Split Personalities In Heart

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Split Personalities In Heart

Submitted: March 15, 2016

This story begins with a girl named Sandy, she enjoys being
called San-chan; her description is brown hair and darkish
gold eyes.

She has a aunt named Jenny nicknamed Jenrai who is pregnant
at this time soon due she’s having her child; which is
going to be a girl.

An’ so she was with her aunt shopping for and something
had come up that her aunts water brakes but sandy couldn’t
go with her to the hospital. Her aunt tries explaining to
her how to get home from there because Sandy had never been
there before. She and her aunt had been dropped off by her
aunt’s friend earlier not to long ago, not knowing that
her aunt was due the ambulance had taken her aunt.

Though Sandy tries to find out her way as her aunt had
explained, but she had still gotten lost. She didn’t have
any money on her to use a phone and since she didn’t know
anyone around here she couldn’t just ask anyone for help.

Then while she was walking she saw a graveyard and thought
to stop by just to pray good prayers, thinking it would be a
nice thing to do. So in turn she went in and was walking
around for a little bit.

Then noticed one with a little baby gravestone. She prayed
for a moment and then started to turn around, so she could
walk back out now deciding to leave. But she bumped into
someone. ‘unh’ ‘uf’ Sandy: “I’m sorry about

After she apologized, she looked up to see that it was a guy
not to far from her age and he had longest short hair with
brown with blond streaks and darkish brown eye with a
childish face.

He smiled at her and she blushed a little. “Its ok. So do
you know the baby? Or the mother who had it?”

Sandy started to look down not wanting to look in his face.
Sandy: “Actually no.. I just thought to make a

Guy: “Ah. That’s a nice thing. Considering I know the
person who did, I would have met you or was told about you
if so.. So are you into rock bands?”

She looked up at him: “Ah.. Yeah… Though I should be
going now.” She started to walk off and then turned to
yell something at him when she was a little distant from him
and which he was still staring at her. “You know you
shouldn’t be trying to pick girls at a graveyard..” Then
he lifted and eyebrow at her after she walked off.

She was walking around till she saw a park deciding to relax
a bit. She sat on a bench and started to nod off looking at
the sky. “Zzz…” She had fallen asleep in a few minutes
after she decided to lie on her back.

When she woke up, it felt like a warm place. She got up
rubbing her eyes out of her trans. She mumbled half asleep:
“Eh? Where am I?”

A voice answered her: “Your at my place, on my bed. I
carried you from the park bench. I noticed you had fallen
asleep, while I was walking past you. Though you seemed to
be in peace and it was kind of cute too.”

“Oh?… EHH?!” She got up really fast when she noticed
it was the same guy she met at the graveyard sitting next to
her on a bed, in what seemed to be a room.

Guy: “Why so fidgety now?” She stared at him like he was

“Are you some sort of an idiot? When you take someone
while their sleeping on a bench in the park to your house,
wouldn’t that be called kidnapping?!”

Guy: “I dunno..” He looked at her curiously with a face
of innocence in it. “But I couldn’t just let you stay
there… Not with~” He was interrupted by the door in the
room opening and it appeared to be a girl who only look
somewhat older then them both. Girl: “Are you ok miss?”

Sandy said in startled way: “Y.. Yeah. I’m Okay…”

Girl: “That’s good.. For a second there I thought
something was wrong with you. He didn’t tell me anything,
so I just assumed something was wrong with ya.” When she
said ‘He’ she was pointing at the guy.

“Well it was kinda my fault for falling asleep at the
park.. I was kind of lost…” She whispered ‘lost’ so
they wouldn’t hear her, cause she did not want them to
think she was in dire need.

Girl: “Oh?! Fallen asleep at the park is that all? Few.. I
thought it was something worse.. So that means you only just
met him when you awoke? Is that why you screamed?”

Guy: “We met at the gravestone for your…”

Girl: “Oh?! So then why did she scream?” She looked
intently at him.

“I’m sorry about that.. Its just that when we met at the
gravestone, it seemed to me he was trying to hit on me.. If
I were you I would kicked his butt for hitting on other

Girl: “Why would I kick his butt? I’m only his older
sister.. Oh!! You thought I was his girlfriend! Didn’t
you?” She laughed a little.

Sandy: “Oh.. Sorry, it’s just your so young

Girl: “Don’t worry, it happens all the time.. After all
I’m at his place a lot of the time..” The girl was
turning to smile at her brother, but then she looked a
little closer to his face. “You should go an put some
medicine on that brother.”

Sandy looked at him to see what she was talking about. Guy:
“I’m fine, its nothing to worry about..”

Sandy grabbed his face into her hands. She looked closer to
his right side of his cheek, where there was a bruised spot
with a little blood on it and it look like he had been in a
fight. ‘ow’

“Its fine my butt.. I’ll fix this and that will be my
payment for letting me stay here.. Then I’ll be on my
way.” He was about to say something, but Sandy stopped
him. “Stay still or it may bleed more.”

His sister had brought in the room what Sandy told her she
needed for it. A wet washrag, the yellow medicine used for
cuts or bruises, gauze and medical tape.

