dream mystery - vanishing ballroom

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

what would you do if you took the train to your company's annual dinner. well, that's nothing mysterious. however, what would you do if you found the place but couldn't find the restaurant nor your colleagues who were supposed to be coming but stumbled upon a mysterious ballroom that suddenly vanishes after you leave?

The train station looked deserted just the way I imagined it to be. There were dews on the leaves of the trees situated around me. If you're guessing that I must have been waiting for the old train near the forest, you are right. It was the only mode of transport for me to get to my company's annual dinner which was located in a historical hotel somewhere in the heart of the city. 

The tracks were old and rusty and I could hear the chugging of the old train from afar. The ancient train was like any other old trains from pictures. Its metallic black colour determined the fact that it has just been repainted. Its wheels rumbled slowly as it made its way to stop at the station I was destined to wait. The train stopped and there was a loud hissing sound as the ancient doors open. A gentleman dressed in a suit alighted and he was carrying a black leather briefcase. I assumed that he must be a gentleman working as a CEO in some office which operates during the weekends. 

I decided to sit in the front coach since the train was nearly empty. The sits were made of cushions and were comfortable. I laid back and decided to enjoy the view. The bright sunshine was making me sleepy. The train started to rumble on its tracks and chug, the sound nearly putting me to sleep. 

Suddenly, I heard a loud whistle. It was as if someone was blowing a whistle at a station. I woke up and realised that I was at the next station and the train had made an abrupt stop. I looked behind and saw only a few passengers seated in the same coach behind me. They were mumbling softly to each other. Suddenly, the train started moving again and carried on its journey.

The journey seemed oddly long, although i was prepared for it. It was soon reaching nightfall and I was starting to feel sleepy again. It was dark outside and finally the train stopped. I heard the doors open and realised that I had finally reached my destination just in time. It was 8:00pm and I had only a few minutes to catch before I miss the dinner.

The station's lighting was orange in colour and it gave me a gloomy feeling. The lights near the escalators were yellow and one flourescent tube was shaking in the wind. The air was chilly and I realised that the air ventilator was switched on. The steps of the escalator was also a bit wobbly so I had to carefully balance myself to avoid tripping and rolling down. It would be an odd tragedy to come up with for the night. Finally, I managed to reach by destination, thanks to the slow moving escalator. I took out my train card to touch out from the station. There were not many people around so I tried to look around to find my way to the hotel.

There was an overhead glass bridge locating from the station to the next building. The scenery from the bridge was breathtakingly beautiful. Orange city lights filled the distance below and there were even some colourful screens filled with the latest advertisements.

I carried on walking and finally reached to the only exit I could find. There were two exits, to be exact. The one on the left stated "Exit" and the one on the right stated "Washroom". I decided to take the left turning but I ended up at a locked door. Puzzled, I tried to twist the door knob but it wouldn't budge. I realised that it was locked from outside. I finally resulted in knocking the door but it seemed to be like knocking a brick wall.

The only option left was either to leave the station or to take the entry to the washroom. Finally, I decided to turn right and head to the washroom. The washroom was empty and the surroundings were made of beautiful grey tiles. I decided to check my reflection in the mirror a while before leaving. Sure enough, while I was busy checking myself; I was relieve to find a girl walked past. Immediately, I seized the chance I had to ask for directions. 

The girl looked at me and appeared a bit shocked. She told me to follow her. The girl wore light make up and I could see that she only had her eyes lined with eyeliner paired with bright rose red lipstick. She had on a red dress and a small dainty black purse. She even wore aqua blue heels to match her outfit. 

The girls footsteps echoed along the tiled marbled floor and I followed her closely. I was relieved to notice that there was another entrance at the other end of the washroom. The door seemed to be the similar grey colour of the washroom. Fresh wave of air conditioned air hit me and the smell of champagne filled the air. I breathed in deeply and realised that there were some music and people chatting nearby. I tried to stop the girl who seemed to be casually walking back to one of the doorway nearby. 

"Excuse me, I would like to get to the G O Hotel please." I called out to her but she just gently turned and winked at me with a mysterious smile. I decided to follow her into the room filled with laughter and music. The whole hallway lighted up with golden ornaments and there were ladies in ball gowns and men dressed in suits. 

Everything was so exciting until I realised that I was late for my annual dinner celebration. I decided to let the thought slipped away for a moment since I was amazed with my surroundings. A waiter carried a glass of Vin Jaune and I decided to take a sip. Some ladies were drinking Rosé wine while talking about the weather. Everything was so mesmerising, I nearly didn't realise that it was nearly 9:00pm when suddenly, an announcement was made. 

There was a man dressed in a suit similar to a vampire and he was reading from a beige coloured scroll. I couldn't understand what he was saying but it sounded like a language I've never heard of before. Suddenly, everyone turned around and there was a lady screaming. Her shrill screams echoed in the air and everyone gasped. There was blood drooling from her mouth and she had fangs. I was astonished to witness such a gruesome sight and even more when someone touched my arm. 

The temperature in the room seemed to have dropped a few degrees as I stood shivering with my shawl draped over my shoulders. I turned and noticed a man waving at me from afar. He was dressed in a black suit and a black fedora hat. His face was buried under the hat but I could see that he looked extra pale. He was holding a glass of dark red wine and was swishing the contents of the glass gently and delicately. 

I tried to make my way through the crowd towards the man. As if noticing that I was making my way towards him, he vanished silently in the midst of the crowd. I looked around and noticed that there was a grey door at a nearby corner of the room. The door was closed. Instinct might have made me walk towards the door. Suddenly, a man wearing a black cloak knocked against me. I started to feel dizzy and soon, I saw darkness. 

