Life On The Beach

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It is basically about how our life is so short. It compares our life to walking on the beach. With each step toward the water, we are growing older.. Until we finally reach the water.

Submitted: February 07, 2010

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Submitted: February 07, 2010



Life on the Beach

Walking on the salt dust Earth,
The wind blowing through my hair
All I feel is nothing,
But peace in the air

I hear the waves break against the rock,
The dolphins squeaking out a song
The ocean is all around me
But I can't stay for long

My youth is being washed out
With every breath I take
My looks are being broken
And my strength begins to quake

I take one step toward the sea
With the sun breathing on my face
My skin becomes a wrinkled mess
I'm finishing up the race


With every step I take
Comes a more older trait
As I get closer to the sea
I begin to see my fate

The sand is hot beneath my feet
Yet the ocean is so very near
I close my eyes, and take a breath
As they let loose a tear

My life is coming to an end
As I am very aware
I have lived a long great life
Filled with joy, hope, and care

The water kisses the tips of my toes
As I take my last breath
And wade into the calm, blue sea
That awaits me with my death.

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