Sincerely Yours,

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These are the last words of Conrad Dover Smith, a once famed politician- his confession.

Submitted: October 30, 2011

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Submitted: October 30, 2011



These being the last words of Conrad Dover Smith:

I shot him.  It is perhaps the only thing I have ever accomplished that I can truly be proud of.  I shot Dimitri Kendrick.  I loved him so much- yes, this too is part of my confession to the world, that I loved a man, and that he loved me- and then I killed him.  My only regret is that I did not do it sooner, and that I was forced to hide the entire affair from my constituents, my adoring public; and so no record remains of that act so just and right.  Oh, that I could have shouted it from the rooftops, and consequences be damned!- but Favien and mother insisted, quite compellingly it seemed at the time, that I play the innocent, lest my actions adversely affect our political aspirations.

None of their arguments hold any meaning to me now, and I can no longer keep my silence.  The consequences will no longer reach me, for by the time anyone finds this confession, I will already be on my merry way to meet my maker; or more likely, to greet the eternal bliss of hellfire.  I no longer desire to greet Saint Peter and to hear those pearly open wide just for me; I am no longer a slave to the desire for paradise.  I know now that no amount of tortured flesh and demonic taunts could be worse than the hell I’ve endured in this world of the living.

I cannot bring myself to care that my confession and death will have consequences for those still alive.  Mother, if you are even reading this, I am sorry for causing you such pain, in life and now in death.  But the blame lies with you, Mother, not with me.  You caused all this the day you let Favien into our lives, and began to dream of a Conrad beyond what I was capable of.  Your plan has failed, as it was always destined to.  I am ending it on my own terms.  Mother, although I know Favien is beyond any help, mortal or divine, I hope that you at least take this lesson to heart.  Sever ties with those we called our friends, that led us down this path of hubris and impossible ambitions; do not attempt to recover from this downfall.  Live a normal life, and do not mourn me overmuch: I will be happily warm for the rest of eternity.

Perhaps I shall see Dimitri in hell.


Sincerely yours,

Conrad Dover Smith

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