what my life's like being in care

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my short story is just about what my life is like being in care!

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012




whats happened to me during my life.

Hello my name is Saphire, iam 13 years old and i live in care. As i was a child i was living with my parents for a while untill things started to happen like arguments and fighting, was untill my social worker decided that my parents couldnt take care of us, so me and my sister raven moved into care for the first time to a person called carol, it was quite scary for us both concidering we had no clue on what was going on. After a couple of days getting used to being in care and not crying every single night because we missed our parents, we got moved again a week later to a place in aylestone, to two very nice people called nicky and yvonne. afer spending a couple of days there the social worker decided to keep us there for a bit untill they decided we could go back home if our parents became more caring, so we did, we actually stayed there for seven months! but when the time came  it was time for us to go home, it was very upsetting for us to be going back home because we were so used to staying with people who took good care of us and treating us like apart of there family. after spending a couple of months at our parents we unfuntenatly had a house fire, but luckly we all survive it. after we went to go look for a new house the social worker waned me and raven to go back into care again to the same carers nicky and yvonne.Now we were there for four years! all of us were a family, but my behaviour was quite bad but i mean you would expect a teenager to be naurghty at some stage,so yvonne got quite angry about it and put me in restbite for three days just to have a  break,but after the three days it moved up to a week then 2 weeks and then they decided they didnt want me anymore so they split me and raven up aswell. But it wouldnt resolve anything with them by being at a different foster carers! so now im living on resbite still at a womens house called bev she wons a riding school where i do horseriding, i have a lot of mates here and i know where everything is but yesterday i got told that i was moving because bev isnt a long term carer shes short term and concidering i was on restbite aswell mad it even worse, so after i went to meet these new carers called claire and jay i didnt want to move because i likes it at bevs and now ive got till monday untill im moving and im really scared and dont want to move. :(

p.s i also miss my sister loads i cant stop worrying about things :(

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