Express Bus Dream Mystery - Lost At Night

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What would you do if the express bus you're boarding broke down in the middle of a deserted highway during the middle of the night? Would you fret if you realised that you were the only passenger on board and the driver told you to wait in the bus while you call for help. How would you react when the driver disappears for too long? Would you just wait in the bus or would you take a walk alone just to feel better?

Submitted: February 05, 2015

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Submitted: February 05, 2015



I was looking out at the window from the express bus that night. The stars were shining brightly in the moonless sky and there were birds flying everywhere. 

Soon, I started to feel sleepy. I could feel my head rest against the window of the bus. The bus continued on its slow journey on the highway. The journey was comforting and also relaxing since I was travelling alone the whole day for a holiday at the town of Melaka. I had a fun time visiting my relatives and also some friends and also had great fun at the Portuguese settlement tasting the varieties of food and playing games at the fun fair.

I was travelling back alone that night. I love travelling solo since I could have more freedom to tour around places I wish. I also love backpacking and going on adventure trips at some distant places for a holiday without a tour guide. 

That night, it was chilly and the bus was moving at a very slow speed. I yawned again as I tried to focus on the outdoor scenery so that I wouldn't miss the stop. The bus seemed to have taken its time during the journey as the driver seemed to be tired too. 

I looked at the clock and realised that it was nearing 12:00a.m. I tried not to think of my comfy pillow and bed at home as the minutes flew by. Suddenly, there was a loud rumble of engine and slowly, the bus driver had to pull to a halt and the engine died down. I sighed again. This time, I really would be reaching Kuala Lumpur at a later time at night.

The bus driver got down from the driver's seat and apologised to me. "I'm sorry, Miss. There's some issue with the engine and I might need to call for help. We are on a deserted highway and there are not much cars around. I need to contact my company to provide help. Besides, it's getting late and it might be dangerous for you to walk around. Just try to stay in the bus and only open the main door when there is an emergency." He gave me a long weary look and indicated towards the red button at the emergency panel at the driver's seat. I nodded and leaned back on my seat. I decided to call my mum since the journey might be long and I would be arriving late tonight.

Mum's cellphone rang but nobody picked up. Finally, after two failed attempts in contacting her, I decided to take a snooze to rest my aching body instead. I leaned back on the comfy couch seat and closed my eyes. Suddenly, there was a honk. It was loud enough for me to wake up from my snooze. I turned around and noticed that there was a big bus painted in dark paint behind me. I slowly realised that the driver was honking at us to move. Feeling puzzled, I went to the back of the bus and as I passed through the many rows; I realised that most of the seats, in fact all of the seats were empty. 

As I reached towards the end of the bus, I realised that I couldn't see the driver. In fact, there was only one dim headlight on. I didn't notice any passengers in the bus either. I tried to focus my thoughts on going home and waiting for the driver to return but it was already past half an hour and there was still no sign of him.

I looked towards the highway as the helpless feeling sank into me. I tried to call the driver but I realised that I had forgotten to take down his contact number. I didn't know the number of the bus company so I was left with no choice but to wait. 

Somehow, the bus behind me started honking every five minutes. I tried not to panic but there was something alarming about the way he or she honked. I noticed that the honking grew louder and longer with every passing minute. Soon, beads of sweat ran down my forehead.

Finally, after saying a prayer; i decided to press the emergency exit button and alight from the bus. I slowly ran to the driver's seat and pressed the red button. The bus' door opened with a hiss and I got down. The air was colder outside and I shivered as I pulled and buttoned up my jacket. I stood at the highway and realised that the driver of the bus behind us had stopped honking. Suddenly, the he or she started the bus' engine started and pulled towards the right and drove past me. I took a glimpse of the bus and realised that there were no passengers in it. I couldn't see the driver but somehow, I knew that he or she seemed to have wanted me to get down from the express bus. 

