Forgetting Tyler

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A poem/ love letter that encompasses all of my feelings after having to break up with the boy who cheated on me.

Submitted: May 20, 2012

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Submitted: May 20, 2012




This pain in my chest just won’t go away

It only grows more with each passing day

All I can think about is your eyes and your smile,

And that adorable laugh I haven’t heard in a while.


The warmth of your body, your gentle embrace,

The feeling of your hand caressing my face,

How you held me close, and whispered my name,

The smell of your skin when we kissed in the rain.


So many memories, so close to my heart,

I wish I had known that one day we would part,

You meant more than any man of my past,

And I honestly thought that our love would last.


But you fooled me well, and I hope you are proud,

For taking advantage of a girl with her head in the clouds,

A girl who believed every lie that you fed,

Every promise you broke, every word that you said.


I trusted you, Tyler; I gave you my all,

I should have known that you would let me fall,

While I gave you my trust, and believed you’d stay true

You messed around with a girl that you knew.


You thought I would never realize, that I would never see

The fact that you were seeing another girl while dating me

Well, guess what? You’ve been found out and now your game is through.

And just to let you know, I will never forgive you.


The only thing that I want to ask is was she worth all this?

Was losing me and what we had worth some other girl’s kiss?

Despite what you say, we can never go back to the way things used to be,

All of the moments, the love that we shared, is lost; just like me.


Though I would like to say that forgetting you will be very easy to do,

There is nothing that will hurt me more in this life than saying goodbye to you,

I truly did love you, and I still seem to care,

But your betrayal is more than I can bear.


So this is goodbye, Tyler, this is the end

This is the love letter that I’ll never send

This is my way of forgetting your face,

And forgetting the boy who used to make my heart race.

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