Guy: “I’m really ok.. It’s noth…”

“Stay still or I’ll use the tape on your mouth to.”

Sister: “Looks like you two are getting to know each
other.. I best be leaving, cause I can’t leave my other
children alone for to long..” Sandy was cleaning his face
and neither noticed at that time that the sister was leaving
them two alone.

After she was done with putting the gauze and tape on, she
put the other things to the side on a table by the bed they
were sitting on. “There, all done! Does that fell
better?” She smiled after saying this.

He felt the spot that had the bruise, with the now covered
with gauze with tape and a red line came across his face.
“Y-yeah. Thanks..”

“Your very welcome! Now like I said I should be on my way

Guy: “Actually you’ll be staying here tonight at least.
Its way to dark for you to be..”

“But even so, I need to make sure my aunts birth went

Guy: “You can call her from my phone. Better yet give her
number to me and I'll call to explain..”

“She would think something is wrong with me, if some guy
calls her about me…”

Guy: “Fine, I’ll go grab the phone for you..” He
seemed a little disappointed at this. He went out of the
room for a minute, then came back and handed the phone that
was a cordless to her.

“Thanks.” She grabbed a piece of paper out of her hand
and dialed a number that was written on it. ~Ring—Ring~
~Hello?~ “Ma, its me Sandy. Is Aunt jenrai and the baby
well?” She heard the phone go click for a second. ~My baby
and me are okay! Your mother and brother are going to be
leaving soon though.. I won’t be at the house for a couple
days. Would you be okay at your friends place for a little
while?~ “My friends place? …”

The guy took the phone from her quickly now with a smile.
“Hello? Did you say she needs a place to stay auntie?”

She couldn’t hear what her aunt was saying altogether, but
some words she could: ~ ~~ for a ~ days ~ a ~ or ~ Can ~ ~
Sandy ~ ~ ~ Bye ~ ~ good night. ~ Guy: “You as well Aunt
Jenrai and to your baby to. Night!” ~Click~ He turned the
phone off and looked at her. “So that means you’ll be
here for a few nights! Don’t worry it’ll be great, trust

Sandy lowered an eyebrow twitching it with annoyance on her
face. “Great for you maybe..”

Guy: “So Sandy, what would you like to do? Are you

Sandy: “Hungry? I think no..” ~grumble~

Guy: “Hehe, So what would you like? Japanese take out or

Sandy: “There’s no such place that has a Japanese take

Guy: “So you say for now..” He dialed a number on his
phone like he called it more then any other numbers. ~
“Hello! I would like two orders of noodles with vegetables
with a 24 pack of veggie sushi rolls please.” He told them
the address quickly not giving them his name; seeming to her
he must call there a lot. ~ “Thanks. You have a good day
to!” ~Click~ He turned it back off and looked at Sandy
with a triumphant look on his face. “Sandy the vegan, I
see why your so petite now.”

“Me petite?! You’re the one that’s petite! By the way
I’m only half vegan!” She had gotten up off the bed,
scowling at him.

He got up to, then picked her up and smiled at her.
“You’re the petite one, lighter then a feather!”

He put her back on the bed and walked over to a dresser in
the room, pulling something out of it. He then threw it in
front of her and walked out of the room saying: “You can
wear my clothes as long as you don’t wear any other guys
clothes.” Which made her raise both eyebrows, but she just
shook it off and put the clothes he threw at her on.

He was outside the room until the doorbell rang, which she
assumed it was the Japanese take out and soon enough he came
back to the room with two trays. Which carried the food on
one side and a teapot and two teacups.

“How did you get a teapot and teacups?! An’ Japanese to

Guy: “Let’s just say I’m well acquainted.” Both of
them started eating there dinners enjoying them selves.

After finishing the food, there was a plastic Sakura flower
and he picked it up. Then bent over towards her putting it
in her hair. “What a nice glimpse, I’m guessing a spring
wedding; am I right?”

“If I ever had one that sure would be the best… Wait,
how did we get on the lines of a wedding?” He put the
dinner things to the side. She was getting a little angry.

Guy: “I was just asking out of curiosity. Your the one
thinking about it in that position, not me..” An so both
were in a bit of a fight with each other.

“Position? What are you talking about?!”

Guy: “As if you don’t know! You’re the one that was
thinking I was hitting on you when we first met..”

“Are you trying to say you weren’t going to?!”

‘Gah’ Guy: “You acted like you knew it before it

“I do sometimes know.. Not that you’d believe me.”

Guy: “That doesn’t prove that you knew or not..”

‘Yawn’ Sandy yawned for a second, covering her mouth.

Guy: “Seems someones tired.. ‘Yawn’” It seemed that
they stopped fighting and that they were tired.

“No I’m not…” He fell on the bed where he’d lie on
the other side of her and got under the cover. While she was
sitting up with her legs straight one over the other under
the covers and arms folded.

Guy: “Lie down, your making it hard to sleep.”

“No thanks, you’re a guy no matter what. Any who I
don’t even know your name! So therefore I don’t even
know you…” He yanked her down in a arm lock and hit her
head on the head bedrail. ‘Ow’ “That hurt ya know!”

