Kula's pack, Legend of the Wolves

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Kula takes control of the Silverlight pack after her father dies. Silverlight has always survived as the fifth pack, but they are now threatened. Can Kula protect her pack?

I am Salo, a grandmother wolf of the Silverlight pack. You new-fangs came to learn the story of Kula, the Great Red Wolf? So you shall. This is her tale.

Kula, a young maned wolf who's eyes were shaded a rare blue, was just barely a sharp-fang when her father died. It was sad, really, how Salo died. The hollow that their pack lived in caught fire after a flash of lightning hit the center tree. Most of the pack made it out as the flames consumed the camp but Salo, the leader, noticed a pup stuck in it’s den. Running back to save the pup, Salo just got her out of the camp before the burning tree fell on his rear half. Nukai jumped down to grasp the pup's scruff and drag her to safety, but Salo could not be saved. His back legs were crushed and his back was broken, not to mention his horrifically burned pelt. The red fur on his body had been burned to a black as dark as the fur on his neck. The pup he'd saved did not yet have a name, and was soon after named in honor of the wolf who died for her.

Jade eyes gleamed in the woods as the wolf of the Black Moon pack watched the death of the old leader. Ah, he thought. Sliverlight is falling. Without a leader, the pack is free game. What the jade-eyed wolf didn't know was that the daughter of the dead leader had just sworn to protect the pack from danger. That would make destroying Silverlight much harder than he'd assumed. Best go for the younger ones, thought the Black Moon wolf as he trotted away. They're always the first to go.

Kula was out hunting when she heard the scream. At first, it sounded like a pup playing, so she passed it off as nothing. Her ears perked when the scream came again, but this time followed by maniacal laughter. She killed the scrawny rabbit that was lying between her paws, picked up her prey and followed the sound of the cry. Her heart just about stopped when she saw the pup Salo cornered buy a bull elk, cowering and trying with all her might to escape it. Above, on an outcropping, she saw a wolf from the Black Moon pack. Immediately, Kula knew he was responsible for this. The Silverlight pack had been threatened by the Black Moon pack for many moons now. Whirlpool, a spiraled gray and white wolf with storm colored eyes, laughed as the new-fang tried to defend herself from the terrible antlers. Kula, despite knowing how dangerous it was, crept underneath the bull elk and with a carefully executed battle move, gashed the elk from front leg to back. She slid out before the elk fell, but still missed the astonished looks on the faces of the other wolves and the elk himself. Salo ran over.

Kula! He tricked me! He told me this was a great hunting place!” The tiny maned wolf pointed with her tail towards the swirled wolf. Whirlpool glared at Kula and disappeared into the mountain forest.

It's all right, Salo. That was Whirlpool from the Black Moon pack. They can’t be trusted, so just try to keep away from their territory. You do realize you were on his turf, right?” Salo's face fell. Under her fur, Kula was sure she'd just turned as pale as the white season.

Come on, Salo. Lets go back to camp.”

Nukai could smell the two wolves returning before she could see them. She could smell sadness on the first, the older, and absolute terror on the smaller.

Snow! There are two wolves on their way back. They're from our pack, but I can't tell who they are. One's absolutely terrified. Go check it out?” Snow nodded and slipped out of the camp. He slid into the bushes and waited to see who the two were. When he saw it was Kula and Salo, he walked out of the bushes. “Kula! Salo!” He called. “I smell fear on you. What happened? And Salo, where were you? You're mother just about died when you weren't in the new-fangs den.” Again, Salo went very quiet and still. Snow nuzzled her then walked them back to camp. As Kula explained, the three entered the camp and Safiera bounded over to her pup.

Salo! Where were you? Why? Don't ever do that again, do you hear me?” For a third time, Salo lowered her head and tucked in her tail. Kula put her muzzle to Salo's shoulder and muttered, “don't worry about her, Salo. She was just scared, she'll get over it.” Salo giggled. “Thanks, Kula.” said the little wolf. “I won't go anywhere, mum.”

You idiot! The pup got away!?” Laoungeri, the leader of the Black Moon pack, stalked around Whirlpool. The swirled wolf bowed his head. “Well,” said Whirlpool, “She wasn't exactly alone. The old pack leader's daughter was with her.” Laoungeri stopped short. His jade eyes flashed in anger. “Leader’s daughter? Kula?” Laoungeri’s coal black pelt quivered as he burst out laughing. “That little pup has taken control of the pack, hasn't she? Whirlpool, you know what to do.” Whirlpool nodded, and stalked off to eliminate the young pack leader. His friend from cubhood would be no more.

Laourai watched Kula slide silently into the water of the river. The new-fang tried to do the same as her master, but her tail quivered just as it hit the water. Splash! The wolf groaned. “Ugh! I'm never gonna learn to do this am I?” Kula kicked up a little wave of water to splash the younger wolf. “Oh relax Laourai! Its only the first time you've tried this. Try keeping your tail tucked next time.” Laourai slipped perfectly out of the water, then tucked her tail and tried again. Silence. She swam three times around the river and slid quietly out on to the bank. “Well done! Just keep doing what you just did, and not even a Mistveil wolf could hear you coming!” Laourai yipped like a pup at the compliment, for Mistveil wolves were silent and graceful in the water.

