JUMP--Entry for Contest (Sara Perri)

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This is a contest entry for my friend's contest! ENJOY! =D

Submitted: May 07, 2011

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Submitted: May 07, 2011



I didn't know what to write. I couldn't figure out how to get my feelings onto the page. I did everything possible--I took a walk, I went out with my friends, trying to inspire myself to write something on that paper, something about my love.

Truth is, I didn't have a love at that point. I couldn't write a song about love if I'd never truly felt it. The first time I \"felt\" true love, I had been used. It wasn't real. It wasn't pure. It was torture and I regret it.

I remember that first time you put your arm around me. I remember the first time I felt your lips to my cheek. Then I remember the first time you pressed your lips against mine, and I knew the true feeling of love. You are true love. We are one. We are the song I'm trying to write onto this blank page.

You inspire me. You make me want to write every day, a new song or poem about you, all about us. You make me want to soar. I feel like I am, sometimes. I get caught up in the moment--your fingers fit loosely into my fingers, and I feel our unity. Can anything separate us? Let's take a leap. Let's take the leap of faith, jump into a deep abyss of not knowing what's coming next. Let's fall together, into this song I'm trying so hard to write, into this world of words and love and song.

Three, two, one...jump...

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