Mysterious Next Door Neighbour

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
What would you do if your new neighbour acts weird at night? Next, what would you also do if you hear meowing sounds at night at your doorstep that gives you sleepless nights? Lastly, how would you react if your neighbour suddenly invites you to her house for dinner and you had to come alone?

Submitted: February 05, 2015

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Submitted: February 05, 2015



I knew that Eve wasn't at home that night. I was sitting alone in the living room watching some daily news on television. There wasn't much exciting news on tv that day so I decided to switch to the documentary channel.

Suddenly, there was a sound of the door banging. It came from next door.I tried to ignore the sound and carried on eating my packet of potatoe chips which I've recently bought from the supermarket. However, the sound didn't stop but grew louder and it got more and more annoying. I sighed and finally got up to check out what the matter was. 

As I reached the front door and peeped through the keyhole, I was shocked to see a girl of about twenty five banging the front door with a baseball bat. She didn't seemed to look violent but she was banging the grill door with the bat every five minutes. As I was contemplating whether I should reprimand her, i realised that she had stopped beating the grill door and was now standing in front of my door. 

Her actions made me nervous and as i was again thinking whether I should go out and talk to her, I noticed with relieved that Eve was on her way back. Eve was my room mate and we shared a house to rent in this newly built apartment. She was twenty six and only wore black rimmed glasses. I finally felt even more relieved when she came home and opened the door. 

"Eve, I'm glad you're finally back. Did you noticed the girl? She was banging crazily at the grill door of the house beside us." 

"Girl? My gosh Lynn. What are you talking about?" Eve looked at me and shrugged. "I saw nobody standing in front of the house next door."

"I must be tired or either that she went away while you reached the front door." I smiled as I lazily flopped myself onto the nearby couch. Eve gave me a can of coke as she reached for a soda. "Here, have some. It might make you feel better. I guess you're just stressed out lately." She gave me a convincing look.

"I guess so." I took the soda from her as I relaxed and let the cold soda fill my throat. It was very relaxing.

"So, how's school lately?" Eve took the remote control from me and started switching the channel.

"I'm on semester break." I smiled as i sipped my soda while trying to flip over the magazine with the other hand. 

"Okay, sounds great to hear that." Eve lazily changed the channel again as I got up and got ready to take a bath.

"My turn." Eve threw the remote control down and stormed towards the bathroom. I giggled. Eve never let me used the bathroom before her since I might be taking hours to finish bathing. 

The doorbell rang and I decided to take a look at it. I was shocked to see that it was the girl earlier who was banging the next door grill. I tried to suppress my anxiety and answer her through the keyhole. "Excuse me, can I know who you are looking for, miss?" 

The girl didn't reply but kept pressing the doorbell.

Eve's voice came from the bathroom. "Lynn dear, can you answer the door for me?"

"There's somebody outside and she looked like the crazy girl who was hitting the grill door earlier." I replied and tried to sound sombre.

"Okay, stop. Can you at least tell me your name or why you were hitting the grill door with a baseball bat." I finally had the courage to question her motive in ringing the doorbell.

The girl didn't reply but turned and walked away. The next moment, she took out a key and opened the next door. I finally realised that she was our new neighbour. 

It was late at night back then so I finally assumed that had she lost the key earlier so she just wanted to break in to her own house. Finally, she must have wanted to seek help so she tried to call us who lived next door. After all, I concluded that she might have finally found her key so she just went back home to take a rest. 

"The girl just went back. I guessed she found her key and decided to go home." I replied after standing near the door for quite some time. 

"Well, that's good for her. At least she found her key and could get home now." Eve came out of the bathroom and she was drying her hair with her big fragrant towel. She's a lover of laundry perfume. 

"Lynn, it's late. Why don't you get some sleep first. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Ok, good night Eve." I replied and hopped off to bed.

That night, somehow I just couldn't sleep. I just kept getting nightmares about the girl living next door. I kept imagining her trying to get indoors and beat the crap out of me. They were strange dreams and fear unexplainably gripped me. Finally, I decided to go out to get a glass of water.

The apartment was usually silent at night. However, I heard a faint meowing noise when I reached the kitchen. I decided to ignore the purring and meowing as it might just be another angry or happy cat dreaming out there. Somehow, the meowing just got louder and finally, it stopped. 

I grabbed my glass of water and drank down the liquid, washed the glass and got back to bed. That night, there were no more disturbances in my sleep. 

It was soon daylight and Eve was making pancakes in the kitchen. "Had a good sleep last night, dear?" Eve asked as she busily poured honey onto the pancakes.

"Yes, I guess so. I couldn't sleep well due to some nightmares so i went to the kitchen to get a glass of water." 

"I see. I guess you must be stressed up lately. School work, huh?" Eve took a bite of pancake and applied some butter onto the other.

"No, I told you I'm on semester break now. I don't know what it is." I tried to sound cheerful as I stirred my cup of tea. 

"Well, whatever it is. Don't try to stress yourself too much. I'm leaving for work now. See you." Eve finished the last mouthful of pancake and grabbed her bag in the living room. She took her car keys and was soon out of the house in a jiffy. 

