He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: The Death Of A Flower

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The life of a flower who was able to become one of a million instead of being one in a million with the help of a weeping girl.

Submitted: January 24, 2012

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Submitted: January 24, 2012



From the earth I was born

Hidden yet still seen

Slowly opening to the world,

Embracing it.


I was beautiful yet invisible

Those who looked never really saw me;

Never understood that

There was so much more

to me.


When the sky would weep,

I would catch its sorrowful tears.

Heavy, so heavy,

Like they were filled with broken dreams

And forgotten wishes.

It pained me that I could do nothing

Except bear the burdens

Until they would fade away.


The chain that held me captive

Was broken by a young maiden who wept like the sky.

Her sapphire eyes were pained.

Maybe she was a cloud,

Or a star that fell from heaven,

And wished to return.

I wanted to end her grief

To do something that made me different

From the rest of my sisters


She began to pull me apart

Whispering about something called


Was it this thing called love that grieved

The little cloud maiden so much?

She could not hear my silent screams of agony

As my body and soul began to split.

She seemed to think that my silken heart

Somehow held the answer that she desired.


Holding my broken body in her hands,

Her tears ceased and the sorrow in her eyes

Turned to joy.

As I disappeared, soon to be reborn again

The maiden kissed me

And lifted me into the air, letting my body be swept up

Into the gentle caress of the wind.




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