Dreams of the Hopelessly Hopeful

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Have you ever wanted more out of your life? I do.

Submitted: February 19, 2014

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Submitted: February 19, 2014



Do you ever wonder who you could be? Or what the stars hold? I dream that I could be so much more than I am. I dream of being the girl who stands looking out the window and listens to a poet pour out his heart. I am the girl who would rather be content with everything I have that defines me than settle for material things.I am a dreamer of impossible things,I want what others call a ridiculous waste of time. I look up at the stars and I don't wonder what secrets they hold but I wonder how something that innocent and beautiful can be part of a world so full of hatred and violence. I can feel the wind soaring in my body, taking over my soul and all that I am. I see the beauty in every raindrop and every snowfall,instead of just seeing the inconveniences it causes. I see the purity in every snowflake that falls from the sky, like it was crafted by God's own hand, spectacular in it's majesty. I know that with every flower that buds, hope of a new and better life accompanies it. I can smell the scent of love that is soon to follow, like roses in a sea of sunflowers. The way I see the world is unique to me because others see the black and white but fail to see the gray in between. That's why people are unhappy with their lives because they refuse to just step out of themselves and see the beauty in every moment. I now realize the fact that I can only live this life once and to treasure every single second as if they are jewels, more precious than any amount of wealth, attention or fame. I can see the heart of a person and the good inside of them, no matter who they perceive themselves to be, because I know that everyone deserves to be respected and revered no matter what thy've done. I dream of changing the world and showing it that even the smallest star can give off light and in some cases, that light is the brightest one of all brightest. You can be a dreamer or a realist but I choose to dream and never let go because who knows? One day my dreams could change the world or even justone person. That way, I know it would have been worth the effort because that's all I want, to give back what I received and leave this world being accomplished. I want to live for others, not for me because then I could finally be something to someone who has nothing and no one.

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