The darkness soon disappeared and I found myself on a bed with white sheets. I moaned silently when I felt that my head was throbbing. I found myself in a cozy small room. The walls and ceiling were grey and there was nothing but a small stone table. A white vase with intricate beige coloured designs stood on the table. There were some tiny yellow flowers in the vase and the air was filled with unknown fragrance. I wondered whether I had magically appeared here or was the whole ballroom phenomenon just part of my fanciful imagination.

"I see that you have awaken, miss."  A deep voice of a man woke me up from my reverie. I turned and saw a handsome man with an expressionless look on his face. I nodded and decided to sit up. "How long have I been here, sir?" I rubbed my temples which were now starting to ache lesser compared to a moment ago. "I assumed that you didn't know how you have gotten here. There is no way for you, a lady of mortal blood could have gotten here." The man looked at me grimly as he reached for a seat on a wooden stool nearby. 

I couldn't comprehend what he was trying to say so I just looked blankly at him. His gaze rested on my face when suddenly, he swiftly got up, pulled me up and headed for the door. I tried to stopped him but his grip was firm and swift, I soon found myself heading outside towards the corridor. The guy in black soon gently led me towards the empty hallway where the ball was held.

"Watch." His commanding tone made me peeped through the door leading to the enormous golden ballroom. There was a big ruckus going around. Plates were smashed to the ground and red wine were splashed all over the carpet. Ladies were tumbling over each other with mouths foamed red with blood. The aristocratic looks on their faces had disappeared, leaving only traces of vengeance and thirst for blood. The atmosphere was sickening and the stench of blood filled every corner of the room. Victims were screaming and their clothes were torn by the monsters that filled the room. 

I couldn't believe what I saw and I realised that the man was kind enough to save me from my impending doom. The man gently led me back to the hallway where the tiny room was hidden. "You do not know anything about this place. This hidden place is located nowhere and it can't be found by any mere mortal." The man whispered to me as I bowed my head. "Where is this place?" I finally asked the question that was revolving in my head. "This is the land of the undead. You couldn't have possibly gotten here without an undead leading you. Who led you here?"

Suddenly, I remembered the girl in the red dress and told the man. "That is Melliasa. She is one of the supporters and gang leaders of the undead. Every year at exactly this time of the month, they would feast on human blood to prolong their lifespan as the undead could only live for a year before they feast again." I gasped and cried, "Many human lives might have been sacrificed to sustain their survival needs." The man nodded, "Melliasa and Thomas, the guy you saw making the annoucement in the language of the undead; were the ones that organise the ball by duping people in believing that it was made for charity. Some, were duped out of curiousity; just like you." The room was getting dark and I could only see a silhouette of his features. 

I could tell that he got nearer when I could feel his breath closed to my ear, "I'll take you back now and try to make your way back to the train station. I didn't know how you got here but you must get back before it's 12:00am." The man hurriedly packed his things and led me out of the hallway. We went down the lift to the second floor and hurried back to find the exit. My mind was running wild and the only thought that came to me was to find the exit which was the ladies' washroom. 

The man, on the other hand; seemed to be busy in finding a secret compartment in between the walls. Suddenly, a secret panel emerged and he pressed a green button. The walls opened up to reveal a lift made of glass. The lift transported us upwards and suddenly, I noticed that the whole ballroom was disappearing in a distance. It was nearly 12:00am and the undead in there were vanishing slowly and so was the whole building.

We were currently safe in the glass lift and soon, I found myself alone in the darkness. Suddenly, the lift door opened and I walked out. There was no sign of the man who saved my life. I was amazed to find myself back at the train station. There were many people walking in and out of the station. The train was chugging along and I realised that it was only 6:00pm. I smiled when I read the signboard up ahead, it stated "to the G O Hotel". 

The signboard looked familiar as I neared the exit to the hotel. Although something was nagging in my mind to stop, I found myself in the ladies' washroom with a few other ladies. Some were laughing while some were applying makeup and getting ready for a ball. I walked right past them and noticed a girl in a red dress. She seemed to be smiling at a few ladies in the washroom. I heard her say, "Ladies, it's about time. Let's get to the G O Hotel where the ball and annual dinner is held."

The annual dinner was held in a magnificent golden ballroom. The atmosphere was oddly similar to my previous encounter but I shook that feeling away. It must have been the alcohol. The annual dinner soon started and I was taken aback that many of my colleagues were drinking Vin Jaune and some dark coloured red wine. Suddenly, the announcer came on stage and made his appearance. He was dressed in a vampire suit and he pointed to the audience, "Ladies and gentlemen, the night now has begun so let the hunt begin." 

Panic laced out within me as I looked around, sure enough there was a gentleman dressed in black standing from afar. He motioned to me to come and join him while there was a grey door at a corner. The man stood with a black mask as he grabbed my arm. "We should leave now since you have witnessed what they do to people; why are you still here." With that, we escaped and headed towards the grey door. There was the similar hallway but we board the lift to the second floor.

There was darkness again and someone shaking me. It was my colleague. "Goodness, Lynn. Wake up, we are going to be late for our annual dinner which would be starting at 6:00pm." I looked around and realised that I was sleeping on the sofa at my colleague's apartment. It was nearing 5:30pm so we had to make a move. Suddenly, I decided to intervene by saying, "Could we take a cab there instead?"









Submitted: December 17, 2015

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