Horatio Soliloquy

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For anyone who has read or is familiar with Shakespeare's Hamlet, this is a soliloquy I thought up for the character of Horatio. The poor man is torn and worried about his friend. (I decided to give writing in Shakespearean a shot).

Submitted: July 20, 2014

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Submitted: July 20, 2014




If there be good in this world of deceit

Let it bless this ground on which we now hath

Witnessed a most strange and confounded sight.

Swear, he speaks, and I hath verily sworn

Perchance I hath sold my soul to Satan

For my good lord’s sake (lest I should forget).

Yet his behavior be most peculiar,

Marry it doth trouble me so to think,

He hath dabbled in something far too odd

And been made a fool of by a specter

That may very well be more fantasy than reality.

Not even a wise philosopher’s mind

Can imagine life’s woes beyond the grave.

Exists such a place as purgatory?

(‘Tis a perplexing thought to say the least)

I must stay at his flank, yet claim distance

For smart minds can be stained with foolish wit.

O shadow of night and things not yet seen,

Wherefore must thou condemn most pious men

To become lowly sinners – nay, puppets

Playing upon a want-wit’s words and deeds

A clear conscience could certes prohibit?

Devoid of all thy rationality,

My good lord Hamlet, do not let thyself

Be dragged across the stage in mockery

Suspended by mere strings of silver thread

That may snap at any moment.

Aye, belike worse. I fear the time shall come

When the puppeteer grows weary of his game

And decides to cut the cords far too soon.

O unfortunate tortured soul of youth!

Fie upon this agony of ecstasy that enchants him so!

Prithee tell me what role I must assume

To not betray the oath I made tonight.

Ebony branches, ivory moonlight

Shattering the path before my blind eyes,

While I hither, ponder the reasoning

Behind this most unusual circumstance.

Nothing good can come out of this

Of this, if only this, I am most sure.

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