Its Not As Easy As It Seems

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Nothing is as easy as people think most off the time.

Submitted: October 12, 2011

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Submitted: October 12, 2011




As I approached the entrance, an overwhelming feeling of change washed over me, and I knew this was the end of one chapter and the start of something new.

I was down on my knees looking for my keys in the dark, when I felt something with my hand nothing I had felt before. I picked it up and carried it till I found light, I looked down and then I screamed, I was horrified I had picked up a femur bone. In horror I dropped the bone and grabbed my phone out to call the police. 10 minutes later the police turned up and they had their forensic team come down to look at it and everything surrounding. Constable Mannix Treblem came up and asked me a few questions. The 3 I can remember were 1: What is your name? 2: where do you live? And 3: what were you doing when you found the femur?  My answers were 1: My name is Sula Hendrics 2: I live 16 Clackline street. 3: I was on my hands and knees on the ground trying to find my key’s because I had dropped my bag and my keys were sitting on top and I knew since I had dropped my bag that the keys would be on the ground. Then once I had gotten down to look for my keys I had been feeling around for like 2 minutes and then I felt it and I held it and found light to know what it was and then I saw what it was and I called the police. Then they said I was fine to go home.

When I got in the door and put my stuff down I played back the messages I had on my phone and there was one from my mother saying that my brother had gone missing. That just made my night even worse than it was, so I jumped in my car and drove to mum’s house. At 10:30 that night mum got a phone call, she just answered and said “Hello” then next minute she had the most shocking and worried look on her face then after she hung up the phone she fell down into her seat saying call “the police, call the police”  I called the police.

Not long after they arrived and I let them in and showed them over to where my mother was sitting and then I sat beside her and held her hand as she told the police “My eldest son, Chase, never came home from work and that was over 5 hours ago. Then I got a phone call from a person I don’t know, they had a very weird voice like they had in taken helium. They told me they had my son and if I don’t come up with $500,000 in 3 days that the police would find more parts of him” the police asked me if I knew anyone that would want to hurt my brother and I didn’t know anyone that would he was a very kind loving guy who everyone adored. The police said that their forensic squad will do a bone test to make sure it is their brother and son. A few days later the police call them and it wasn’t Chase. Mum and I were so relieved, and then the police asked if we knew a girl called Anna-Lee. I asked Anna-Lee Procall and they said yes that’s her. They asked how I knew her and I said that she was a work mate and that she had dated Chase.

A few hours later Chase walked through the front door and he didn’t look to good. He said ‘I was out drinking with the guys last night, and the last drink I had really took its toll and I wasn’t myself and got lost’ I was walking around in the middle of nowhere and my mobile phone had died so I had nothing and then a cab went to go past and I waved him down and got the cab home.  Mum and I were so happy he was back but we had to tell him about Anna-Lee, we sat him down and we gave him food and water and after he had that we told him everything that had happened and that the femur bone was Anna-Lee’s and that the police said that she would have to be dead. He broke down and said that her ex wouldn’t leave her alone and kept stalking her. She said “he saw me with you today and sent me a message saying I’m dead for seeing someone else” she had told me this at the start of the week. Chase called the police and told them, they thanked him for his help. They called back a few days later and said they picked up her ex and the searched his place and they found the rest of her body there, they thanked him again for helping them find out who killed her.

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