Forever mine!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Booklover9216 Fantasy challenge!! Two kingdoms, a war, can love conquer all? A cliche but sweet story that will surely make your day! Enjoy ^-^

She had failed.

She, the one chosen to destroy the King of the Wicked Ones, had failed. Her people, fairies gathered under the kingdom of Faerie , put their faith in her to finally put a stop to the  war  and she had let them down. And all because of him.

The war had been going on for centuries now. Nobody remembered how it all started but  what was certain was that it was a fight to the death between her kind and what others might know as the Wicked Ones, fellow fairies that turned  dark.

Her mission sounded simple enough. She had to infiltrate the enemies fortress and wait for  the right moment to strike. Kill their king. What she didn't expect though was to fall in love with the king arrogant son, Derek.

“We were going to wait but since someone was kind enough to inform us of our enemies weaknesses and helped us to get a hold of two out of the four generals of their army we might as well attack now. Now, when they don't stand a chance. Who knows girl, for your services we might even let you live as our slave" the King of the Wicked said with a cruel glint in his eyes.

Selena spit in his face as a response.

"Derek, when we get back I’ll give you the pleasure of killing this child," the King snarled. "Thank you, my lord", Derek responded with a smile that was, for those who know him well enough, obviously strained.

“Be good,” Derek said, earning a glare from Selena.

After they left she curled up inside her prison thinking about her failures. How she started out  as a servant, turned into a guest and then more. The times of pleasure, the promises of romance, the bright future that laid ahead. An illusion. One she was stupid enough to fall for. 

Memories assaulted her of stolen kisses, bright laughter and whispered confessions, mocking her for believing any of it could be true. Derek was an brilliant actor. Good enough to fool her at the very least, she bitterly thought .

 She lost herself in the memories, trying to find an crack inside Derek's facade that she missed at first, when an idea came to her. A dangerous one, true, but one that might help her save her people. Save them from what her mistakes caused. She concentrated on the specific memory that caught her attention trying to bring to the front of her mind the spell.  The spell she read about  in the  vast library  found inside Derek's private chambers. Bit by bit, it came to her. The spell, the ritual.

Selena immediately started drawing the seal needed using the only thing on hand. Her blood. She  began chanting the incantations and, slowly, a bluish-black smoke began to come  out from the seal. It  enveloped Selena to the point where she couldn't be seen inside it, curling and writhing, expanding all around before beginning to fade away. 

A roar broke the silence. There, where Selena stood a moment before, now stood a large tiger with silver wings and strange curved symbols on its body. The beast didn't hesitate and  sliced the bars of the prison it was held in with a swipe of its paws.

Once free, it released the generals and the other prisoners. The tiger took care to help them out of the castle taking out any who stood in its way andt watched as they went to battle, changing the tide of the war in the  Faeria's favor. It was over. 

Satisfied, it turned away from the battlefield. The effect of the forbidden spell was permanent, the tiger will remain as such,a  beast, for eternity but it was worth it. The girl that was paid for her mistakes, for believing in worthless whispers of love. As it flew away only one thought crossed the tiger's mind. It was what she deserved for being a fool.



Derek surveyed the place he had stepped in. Everything around him was lifeless and bleak, gray rocks everywhere. A large lake dominated the scene, its dark waters so still it seemed to be a mirror. The only thing of interest in the bland scenary was some of the rocks were actually floating in the air, above the water.He sighed.

 After years of searching he had finally found the place were Selena stood hidden for more that two centuries. It was pure luck that one of the weakest spirits managed to stumble across the place and, after getting a glimpse inside and sensing that some powerful magic was used to keep it hidden, has alerted the Magic Council to investigate.

"Selena, where are you?" Derek asked himself in no more than a whisper. He knew she was here, he could sense her. He just couldn't pinpoint exactly were.

Spreading his midnight black wings, Derek flew to the top of one of the rocks, wanting to get  a better view of the place. Upon reaching the top Derek gasped. Lying there, in the middle of the floating rocks, sleeping, was a giant white tiger with light blue tinted fur. It had a pair of beautiful silver wings folded up against it. Derek silently flew toward it and, slowly, placed his hand above the tiger’s large head. He recognized at once the feeling of the magic coming from it.

“Selena..." he whispered, barely daring to believe. He observed the form the spell cursed his lover with. He knew about the curse, how could he not when everyone talked about the magical tiger that turned the tide of the war? He knew he was at fault, he knew what Selena's done. He should have never left those books simply lying around. 

His hand carresed the top of Selena's head.

Suddenly, the tiger's eyes snapped open. Upon seeing the dark haired intruder it  let out a threatening growl, opening his wings to fly in an attempt to get away from the unwelcome visitor. 
A growl left Derek's own throat at that. He wouldn't allow that. Not after coming so close. Calling a spell to suppress the curse that Selena had placed on herself( a spell he had searched continuously until he found it), Derek fired a beam of golden light. After being hit the tiger crouched, as if preparing to pounce, then with a roar of pain, the tiger’s features began to vanish leaving behind a beautiful girl with long, silver hair and blazing sapphire eyes. Being immortal, Selena had not aged, however, her beauty had increased greatly and her pale skin only made her seem more ethereal, like a perfect creation of god.

