a tale of not fall

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
a story of the planet notfall

Submitted: May 01, 2017

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Submitted: March 09, 2017



Notfall Part 1

My world was corrupted a few years ago, but before my world was falling apart, my world, my name, my planet. Notfall was normal. Vegetation engulfed it. Purple flowers grew the most beautiful petals.
I had my schooling as usual. I was the first of my school. Never made a bad grade.
Me and Salamantha schooled together. She was a foreign student. Her planet Zhang was in a brutal war. 
It was racial and prejudice war. She had fair skin and blue hair. Person of her kind are the minority in her home society. Her parent were slaves. If she stayed in Zhang she would become a slave for her whole existence.
On our planet, slavery is outlawed. Thanks to my father, Zorg of Contingale, for making the law possible. Slavery was a deal here for lots of years but the past 10 years it has been discontinued.
My mother who I love so dearly was a war veteran. She fought the war of Cingololo. Where I live, women are the only soldiers allowed. Men take care of home matters and children.
My mom died because the notfallen ship was in the war of slaves. I loved her so much. I was only nine years old.
When I was a kid she would always braid my burgundy hair. She probably never knew this but she was the best hairstylist. She knew how to do braids, swirls, and curls.
One morning I woke up, “Abigail wake up and have some tea" Dad called.
I crawled up the ladder to my home diner room. The room had a table cloth with Zong berries on it. Zong berries are grand luxury.
I sat at the table waiting for my lunesday tea. My mom and dad were discussing something serious. This was before the world of slaves. (the war of slaves take part in Zhang. It was before we had freedom of slavery. We were trying to fight for something grand and great.
"My dear Arthur, this is not what I want to do but the law says I must"
"Glacia don't do this. For my sake and Abigail's sake"
"Mama! Papa!" I ran to them
"How can I say this? Mama has somewhere to go for a little while. She must go fight for Notfall for our freedom"
"Mom!!"I burst into tears, “I love you! Don't go! Don't go!"
"I must go sweetie! I have no choice. God only knows where my soul will go but it goes remember I'll always will be with you in your heart and spirit. Take this! This is a seeking mirror glass If you want to see me say 'Kuju Kaja and you will see me."
"Arthur look after well and hard and Abigail take the seeking mirror with you at all times. Wish it luck for that I might need it. Good bye Arthur! Good bye sweet Abigail! Good bye my precious home!"
There she went. She close the door behind her and left us all behind. She sent us letters. One of them will stick in my mine forever:
Dear Abby and Arthur,
I've been stationed in Long Stretch. It is very cold and very dusty. We have fought hard. I have seen blued haired blue eyed frizots, bables, and younglings beat to death for escaping into our ships for freedom. One girl named Salamantha. In her language, it means light. She'll live with us. I miss all of you.
On Sept 10 go pick up Salamantha at the Rocket Incoming Service She will be in Notfallen Crutt 266. I will come home soon as this war is over.
Love all of you!
She didn't come home though. She was stabbed to death by a Zhang soldier. A letter was sent to us that she died. It was horrible!

© Copyright 2020 Saphron. All rights reserved.

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