Thank you, Kula!” Kula nodded, shook herself off, and started trotting back to camp. She didn’t care

about the storm grey eyes watching her. “Oh, Laourai, I have to get some horsetail for Hawk and Vine, they ran out in the medicine den. Would you mind going on without me?” Laourai nodded and trotted on. Kula bent her head to gently nip the fresh stalks of the plant as the bushes rustle

Whirlpool crawled out of the bush he was hiding in. As he did, he stepped on a twig. As a Black Moon wolf, he never would have heard the quiet snap. But the Silverlight wolves have very sensitive hearing, and Kula heard it. Whirlpool was oblivious to the little twitch of her ears. He leapt out of the bushes to attack the smaller wolf, but he brushed against a leaf, which rustled. When he neared her, she raised her back legs for a powerful kick. The kick caught Whirlpool square in the stomach and he landed roughly on the ground with a loud thud! Kula spun around, planted both paws on his belly, and shoved down as hard as she could. She heard the wind leave him, and decided it was safe to talk to him.

Why, Whirlpool? Why try to kill me? Need I remind you that we were best friends when we were pups?” Whirlpool was struggling to get up, struggling to even get a breath as the smaller wolf placed her full body weight on his chest. Kula looked at her former friend. “What happened, Whirlpool? I see you ask the same question.” The red wolf sighed. She bowed her head and removed her paws from his chest. Kula simply said, “My father died, killed in a fire. I swore to protect the pack. But we’re starving. All the food is gone, and what little we find is skinny. Its always only enough to feed one or two wolves. Silverlight might have to leave.” Whirlpool finally managed to regain enough strength to stand, and gawk.

Killed… oh Kula. I’m so sorry. And it wasn’t my fault, I need to take orders from my Leader. Laoungeri wanted you dead, and he would only have it that way, no matter what I said. I’ll just go. Wait! You need to hurt me first, or he’ll kill me.” Kula whipped around and clawed his cheek from ear to muzzle. “Happy?” she growled. When he didn’t reply, she lunged forward and bit his leg, hard. She could feel something split beneath her fangs. “OUCH!” he bellowed. “Yes, I’m happy now. Go back to you’re new-fang. I’m going home.” With that, Whirlpool limped towards his territory.

Whirlpool limped into the Black Moon camp. His face was covered in blood, and his leg was badly wounded. Laoungeri stalked over. "Well?" he snarled. "Is she dead?" Whirlpool fell to the ground, unable to stand. "No, but she's injured. If I hadn't fled when I had, we'd both be dead." He lied easly, protecting the wolf he'd known as a pup. “Then you should have stayed,” Laoungeri stated plainly. He began to raise his paw in order to kill Whirlpool but when he got it to shoulder level, a red shape rocketed out of the bushes. Small but powerful jaws locked around the Black Moon wolf's leg, and crunched down with all their strength. Laourengi screeched in pain and terror as the bone in the jaws cracked and broke. When the teeth pulled away, he managed to get a look at the attacker. A red wolf, with aqua blue eyes. “Kula!” he screamed. “I knew he wouldn’t be able to kill you. You and Whirlpool were best friends as pups. That’s why I sent him. It was a test, and he obviously is not worthy of living in the Black Moon pack.” Laoungeri, after finishing his rant, attempted lifting his other leg to kill Whirlpool but cried out in pain as the broken leg took his weight. He decided that instead of killing the traitor, it would be much more sensible to kill the one who had caused the betrayel. Laoungeri clenched his teeth, and spun around to attack Kula. Kula’s sensitive ears picked up on the scratching sound of the pivot before the attack came. As Laoungeri whipped around to strike her with his broken leg, she leaned away from the blow and caught his leg again in her jaws. She’d caught above the first break in his bone, so she crunched down again. The snap resonated around the Black Moon pack’s hollow, as did the scream that followed. When Laoungeri put weight on the paw, his leg buckled and he fell. Kula pinned the jade-eyed wolf to the ground.

Leave the Silverlight pack alone, and I’ll let you live.” Kula growled and planted her paws harder on his chest as he struggled to get up.

Never!” howled the black wolf.

Then I have to destroy the threat,” snarled Kula. With a beautifully accurate and terribly deadly hunting move, one strike to his neck killed the Black Moon Leader.

After Laoungeri died, Whirlpool became leader of the Black Moon pack. Kula brought him herbs and medicines that would help heal the severed tendon in his leg, and in return he would give her valuble herbs found only on his territory. Silverlight and Black Moon became allies, and the threats between the packs ended. The night Kula named Whirlpool as her ally, the stars were like their ancestors, smiling down as the young wolves who had ended the bloodshed. When Silverlight was low on food, Black Moon would provide for them and vice versa. They would support each other in battle, help when medicine supplies ran low. The packs were at peace for the next many moon’s to come. After those many moons, well, that’s a different story.

Yes, little pups and new-fangs, this is the story of Kula. And you are not mistaken, I do have the same name as the leader and pup. I am the Salo of the Legend. Kula was my mentor. And now, you know the tale of my upbringing. When I seem odd, or act funny, remember where I came from, and what I did.

Submitted: October 06, 2010

© Copyright 2021 Saorai. All rights reserved.

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