Derek never saw it coming.  Waves of white energy came flying towards him, barely giving him time to defend. Repeatedly, he was forced to defend himself as Selena sent wave after wave after him. He continued to evade until he finally saw an opening. He seized the chance and cast a spell that would render the victim unconscious. It hit. 

In silent satisfaction Derek watched as Selena started to fall out of the sky. Diving down, he caught her as she fell, quickly making an arch and shooting back upword. Opening a portal to his castle, Derek flew through it with Selena in his arms.



Derek watched Selena slept on peacefully. How many times he wished for this exact picture  to become reality? Selena, in his bed? How many night he lost searching for her only to come back defeated once more? But it was not vain. Here she was, home at lost. And still it was not real yet. He felt lost in a dream and his greatest fear was to wake up and find she was not with him. 

He aproached his sleeping goddess and, bending down, he lay a soft  on Selena's unressisting lips. It was heaven. Suddenly though, he found himself pushed away as Swlena woke, her eyes glaring daggers at him.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” Derek whispered. A low snarl was the response he received at that. He saw the hurt and betrayal flash in Selena's azure eyes.  Though she held a poker face, he could see all the emotions she felt very clearly in those pure, haunting eyes of hers. That pain, that hurt -it was on him.

“The last time we saw each other I remember you father saying something about letting you kill me after the final battle,” Selena hissed out.

“Things are different now. He's dead and I’m ruling the kingdom,” Derek said.

“I heard, congratulations.” 

“Then you also heard that I was the one to kill him and that I made peace with your kind. Right now, a new era is born, and even tough is hard to let go of the hate and sorrow gathered in all those centuries of battle, everybody is working towards finding a way for it. It was my plan since the beginning and you'll have known that if you haven't left without giving me a chance to explain."

"To explain?," she softly asked, increduosly. "To explain....Are you crazy?!You were planning to kill me upon returning! I'm so sorry I made a run for my life" Selena all but screamed in frustration before taking a few deep breaths and calming herself. "Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore. Everything is in the past. I'm leaving" she said starting to get out of the bed but in a instant she found herself pinned back on it with Derek on top of her.

"In the past?", he whispered.  "Oh, I think you're heavily mistaken, my dear. You see, I don't care about peace, harmony, and all that. You do. Everything I did was for one reason only. To maintain the promises I made you. And now I want my prize. You."

"What are -" Selena started to ask but was soon cut off by a pair of lips claiming her own.

As Derek's tongue invaded his mouth, Selena couldn't help but moan softly. She placed her hands on Derek's shoulders while he ran one hand up and down her back as the other one slid its fingers through her hair. Their kiss was deepened further, when Selena shifted position slightly, tilting her head to the side. Their kiss lasted for several minutes, then they had to stop as their lungs started grumbling at the minimal amount of air reaching them.

Selena was blushing as she stared up at Derek who raised an eyebrow and said with a huge, genuine smile "You see Selena, even if you try to fight it off, you still love me, as much as  I  love you."

"But, I can't --" Selena once again started to say but Derek placed his index finger on her lips.

"Shhh, jus stop. Stop thinking so much. I know, I hurt you, but it was just a plan to fool my father  into believing that he has the upper hand. Even without your intervention the generals would have been freed by my servants when the time was right. Everything was planned my dear, and it was essential that you thought everything was real".

"I don't know, Derek. I simply don't know if I can trust you again" she said while a tear  slid down her cheek. Derek licked it, and smiled mischievously .

"Then let me show you. Let me show you I am the only one for you. The only one that can love as you deserved to be loved. The only one that can show you what happiness  is like" he said before taking hold in a possessive manner of her lips once again.

Moaning, Selena was soon lost in layers of pleasures. "You are mine, Selena. Never forget that because I am yours as well. As well as light can't exist without darkness, we can't exist without each other. You'll be forever mine" he said before letting himself indulge in the heaven that Selena represents.

Submitted: December 18, 2009

© Copyright 2021 Sara Blake. All rights reserved.

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Sara Blake

So yeah, this is my story. I know that it's a little rushed but I had to make a long story short and this is what I got. The idea was inspired by another story i read last year. If you have any suggestions/advices/opinions please leave all your thoughts here.
Oh, and if you want me to read some of your work, just let a comment here with the name of the story/poem and i'll get back to you. See ya!!

Fri, December 18th, 2009 4:02pm


as always... nice work:)

keep going....:)

Sat, December 19th, 2009 8:48am


I'm glad you liked it and I'll try to keep up this pace and not disappoint you >_

Sat, December 19th, 2009 4:22am


nice work

Sat, December 19th, 2009 2:16pm


Thank you ^-^

Sat, December 19th, 2009 6:30am


very good start so far. I enjoyed reading your story. I loved it. :D

Sat, December 19th, 2009 2:47pm


I'm glad...I was very nervous about this one!! Thanks>.