Guy: “Oh sorry bout that. Here why don’t I show you the
way I heal wounds, it’ll only take a second..” He
quickly pulled her over to him and kissed her cheek. Then
she pushed him away and moved away from him.

“You did that on purpose!”

Guy: “Hehe.. An’ you’re supposed to be the psychic. Or
is it that you wanted that to happen?” She turned the
other way not facing him, nor answering him. Guy: “Jokes
aside, call me Angelic.” He turned the other way as well,
closing his eyes.

She whispered: “More like Demono.”

Angelic: “Nighty-night San-chan.” She quickly got up at

“Who told you your able to call me that?” He didn’t
answer her and so she assumed he had fallen asleep. “Night
Demono.” She lied back down turning back the other way,
falling asleep herself.

~Sandy’s Dream ~ Start


She found herself in Angelic’s room looking around.

He wasn’t in there anywhere to be seen.

She walked to the door deciding to go out of it to see if
she can leave.

Then when she finally got out of the room, his sister
greeted her. “Hello Sandy! Are you happy now that your
married to my brother, Sister in Law?”

Sandy had an angry look on her face with a side of
annoyance. “What are you talking about? I’m not married
to anyone! I just met him! How am I supposed to be married
to someone I just met?!”

Sister: “What do you mean? You’ve been together for
years! When are you going to be having your first kids?”

“What gives? Why are you asking me questions like that?”
Sandy decided to walk around some more, to try being by
herself to think.

Then she finds herself in the kitchen and met someone:
“Hello there! It seems your troubled! Its about a guy
isn’t it? His name is Angelic, yet he’s somewhat demonic

“Who are you? An’ what are you babbling about?” It was
a demonic looking guy with piecing red eyes and black hair.

Guy: “I’ll fix your troubles, I’m taking the demonic
side, unless you want both sides in one?”

“It seems to me your not going to tell me anything.”

Guy: “Say your goodbyes to your demonic lover boy!”
Sandy got angry at this and punched him squire on the face.

“He isn’t my lover boy… An’ don’t you dare touch
even a hair on him!”

The guy got up and dusted himself off. “Bye then! I’ll
have him very soon.” He jumped off on his way out of the
house at a sort of run.

Sandy walked off back to the next room, where the sister was
still at and saw a girl ghost of the age near 5, 6 or 7.
Sister: “This is my daughter who had past away when she
was a baby..”

Daughter: “Thanks for your prayer, even if we never had

“It was nothing..”

Sister: “You should be with my brother! Make him

“I should be mad that you keep trying to fix us together,
but thanks anyway..” Sandy then left again to look for
Angelic. She finally seen him or so she thought, but he had
very short black hair with no streaks. He waved bye to her
with a grin on his face and she stared at him for a minute
till she woke up.

~ Sandy’s dream ~ Over

She woke up half dazed and looked around for angelic, but
she didn’t see him anywhere. She got up running to the
door opening it. “Demono! Where are you?” She yelled out
the door.

Then someone said from downstairs that was outside the door:
“Hey Sandy! Come down here!” It was Angelic’s voice,
but when she went down there she didn’t see him. Though
there was a guy down there sitting at the table.

“Angelic, is that you? What happened to your hair?”

“Yes its me Angelic! Now you don’t have to worry about
my Demono side anymore.”

“What are you talking about? You are Demono!”

Angelic: “Why not enjoy some biscuits and gravy?” He
smiled while offering her a plate with biscuits on it and a
bowl next to it with creamy mushroom gravy.

She wasn’t paying attention for a second. “So that’s
what he was talking about.. Taking Demono but leaving
Angelic. Without that side he can’t be whole… This is
bad.” She was thinking out loud.

Angelic: “What are you talking about? Aren’t you happy
now that Demono is gone?” He looked quizzically at her.

“What are you talking about? Of course I’m not happy!
How could I be?!” She raised her hands up in fiery.

Angelic: “Let’s eat our breakfast before it gets

She slammed her hands on the table making the table shake.
“Tell me Angelic, how do we get Demono back with you?”

Angelic: “If it meant hurting you I can’t say.”

She thought for a second then came up with an idea. “What
if I say I’d rather be with Demono? Would that bring him
back?” He looked a little sadly at this.

Angelic: “Sorry no can do. To be with both or just with me
for a short time is the only way it can go..”

“Ok! I’m fine with that!”

Angelic: “But you must first accept us both even if it
means only one loves you.” He looked to his side

“How can only one love me? An’ love?! Who said anything
about love?!” She barked at him.

Angelic: “You’ll have to figure that out. Now Its time
to get ready, because we are going to the mall and getting
you some new clothes.”

“What are you talking about? No way am I getting clothes
at a mall.”

Angelic: “You maybe lucky to find Demono there.”

“That’s all we are going there for then!” She grabbed
his hand and pulled him off the chair he was sitting on.
“Lead the way!”

Angelic had been startled at this: “But you need to eat

“I can’t eat with you like this.”

He took her to the mall, though he wanted her to look at the
clothes. But she was more occupied looking at the people to
try finding Demono.

