Hades' Angel

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This is a story. A story or a girl. This girl is Sara. Sara has a terrible problem.

Submitted: February 03, 2008

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Submitted: February 03, 2008



17th September

Before I write anything else, I have a few things to point out.

1) My name is Sara Jones 2) I am 13 years old 3) I have brown hair and brown eyes 4) I live in England 5) I have lung cancer

I was diagnosed with cancer 2 weeks ago. I remember it like yesterday.

The doctor looked at me. "Are you OK, Sara?" I nodded, perplexed. I had a headache, but I was OK. My mum had taken me to see Doctor Haden when I'd been complaining of stomach pain, coughing and wheezing. She thought I might have been asthama. "Sara, can you step outside? I need to talk to your mother." I stood up and, looking at my feet, walked out of the room, closing the door behind me. I heard muffled voices, and a few minutes later Doctor Haden opened the door. Mum's eyes were red from crying, and I couldn't work out why. "Sara," the doctor spoke to me, "I'm afraid we have some serious news for you. You will have to go to the hospital for scans." "Why?" I intoned. "Because you may have..." "Yes?" I was getting irritated. "You might have cancer." My eyes opened wide and I gawped at him. "No way. I can't!"

I went to the hospital and the tests were positive. I was enrolled in the local clinic which I visit every month. I wonder how I should break it to my friends. My older brother Daniel doesn't know either.

18th September

I awoke with a shiver. I had been getting nightmares since I had gotten the news about my cancer. I had been dreaming that I was dying, that always woke me with a startle. I turned around to look at my clock, it was only 4:00 am. I had another appointment at the hospital today. My brother seemed to be getting really suspicious about my absense and why I seemed to have so many doctors appointments. Thats what we had been telling him you see, that I was going to the hospital to have my blood taken and that I had asthma. He had no idea that I had really been diagnosed with cancer. I really wanted to tell him though, we had always been really close, we never argued, I suppose you could say we had the wierdest brother and sister relationship ever. I knew that when I told him he would be heartbroken. I decided as I lay on my bed that today after I had been to the hospital I would tell him. He needed to know whether I liked it or not. I owed that to him.

I knocked on Daniel's door. He was awake. "Dan?" I crept silently in. "Yes, Sara?" I looked into my brother's 16 year old face. "You know I have 'asthama'?" He nodded. "Well... I don't." "That's great!" "I have cancer." I burst into tears and Daniel gathered me into a bear hug. Whatever happened, I was still his little sister.

I looked and I could see him fighting back the tears. "You should have told me sooner" said Dan "I know I just didn't want to worry you, that's all" I replied. "I will be there with you all the way through this sis, you'll get better" I smiled at him, I knew he would say that, I knew that is what he hoped. I knew different. I knew that because my cancer was so far spread they said the treatment would only slow it down. I now sat at night and wrote lists of things I wanted to do before I died.

Here is the current list.

1) Be kissed by a guy 2) Go to the School Prom 3) Pass my Grade 5 Ballet Exam with Distinction 4) Be in a Hollywood Movie

These are the most important. Only I guess I won't live to see Number 2. I don't know if I can do Number 3 either. I can't do much sport at all now, but I still do ballet, without all the sautes and stuff. The only one that I might do is Number 1. Stuff the idea that I've never had boyfriend. Maybe I'll get my best friend Katy to help. She's been really supportive through the whole thing, and comes to see me every other day. I'm home schooled now, so I don't get people asking, "Why do you never do sport?" or "Why can't you climb the stairs easily?"

Its time to take action she thought. She picked up her mobile and entered Katy's number. "Katy do you want to come over today, I have a major plan that I need you to help me with." said Sara. "Sure, I will be over in half an hour" replied Katy. She hung up the phone. Great! So, maybe these things might just come true. Half an hour later, Katy arrived.

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