I started walking down the road as i was hoping that I would catch a glimpse of the express bus' driver. My high hopes turned to dust when I realised that it was nearing 1:00a.m. and there was still no one on the road. Some cars passed by but they didn't seemed to have noticed me. I started to walk and soon I came to a clearing. A part of the highway divider was bent opened and I noticed that there was a pathway going through the forest. Curiousity got the better of me when I realised that there was a light that seemed to shine from a cottage nearby.

I groped for my cellphone and hit the flashlight button. Soon, I was making my way through the forest. The forest was dense at the side but the pathway made it easy for anyone to walk through. Thoughts of getting help soon crossed my mind as I happily made my way to the cottage. It was silent in the woods and soon, I was standing in front of the main door. 

I knocked reluctantly on the door and when I was expecting nobody to come out, an old man with a long beard finally appeared at the doorway. He was wearing a pink nightgown together with a drooping cloth party hat. He was holding a candle on his other hand and he gave me a strange look. As the candle flickered, I quickly made my introduction. "I'm sorry, I'm lost here. The express bus I was in broke down and the driver went to call for help. However, he hasn't returned and I'm afraid I might need some help or a place to stay overnight." I desperately pleaded for help. 

The man gave me another long look and nodded. He pointed a finger at me and replied, "Yes, I can help you but you must promise not to go out or look out of the window if you hear anything strange." I was a bit shocked about what he said but I agreed with his current term. I nodded and he let me in. There was a sofa at a corner and an empty room with a comfortable bed. "You can change your clothes into some nightwear in the cupboard. Come, lass. You can sleep in this room tonight."

I thanked him gratefully as I made my way into the room. I noticed that there was a bright full moon now as I gazed outside the window. I lay down on the bed and finally decided to get some sleep. However, just before I decided to change into some pajamas I brought from home; I noticed that the man went out of his house and walked towards the clearing. 

Again, curiousity got the better of me so I decided to follow him. I quickly wear my jacket, took my bag and rushed to the front door. I was relieved that it wasn't locked. I ran out to the clearing and saw him walking with his nightgown. He was heading towards the express bus which engine had broken down. I could see the bus from afar and realised that the driver had came back. However, there was something puzzling about the driver. There was blood drooling down from the sides of his mouth and he looked as if he was munching something that looked like a human arm. I covered my mouth and tried my best not to scream. Meanwhile, the man walked straight to the bus driver and I ran after him; all the while trying to keep my best to hide in the darkness which was only accompanied by the light from the stars and some broken streetlights. 

The driver was had now finished munching the arm and was shocked to see the man in pink. The man immediately grabbed the driver by the neck and said, "It's over, all of your kind. I never want to see you hurt another human again tonight." The driver chocked but managed to spill some words out. "Where is she?" 

The man didn't soften his grip and replied, "She's safely asleep at my house. i will send her back to her home tomorrow. My driver had warned her to get out just in time." 

"I didn't leave the express bus' door opened. It was shut when I went for a hunt. The red button was supposed to make the door shut." The driver replied, feeling confused. 

"The girl isn't dumb, she managed to get out because she might have accidentally pressed the hidden button to open the door." The man in pink was now tightening his grip around the driver's neck. "Very well, say goodbye now."

The driver let out a squeal and spurted out a pool of blood. I gasped and just in time met the eyes of the man. They were greenish in colour. He didn't look angry that I had disobeyed him and went out of the house. He seemed to have looked pleased as he clapped me on my shoulder. "My dear girl, you are smart to have ran away and seeked help just in time. Besides, you do know who to trust and whom you shouldn't."

My knees were weak as i looked him in the eye. "What in the world was that?"

"That's a zombie kind of monster. They exist only in your dreams.

I looked puzzled and the man in pink started to fade away. I started to feel dizzy and soon, I was in a bus widely awake. The coloured lights of Kuala Lumpur could be seen from outside of the bus' window. I smiled to myself, it was after all a weird dream anyway. 

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