When looking around walking with Angelic, Sandy was so
occupied she barely looked at anything and somehow she was
pulled away from Angelic into a crowd of people. He didn’t
really notice at first till he turned to ask her about an

After a few minutes of being pulled she bumped into someone.
“Sorry about that!” She then looked up to see the person
she bumped into, noticing it was Demono. He grinned in a
demonic way and ran off.

“Where is he going?”

After a minute or so, Angelic came over to her from the same
direction. “Angelic: “So this is where you were…”

“Let’s go to the house, it looks like you were right! He
was here.”

Angelic: “He? By he you mean Demono?”

“Of course, who else would I mean? Do you think I have
some sort of guy around other then you?!”

Angelic: “You make it sound like you mean…” He seemed
a bit surprised at this.

“Lets just get to the house.”

Angelic had bought some clothes that he thought would look
good on her. He then took her to his house with bags in his
both hands, he carried everything and did not want to make a
lady do so.

When they got to the door she unlocked it, then opened it
for him following him in shutting it and was going towards
the other room with him.

“So tell me Angelic, are you in anyway attracted to me?”
He then dropped all the stuff he had in his hands startled.

Angelic: “Why would you just blurt something like that
out?!” He started to fluster and she turned to him

“If I were too..” She walked over to the front of him.
“Kiss you! Would you like or dislike it?” She looked
curiously into his eyes.

Angelic: “Huh? What are you..” She looked down with
tears in her eyes.

“I can see in your eyes, you never really liked me.. You
just wanted someone to tease…” She started to walk back
to the front door. Angelic: “What are you doing?” He
walked over to her from right behind her.

“I’m not staying here with someone who likes to just
tease people!! I’m leaving.” She then ran to the door
opening it, but he grabbed her other hand that wasn’t on
the knob.

Angelic: “Don’t go! Let’s just think before I say

“No! You should have proved if you liked me enough.” She
wouldn’t turn to face him.

Angelic: “How am I supposed to prove something like

“If you do you’d know how. But that’s the reason you
can’t prove something you’ve never felt. If not that
then this will help you forget me. Bye!” She pulled her
hand from his grip and went out the door.

After a little while walking she was trying to find the
paper from her pocket, but couldn’t find it. So that had
meant she either had to go back or just keep walking. At
least till she could figure out her way to her house or the
hospital her aunt was at.

She wasn’t really noticing where she was going, but sat at
a bench she seen.

When she was sitting down in a daze looking at the sky, she
heard someone: “Hey there! It’s the same lover girl, but
she’s awake guys!”

She heard snickering coming from a bunch of guys and she
noticed it was three guys.

The second one of guys: “Hey, now that her boyfriend
isn’t here to protect her, maybe we will have our chance

The third guy: “Yeah! Lets have our fun with her! Come on

The first guy who seemed to be the boss was thinking for a
minute: “Hmm.. I may just take her for my own, just to
spite him.” He was meaning who ever they meant as her
boyfriend, though she didn’t really know what they were
talking about.

“Is something wrong with your guy’s heads? I have never
seen any of you guys in my life and your saying I have some
boyfriend I don’t even know about?!”

The second and third of the guys got a bit angry at this.
Ready to attack her, but their boss stopped them: “It
seems you really were asleep at the time. You don’t
remember your boyfriend having any scar or something from a
fight? He had been protecting you from us.” He snickered a
bit after saying this.

She stared at him for a second, remembering the punch mark
on Angelic’s face. “You!.. You’re the one that
hurt…” The boss took a closer look at her now furious

Boss: “Seems you know something about it. So tell me is he
your boyfriend for real?”

She had a sadden look on her face for a second. “I.. Its
none of your business, now is it?” She looked straight in
his face with no fear of them.

Boss: “So that kiss you two shared before, was all his…
Hehe. Why not come with us? We won’t kill you.”

“No thanks! An’ there wasn’t any…”

Boss: “Oh but there was.. We walked over towards the bench
you were sleeping on and caught him kissing you. An’ so
after what he did to us, we can’t just let that go you

“Likely, you won’t get a rise out of him anyway. Your
wasting my time with this talk of nonsense..”

The boss grabbed her face into his hands and he forced a
kiss on her. ‘Pow’ She then punched him off her. Boss:
“I like a feisty girl. So instead of using you, I’ll
keep you for myself..”

“I’d rather die before that would ever happen. I may not
have him to be happy with, but I’m sure not going to go
with some lowlife like you.”

Boss: “Fine by me, seems you’ve lost your chance. Guys
have your fun.”

The boss was about to leave, but something came toward him
in a speed and the next thing the boss was lying on the
ground. Now another guy was standing there in front of
Sandy, but she couldn’t see his face. All she could see
was that he had short brown hair. He flung himself toward
the other two guys and started fighting them, when
everything started to go black in her eyes. She had fainted
hitting her head to the bench she was still sitting on.

After a little while she got up, finding herself on a bed
with a warm cloth on her forehead. “Ah!! Your awake, I’m
sooo glad!” It was Angelic’s sister.

She was in a different bed, not in Angelic’s room; but
still in his house.