Sat, December 19th, 2009 8:27am

Mistress of Word Play

Hi Sara, I just adored this story you wrote. Very impressive story line and great characters. Excellent job with the challenge. Good luck and great write. Susan :)

Sat, December 19th, 2009 5:16pm


Thank you, Susan!I'm very happy you think so ^-^Oh,and I forgot to notice you, please update me when you put on a new story/poem/novel because if not I'm afraid I might not know when you do that and to comment and such I must know don't I? >///

Sat, December 19th, 2009 9:43am


Awesome story! I loved the use of magic and spells, and I think you've done a really good job here =) Good luck in the challenge!

Sat, December 19th, 2009 5:47pm


Thank you. I know I need it >///< Oh, and I love that part too XD

Sun, December 20th, 2009 1:04am


As always Sara you have produced a beatiful story. Well done my friend :D very well done x

Sat, December 19th, 2009 5:51pm


YaY >0.

Sun, December 20th, 2009 1:06am

fantasy writen

great word choice I like it!

Sat, December 19th, 2009 8:43pm


Thank you!^-^ I'll be sad if you wouldn't >.

Sun, December 20th, 2009 1:08am


your english is better now! :D
anyway, there's a part where it says "... even tough...", i saw it as i read it but i sort of couldn't find that part when i sort of skimmed through to find that paragraph after i read it for the first time. i think you meant 'even though'. :]
and good luck with your challenge! nice story. :D

Sun, December 20th, 2009 6:03am


Yuppie!!! I'm glad that my English shows some improvement!! That doesn't means I won't be needing your help in the future though >.

Sun, December 20th, 2009 1:12am


Great improvement, love the details and the voice. Good luck with the challenge!

Sun, December 20th, 2009 10:04am


Thank you very much!! I'm glad you like it and thanks for the god luck wish ^-^

Sun, December 20th, 2009 2:13am


sweet as hell. kinda like Stephen kings the eyes of the dragon

Sun, December 20th, 2009 11:55am


Thank you!! It's a honor to be compared with such a great writer ^-^

Sun, December 20th, 2009 11:22pm


OMG, that was brilliant! Did you get that idea from the series The Keisha'ra? Because that's what it reminded me of! But not like plagarism, just like the idea of the war and the love and stuff. But it was amazing! I LOVED it!

Tue, December 22nd, 2009 4:13pm


No, it was another book I read, I just can't remember the title, that inspired me. I think it was made into a movie too....Agh, damn brain!! I can't remember anything when I want to!! Anyway, thank you for reading and commenting. I'm very, very happy that you enjoyed!! ^-^

Wed, December 23rd, 2009 8:09am

Sara Blake

Christmas gift suggestions:
To your enemy, forgiveness.
To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart.
To a customer, service.
To all, charity.
To every child, a good example.
To yourself, respect.
( And to me many, many comments XD =^-^=)
May your world be filled with warmth and happiness this Holy season, and throughout the year. I wish that your Christmas will be filled with peace and love. Happy Holidays!! ^-^

Thu, December 24th, 2009 10:09am

Vincey Delaney

Very lovely, a wonderful fantasy for all to read!!! I love the Forever Mine message. it's a sweet, precious keepsake of love. Great piece!!!!

Sun, December 27th, 2009 4:10pm


Thabnk you!!I'm so glad you like it ^-6

Sun, December 27th, 2009 10:51am


Awwwwwwwwwww!! This was absolutely amazing!! Very well written!! The taste of romance at the end was absolutely amazing! Good job!! :D

Wed, December 30th, 2009 8:14pm


Thank you ^-^ I'm very happy that you like it =^-^=

Wed, December 30th, 2009 7:01pm

Mistress of Word Play

Hi Sara! Congrats on winning first place. It was just wonderful! Susan :)

Fri, January 15th, 2010 4:06pm


Thank you Susan!! I really appreciate the congrats ^-^ I also think that your story about Alexandra was incredible!

Fri, January 15th, 2010 8:14am

Graeme Montrose

Wow! I see why you won the challenge Sara. It was an incredible story, i loved it. Keep writing these stunning stories!

Fri, January 15th, 2010 4:18pm


Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it . I'm sure yours is just as good and I'll read it asap!!^-6

Fri, January 15th, 2010 8:27am


Well done on winning! You totally deserve it =] You've written an amazing piece here!

Fri, January 15th, 2010 8:10pm


Thank you ^///^

Fri, January 15th, 2010 12:52pm


Lovely. I wonder what would happen to them with her being immortal.

Sat, January 16th, 2010 3:56pm


Well, he's immortal also...maybe they will have a lot of fight and sweet make ups? Who knows, I didn't thought so much in the future...but they will die someday by unnatural circumstances ( have no idea in what kind circumstance lol) because I think nothing is eternal...maybe just time lol >.

Sat, January 16th, 2010 8:19am


Congratulations on winning the challenge neighbor! Wow is all I can say.

Sun, January 17th, 2010 1:19am


Thanks so much!! It was unexpected to me considering all those beautiful story that participated ^-6

Sun, January 17th, 2010 2:38am

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