Jessica Marca

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What is real and what is not?

Submitted: February 10, 2014

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Submitted: February 10, 2014



Walking down the corridor Ben Thompson looks down at his shoes. They suddenly felt something hit him to the ground. " I'm so sorry, I didn't see where I was walking." Hearing the sweet voice he looked up at a girl he had never met before. The bell rang for the last class of school, picking up his books and looking once more to see her face, but she was gone. 

Walking home as usual, after a long boring day at school, he remembered the girl he met in the hallway. A small giggle extracted him from his focus and he looked up. There was that same girl from the corridor. "Hey!" She started running to him. " I'm sorry about today, I'm new here and it was my first day of school." Time passed by, until Ben got the guts to speak. " It's Ben." She smiled. " I'm Jessica"."Jessica Marca

This started the beginning of a friendship. Hanging around the park and neighborhood, they talked about their lives, memories and embarrassing moments. She would invite him to her home near the church and meeting her father and mother that was always full of laughter and jokes. They played in her room overlooking the backyard, that they never played in.

One day she never came to the park, when she promised. Ben was worried so he went down the streets that they would usually walk on. She wasn't there. He walked to her house, it was vacant. He tried to look through the windows, but they were somehow boarded up. "What do you think your doing?" He spun around seeing a priest. " Father, do you know where Sarah is?" The priest shook his head. " no one has lived her since the murder of the Marca family. 

Ben was bewildered, and started running to the backyard. " Stop!" He looked all around calling her name. " Sarah!" Something caught in the corner of his eye. He turned to look down at his feet. It was a graveyard not a backyard. The many tombstones that lay at his feet. Anderson.... ferris... Marca... The thee tombstones lay right in front of him. 

Many memories passed through his mind. But only one question forced him to shiver. " Who was that girl that pushed me in the corridor?"

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