“How did I get here?! I was in the park…” Her eyes
started to get a bit fuzzy and she started rubbing her head.

Sister: “Be careful! You have a bruise there, the cause to
why you’re probably a little dizzy.”

“I see.. I must have hit my head when I f..” Then the
sister told her to get some sleep and she relented at first,
but gradually went to sleep.

She woke up when it seemed to be the next day. Rubbing her
eyes and looked around. She didn’t see anyone, so she got
up and started looking around till she only had one part of
the house to look at. That was Angelic’s bedroom.

She opened the door seeing that he was in there under the
covers. “I don’t think I could stay any longer here..”
She whispered while he was so she thought sleeping and she
slowly started closing the door. She heard him: “Where do
you think your going? If your leaving!?” She heard him
getting up.

“Does it really matter to you?! Mister kiss people while
they’re asleep!!” She turned to walk off, but the door
opened up first.

She was picked up off the ground and carried to his bed.
“Who said you can pick me up!!”

Angelic: “I’m sorry but you can’t leave with such a
wound like that..”

“I’m sorry?! Your not supposed to just apologize! You
don’t have feelings for me, so just let me go.”

Angelic: “I can’t say anything on those lines right now.
Especially to someone who gets mad when I’m being called

“What are you talking about?!”

Angelic: “I figured since you are somewhat psychic, you
would know.”

“Yeah I am, but what does that have to..”

Angelic: “I can sometimes see in dreams of the ones I’m
closes to..”

“You seen in my dream?? How could you?!”

Angelic: “I didn’t do it by choice..”

“So you looked into my dream, but that had to mean you
left and didn’t see the ending..”

Angelic: “Ending? What are you talking about?”

“So tell me, you don’t have any feelings for me at
all?” He thought for a second with frustration on his
face, not noticing her getting up.

He wasn’t looking at her either, so she grabbed his chin
making him look straight at her. “No urge to do

He was looking in her eyes. Angelic: “I don’t kn…”
She was so close that put her lips against his and for a
while they didn’t move at all.

She moved away from him. “So you didn’t feel a thing?”
He looked dazed at her. “Consider that pay back for the
time you did it..” She then left the room.

Angelic was dazed for only a few seconds and then got out
his daze to try stopping her from leaving.

She turned to look at him before she opened the front door,
with tears in her eyes. “Don’t try stopping me unless
you were to actually have feelings for me..”

She then went out the door, leaving him there dazed to stare
at her walking off.

She was walking just about anywhere for around an hour. Her
thoughts: ‘Why did I do something, sooo stupid.. Weird.
Then again he is as well. Still yet…’ She had her
thoughts around the same thing the whole time.

Till she got tired of walking and found a nice bench to sit
on at the park she was for a while pacing at.

“Pardon me, but may I sit here with ya?” She heard the
voice, but she didn’t look at him.

“Sure. It won’t kill me to share a bench..”

Guy: “Looks to me like your thoughts are tangled. You know
it would be easier if you’d leave him and date me

“You know, if I did leave him it wouldn’t be to date or
be with any other guy..”

Guy: “Yeah, I kinda figured that.. Would you like a
drink?” She moved away, then looked at him like he was
crazy and just stared at him funny like. “Don’t worry I
didn’t poison it…” He handed her a can of tea, but she
was still looking at him funny, but kind of stunned.

She then blurted out: “Your-your that demon from that

Guy: “Yeah.. About that, I’m only a boss of a gang..
Well they aren’t really a gang to tell the truth, their
demons as well. Sorry if I might have scared ya last

“What are you talking about? Me scared of you?! Get real!
I only faint because.. Well two reason actually.”

Guy: “Oh? An’ what was the other one? I figured the
first one is cause him…”

“I didn’t eat that day.. I was to worried.”

She and the demon boss were drinking their teas, which she
was trying to seem happy talking with him.

Guy: “Well now I’ll be able to brag to him about

“What’s to brag? I’m not that cool.”

Guy: “Yeah I guess not. You tend to get angry usually with
me though.. But now you’re all mellow.”

“Yep.. Probably cause your more like a friend now..”

Guy: “Hm. You know I like seeing your lover boy angrily
jealous, he makes a better fighter when he is. But he seems
like he doesn’t have a soul, at least lately.”

“He doesn’t?! It is your fault for taking his Demono
side. Why can’t you just give it back?” She looked at
him matter of fact.

Guy: “Even though I did take it, he should still have his
soul. An I can’t put them back..”

She got a bit angry: “An’ why can’t you?!”

Guy: “Cause you have to accept them both together.”

“What gives?! I do accept both sides of him.”

Guy: “Well its either him.. Did you tell him that? Or have
you only just said it to me?”

“But I already.. Well that is to say..” ‘blush’ “I
ki.. An’ ran off..”

Guy: “Ki? What’s ki?!”

“Ki-ki-ki… I did something in away that shows I like him
and ran.. An’ then I told him not to chase me unless he
has feelings for me as well..”

Guy: “So you.. Oh! I see now, you kissed him and ran!..
Hehe. What if I told you he didn’t kiss you?” He looked
amused at this.

