he was right in front of her:” Instead why don’t I eat him?”

Quickly going after Kevin, but when she tried eating him a light went completely over him.

Rex:” ‘Ow’ Why you! What was that?” When she moved a bit away from him. You can see he had silver armor on.

A voice came from inside Kevin:” I will not let you hurt or eat anyone!” It was Sandy’s voice as you can tell.

Kevin:” Princess! What are you doing in me? An’ what about your body?”

Sandy:” It is fine, now do your job. The power I said I had was only a small amount and the cookie did really have that ability. You may eat the cookie and then you get the stealth to stop her, but not kill her.”

An’ so he did as she said. Kevin:” But nothing happened.”

Sandy:” I was only joking. ‘hehe’ You already have the power. Pull your sword out.”

Kevin:” This isn’t going to be a joke again, is it?”

Sandy:” No. No joke this time.”

He pulled his sword out and it then had a pink light shine to it for a second, then it went back normal.

Sandy:” Now go! You will be keeping the armor stuff while I am even in my own body.”

He went an fought the rex, while Sandy got up in her body. Sandy:” Only one peers needed.”

It had taken three major hits to peers through her skin.

Rex:” ‘Ow’ That hurt!… But for some reason I’m fine… I don’t want meat anymore for some odd reason.. Thank you I guess…”

After that Sharah healed the rex’s leg with her now found powers.

Sharah:” You won’t be able to have kids with a sore leg.”

Rex:” I’m going to find some vegetables or whatever there called.” She then left them.

Kevin:” So why did you pull that cookie out if it wasn’t going to help?”

Sandy:” Well cause I wanted you to see that I can cook…”

Sharah:” ‘heh’.. That was pretty funny though..”

Joe was then in human form. Joe:“ I looked cool in the full form didn’t I Sandy?”

Sandy:” Yeah. But I liked the armor more.”

Everyone else from in the theater came over to them and said how great it was, like it wasn’t real.

Joe:” What are you guys talking about?”

Sharah:” They think it was all for show…”

Sandy:” Let them think that. It’s better then telling them it was real..”

Then her family of the kids came up and said:” Sandy!”

Kristina:” Why didn’t you tell us you were in it?”

Sandy:” Actually just to keep this between family it was very real.”

Then a door popped up and opened. Someone came in and it was the manager.

Sandy:” Why did you put us all through this?”

Manager:” Through what? It wasn’t my fault Nick couldn’t protect you all..”

Nick:” You threw them here knowing what would happened!”

Manager:” Hey I only threw you in here. The others came willingly.”

Sandy:” You threw him here?” She then punched the manager in the face.

Kevin:” You deserved that!”

Then all of the kids went threw the door leaving the manager behind and though Nick had went threw last.

Sandy:” You should get yourself fixed up Nick. An go in your real form.”

Nick:” Real form? You know about that?”

Sharah used her powers and healed him completely.

After that he turned younger looking around there age.

Sandy:” Using your powers up and not healing yourself can make you old looking..”

Now that everyone was back with their families, Kevin walked over to Sandy.

Kevin:” Let’s go to the movies again sometime.”

Joe and Sharah came up to them.

Joe:” Don’t forget about us!”

Sandy:” How about another adventure?!”

Sharah:” I’m up to it.”

Joe:” Sure!”

Kevin:” Fine as long as it’s not as dangerous as the last one.”

Sandy:” How about… Demon hunting?”

Kevin:” Sure…”

Sharah:” Even if it’s not real.”

Joe:” We were just fighting a Dino in another dimension. How unreal can you get?”

Sandy:” I picked this up off the table by the scientist.”

It read

~Demon-Hunter Real Estate~

Kevin:” I think we just got out smarted Sharah…”

Sharah:” Very..”
~The Story 2 will soon begin sometime later.~
By Sandy’s Dream’s Read Chapter

demon - hunter real estate

Submitted: March 15, 2016

Here’s a story to be continued of the story called Dino-Dimension, were there was a girl called Sandy, a boy named Kevin and two friend... Read Chapter