“You better be joking!” She twitted her eyebrow.

Guy: “Oh I’m only asking out of curiosity. So don’t
worry about it.” Sandy blushed redder than anything.
“Its only cause I really did see him or at least from my
point of view. But it seemed at first like he was giving you
the kiss of life. Why he would be doing that, I don’t
really know.”

“Hmm.. Then if that’s true, it might be cause he thought
I wasn’t breathing. I had fallen asleep, tired and wanted
to just relax…”

Guy: “That would be very weird if so, but you never know

“Ri-right. It would be very childish of him.. By chance
can you do me a huge favor?”

Guy: “Depends on what it is..” She whispered in his ear
what she needs. “Hmm.. That is a huge favor, but why would
you need a piece of paper? Is it that important?”

“You can tease Angelic a little if you’d like!”

Guy: “Well.. I guess I’ll do it this time.” She told
him the best way of getting to Angelic’s place and he left
to go get the paper with the number on it, not knowing why
she needed it.

“I think I’ll take me a nap..” She mumbled lying down
on the bench.

~Sandy’s Dream ~ Start

‘Knock’ ‘Knock’ ‘creak’ She heard a voice:
“Who is it?”

Then saw that it was Angelic answering a door and she was
standing a little behind him in his house.

She seen that it was her new friend the boss of the small
gang that was at the door.

Guy: “You look a mess.. Now I can’t brag about anything.
That would be to harsh..”

Angelic: “Brag? Why are you here? How did you know where I

Guy: “I’m only here to pick something up for her..”

Angelic: “Her? Why would she send you to get

Guy: “She’ is out in the dumps as well… Well anyway do
you know about a piece of paper? It sounds of

Angelic: “I would prefer handing it straight to her.. I
wouldn’t like her staying to long around yoouu.” He
stretched the ‘you’ out.

Guy: “Hmm? What’s that supposed to mean?”

Angelic: “It means what I said, you may try

Guy: “No not that, I meant what did you mean by

Angelic: “Didn’t she tell you she needed a place for a
couple days?”

Guy: “No not really… Why is that?”

Angelic: “Her family left and isn’t going to be back for
a while.. Wait! I shouldn’t be telling you this!!”

Guy: “Well since you did.. Thanks! I think I’ll be on my
way! Wait.. What’s that have to do with a paper?”

Angelic: “ It’s her aunts number.. I’m going with

Guy: “If you can keep up.”

Angelic: “Anyway.. How’d you know it was me?” Seeing
as he has the blond hair, instead of the brown.

Guy: “Easy.. It was me after all that made you change to
only your good side. Didn’t you realize that?”

Angelic: “O.. K.. I’m not a psychic you know! I’ve
only ever been able to share dreams with others..”

Guy: “Yeah well your girl figured it out by my voice.. I
can only change my look at will. I’m that type of demon
after all..”

Angelic: “Oh well, that doesn’t even matter right
now.” He said in a I don’t care voice.

Guy: “Well I’ll see you later ‘Angelic’! I must
return now. She probably knows your coming..”

~Sandy’s Dream~ Over

“I better get out of here.. That idiot!” She mumbled to
herself and got up walking off fast out of the park.

She was walking till she bumped into someone. ‘uf’
“I’m so sorry about that.”

She noticed it was Angelic’s sister she had run into.
Sister: “Oh.. Its ok. Hey! I never formally introduced
myself, I am Meganai. What may I ask is yours?”

“Meganai? Oh sorry, I never told you mine.. Its Sandy or
you can call me San-chan.” She seen Meganai wasn’t by
herself, that she had two daughters. “Oh, but I thought
you…” She didn’t want to bring the subject of the

Meganai: “Oh, well that was seven years ago. We had twins
about a year later. Actually their birthday is tomorrow.”

“Oh well then, why don’t I get them… Oh shot, I forgot
I can’t get into my house..”

Meganai: “Oh that’s ok. Why don’t you two introduce
yourselves! This is Angelic’s..” She was looking at her
twin daughters, when one of them ran over to Sandy:
“Auntie Sandy! Auntie Sandy!”

“That’s so adorable!!” The girl gave Sandy a hug not
letting go.

The other girl: “She’s not married to uncle yet..” She
tried pulling her sister off Sandy. “She wouldn’t want a
brat like you clinging on her.” The twins were pulling so
hard that they nearly pulled Sandy to the ground.

“Oh.. Well please don’t pull me to the ground you two!
So tell me what is your names?”

“I’m Crisaly!” The one that was pulling Crisaly off
her let her go.

“’Cough’ I’m Dasreky.. I’m soon to be 6 years old.
An’ I’m not letting you have my uncle unless I say
so.” She looked angry towards Sandy.

“So Dasreky? If that’s so, you don’t have to worry
about that right now..”

Meganai: “Dasreky! Oh I’m sorry bout that Sandy… Did
something happen between you and him?” Sandy smiled at her
and the twins.

“Its cool. Nothing at all to worry about..”

Meganai: “Speaking of him. I think I see him.. Though he
still looks different…”

“Oh well I best be going.. Please don’t tell him you
seen me.”

She walk off going inside the store they were standing in
front of and it was a bookstore. “Welcome miss! Hope you
enjoy looking around..” It was a lady at the front desk

“Thanks! I think I’ll look through for a little..”
Sandy walked over to a shelf close to the front, peering
threw the creek to see if he was leaving. She seen him
talking to his sister and then seen that he was looking
threw the bookstore, then turned his head to the other side.
He started to walk off and she decided to look around
figuring he was only trying to look to see if she was there.
She heard the door to the store open while she had picked a
book up, cause she thought to read it

Someone from behind her said: “H.. Hello Sand-dy..
‘hph’ Wh.. ‘hph’ Why are… ‘hph’ you
run-running a-away?” It seemed to be Angelic but was tired
and out of breathe from running.

“H.. How did you… I thought your sister didn’t
tell…” He was now relaxing himself.

Angelic: “Dasreky told me. I don’t care if you think
I’m a tease. But I can’t just let you run off to who
knows where.. You can even just stay at my sisters.. Just
don’t go with that creep… He might try~”

“What would you care? I’m grown enough to make my own
decisions. I told you not to find me unless.. Actually just
forget that to..”

She started to turn toward him to leave, but when she did he
grabbed her having both his hands on her shoulders. “Let
me go.”

Angelic: “I will not! I will neither forget nor let you
go!!” He pulled her in a forced hug.

“If you don’t let go.. I’ll… I’ll have to..”

Angelic: “Have to what? If your angry, slap me. I’ll
deserve it..”

“’Hmph’ I will do no such thing. Just let me go!”
She tried getting out of his grasp, but couldn’t.

After a bit he picked her up and carried her to the front
desk. Which she still was carrying the book she’d picked

Angelic: “I’d like to buy this book she has, with her
please.” He put her down on her feet and grabbed the book
out of her hands. Putting it in front of the lady. The lady
laughed for a second then scanned it and he paid for it.

When she tried going to the door she missed cause he picked
her back up with the book in a bag on his wrist.

His sister opened the door letting them out.

Meganai: “I’m sorry, but she told. Dasreky, you need to
apologize to her..” Her mother looked at her, she looked
mad with her arms folded.

Dasreky: “Hmph.. Never, she runs like a coward!” Sandy
stared at her for a second.

“I’m not being cowardly Dasreky. Its just I have my
reasons.” She turned to Meganai. “Its ok Meganai, its
not your faults for this. He’d have found me sooner or
later.” She smiled at them.

Angelic: “Oh so you’ll smile for them, but not for

“Well its your own fault, your not supposed to trample a
maidens heart!” Dasreky looked at her weird.

Angelic: “I did not! You’re the one thinking I was

“Well ex-cuse me! You’re the one who kisses me in my
sleep and I don’t even be told about it by you?!”

Angelic flushed a little: “How could I just tell you…
Something I did when you were asleep?”

“Well a friend of mine told me, so I figure you did it to
tease me…”

Angelic: “It wasn’t to tease you. Who may I ask is this
‘friend’ your talking about?”

“He’s a close friend and he actually is more truthful to
me. Even if he can be a little to the extreme..”

Angelic: “Are you talking about.. That demon?!”

“That demon is my friend..”

Angelic: “Haha.. So you like those types of…” He
looked a little sadden in his eyes. ‘Slap’ “Why did
you..” She had slapped him and pushed herself off him, but
before that he had seen tears in her eyes. She ran toward
Meganai crying in her arms.

He mumbled: “I-I di.. Didn’t mean to make you..”

Meganai: “Maybe you should stay at my place for the
night.” Sandy let her go.

Sandy wiped the tears out of her eyes. “I’m.. Sorry
about…” They started to walk with the twins, leaving
Angelic to himself.

Dasreky: “I’m sorry Auntie Sandy! I didn’t know..”

Crisaly: “Me to for not stopping her!”

“Oh its ok! Don’t forget what tomorrow is. You’re
going to have loads of fun.” Both of them were down till
they realized what she meant.

Twins: “Our Birthday! Presents!!”

“Oh an Dasreky, Crisaly; you can call me sister. That
would be better.”

Crisaly: “Sister? But..”

Dasreky: “We can’t call you that..”

Crisaly: “In my dream..”

Dasreky: “She seen you married and..”

Crisaly: “You had a child by him..”

Sandy looked stunned and kind of twitched her eye. “Me
have a b.. Mar..” She rubbed her head and bent backwards
to think, but bumped into someone.

It was Angelic who seemed to have caught up with them.
“You should be more careful, don’t worry I’m not
following you..”

She bent her head back turning to face him, pointing at her.
“You- you..”

Meganai: “Don’t worry Sandy. His house isn’t to far
from my house.”

She turned away from him folding her arms. “I guess
it’ll be ok, as long as he doesn’t talk to me..”
Everyone started walking again.

Angelic: “Actually I’m going to your house for a minute
sis, I forgot something…”

Meganai: “If you say so, but I think its more on the lines
that you want a reason to be near her.. Don’t make her sad

After a minute they were passing threw the park. Meganai and
the twins were walking slower, so they’d ended up behind

Though neither Sandy nor Angelic noticed them. Meganai had
whispered to the twins: “Lets go this way so Uncle Angelic
can talk to your Auntie..”

After a minute or two Sandy turned around about to ask
Meganai something: “Meganai…” She then noticed they
weren’t with them and she fidgeted. “Eh?! Where’d she
go..” She noticed it was only her and Angelic by

Angelic stopped to see what she was talking about, then seen
his sister and twins were gone. Angelic whispered: “Thanks
sis, I owe you one..”

He walked over to her and patted the book on her head.
“Here this is yours.”

Sandy turned to look at what he was talking about. “No its
not..” She blushed noticing how close he was to her, that
he wasn’t but a few inches away. “W-why are you so
cl-close..” She backed away a little, though he noticed
which made him grin and move closer to her. “Stay at least
12 inches away from me!!” She blurted out.

Angelic: “What will you do if I don’t?”

“You’ve been acting like your back to your old self!”

Angelic: “Maybe I am? Do you still dislike me this

“What are you talking about? I never could dislike you..
Even if your just teasing me. I’ll always like you as
Angelic Demono!”

Angelic: “Oh.. So you don’t dislike my Demono..” He
looked shocked.

“When did I ever say I don’t like either sides of

Angelic: “But.. You got mad!”

“I got mad cause.. Well doesn’t everyone get mad when
someone says… I mean I get mad cause I like.. It really
doesn’t really matter how I feel.” She was flushing over
in over.

Angelic: “ What are you trying to say? Its like your
trying to say that you do like me..”

“Duh!! Are you some sort of idiot?! I don’t kiss just
anyone you know!”

Angelic: “So you admit you like that demon!”

“What?! Are you clueless or something? He kissed me!”

Angelic looked at her in concentration: “You really

“Do you think I’m that type of girl?! Then I’m

She turned to walk off, but he stopped her by grabbing her
arm and turning her to face him.

Then pulled her chin up to face him with his free hand. “
I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that, I just thought
you might have had something for him..”

“Sorry isn’t going to cut it, now let go.” She had an
angry look on her face, but he still didn’t let go.
Instead he moved closer bending his head down to hers
looking into her eyes and then kissed her.

Though he moved his other hand from her arm to put it behind
her back, cause she was trying to push herself away.

Then she got tired of trying to push away or another reason,
she let her arms limp.

After awhile he stopped cause she started to fall in a
faint. “S-sandy! Are you okay??”

He felt her forehead. “You have a high fever! Why did you
go out here with that bad of a..”

She had fallen asleep only hearing those last words and then
started to feel a warmth.

~Sandy’s Dream~ Start

“You’re having a baby! Your not sick.” She seen it was
a nurse or something talking to her.

“How can I be pregnant?! Its just a sickness!”

Nurse: “Your test results show you are. Did you not want
one from your nice husband over there?” She turned to see
what it looked like was Angelic Demono the way she had met
him, but he was somewhat older.

Angelic walked over to her, she noticed they were in a room
that wasn’t familur.

The nursed left them in the room by themselves.

Angelic: “Aren’t you happy?! Our first baby! We should
tell our family.”

“B-but this is to soon.. We aren’t even old enough and
what if something happens that makes us separate?!”

Angelic: “Something? I’d never leave you!”


~Sandy’s Dream~ Over

“What if..” She mumbled and then slowly opened her

“What if? What if what?” It was Angelic and she noticed
she was in his bed again. An’ he was standing right next
to her.

“Huh? How!.. Why am I here?” She sat up. “You were in
my dream again weren’t you?” She looked furious right
when she had remembered.

Be bent over to her quickly and kissed slowly. Then he bent
to the side of her, then whisper in her ear: “So just tell
me what if what?”

Then he moved over in front of her slowly sitting next to
where her legs are, though the whole time staring in her
eyes by not moving his gaze.

“What if someone or something came between us or you lose
interest?” She had mumbled this in a daze, but then shook
her head. “That doesn’t change the part that you entered
my dream without permission!”

Angelic: “Hehe.. I never said I was, I can’t just enter
your dreams at anytime. I was awake after all..” She
flushed at this. “I’d love to see the day that you
won’t be interesting..” ‘hehe’

He then looked closer at her moving a bit more towards her.
“Out of curiosity, what was the dream about? I can at last
see you like me now, seeing you are after all dreaming

He then noticed she was looking down and she got off the bed
picking the book he got her up from where it sat.

Looking at it intently and turned to him lifting her face to

“When I said ‘What if’ I meant what if someone gets in
my way of hurting you!” She threw the book at him, but he
ducked out of the way in time grinning.

She walked to the door stumping off. ‘Urgh’

She slammed the door shut, going to the bed she slept on
last time and lad on it.

Then finally thinking about it. She thought: ‘He’s
back.. He’s back to his normal self..’

She fell back to sleep noticing it was late at night, with a
smile on her face.

Glad that Angelic was to the way she first met him or more
to the point of the first night she was with him.

Ever so truthful of his own feelings for her as she is of

Now having both know their feelings at last or so for now at

~To Be Continued~ (Maybe!) Read Chapter