"See you."

It was me being alone again at home. College break would end in a month's time and I realised that I couldn't get a part time job so I had nothing much to do. I flipped through some old magazines and newspapers to start looking for a part time job. I couldn't find much and soon it was lunch time so I decided to cook myself some instant noodles.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. I went to the keyhole and I saw an elegantly dressed girl of about twenty six standing outside. She seemed to be frantic so I opened the door. immediately, I recognised that she looked similar to the girl whom I saw last night. The girl smiled and greeted me. "Hello, I'm Kendra. Eve's friend. I'm sorry but I think that your friend has left her phone at home." 

I was puzzled so i went in and sure enough, I saw Eve's phone on the table nearby. The phone rang and Eve's voice came from the receiver. "Lynn dear, please pass my phone to Kendra when she arrives soon. Thanks, love." I gently replied a yes and passed the phone to the happy Kendra who immediately thanked me profusely and set out on her journey. Well, they must have been good friends since Kendra was so willing to help her.

That night, Eve was again late. Soon, I heard another loud banging. It was late and nearing 12:00a.m. and I was asleep in my room. This time, I got up and went peep at the keyhole again. Again, I saw the similar thing happened. The same girl was there and she was hitting the grill door with a baseball bat. However, she was wearing similar clothes to the ones Kendra wore this morning. Confusion spread throughout my mind, was Kendra and the next door girl the same person? 

The girl didn't stop hitting the door and soon, she took out a key and opened the door. At the similar moment, Eve came back and opened the door. 

She was shocked to see me as she switched on the lights. "Oh my, dearie. Why are you still awake at this hour? Kendra and I worked overtime again tonight so I didn't call. You should be still in bed by this time." Eve gave me a disapproving look and disappeared into her room. She looked tired so I didn't get to ask her about Kendra and tell her about the incident next door.

That night, again the nightmares appeared.

The next morning, I woke up feeling surprisingly fresh. Eve had left earlier and had left some breakfast for me in the fridge. Today's menu was scrambled egg sandwiches, which was one of my favourite. I was delighted and decided to have a tv breakfast. 

I switched on the tv and I happened to watch the latest headline. The news announcer was talking about a girl who mysteriously eat cats and was spotted around the streets around midnight. There was a cctv footage and it was showing an image of a girl dressed in red who was eating a live cat. The cat was meowing in pain and there was also a carcass of another cat lying nearby. The whole image was so gross, I nearly thought that I would puke. 

Again, something crossed my mind. The dress colour and design of the girl in the cctv footage resembled the girl next door and also Kendra. I think I must be going nuts lately, to think that I kept seeing the same girl again and again every time. I switched off the tv and decided to keep searching for a part time job. Suddenly, there was another knock at the door. I went to take a look and realised that it was Kendra again. I was relieved when I saw Eve beside her outside.

I opened the door immediately and ran to greet Kendra and hugged Eve. Eve gladly introduced me to Kendra again and said that their boss had decided to close the office for half a day so we were invited to Kendra's place for dinner that night. I gladly agreed and Kendra said that she would be preparing dinner earlier. Eve volunteered to help her but Kendra politely rejected her offer. 

Eve decided to go to the saloon to get her hair done so I was again left alone at home. That night, Kendra knocked on our door. Eve wasn't back yet and her phone was switched to voicemail. I was a bit alarmed but since it was getting late and I was getting hungry, I accepted Kendra's invitation to go over first.

I left a note at the dining room informing Eve that I would be going over to Kendra's place first for dinner. I also sent her a text but somehow the message failed to be delivered. Without thinking much, I went over and knock on Kendra's house. It was strange but somehow, the address given was quite familiar and soon, before I could run away; I realised that it was the same house next door where the crazy resemblance of Kendra would hit the grill at 12:00a.m. midnight.

There was no turning back now. It was almost 9:00p.m. and my stomach was rumbling violently. Kendra welcomed me warmly into her kitchen and asked for Eve. I politely told her that Eve was going to be late but didn't tell her that I couldn't contact her by her cellphone. Kendra happily invited me to the dinner table and there were roast meat, mash potatoes, different kinds of dishes and salads served. 

"Wow, isn't this too much for three people." I laughed and Kendra chuckled. 

"Well, do help yourself. I can eat a lot at times." Kendra laughed heartily.

I scooped some baked beans onto my plate and noticed that as we were chatting and enjoying ourselves, it was almost 11:00p.m. Suddenly, my phone rang and Eve's voice came on the line. 

"Hi, darling. I'm sorry I can't make it tonight for dinner. I met someone from my hometown and I had to go over to my parent's place a while. Enjoy yourself." 

Kendra later received a call from Eve too and she happily said that it's okay since they were colleagues and best friends, it would be okay for Eve to drop by anytime at her place.

Suddenly, as we were enjoying our dessert; I realised that it was nearing 11:50p.m. I suddenly remembered that the crazy girl would appear around 12:00a.m. so i told Kendra that I would have to make my way back since I was starting to feel sleepy and tired. Kendra agreed and thanked me for coming. She led me out to the front door and we said our good nights. 

I reached home around 12:00a.m. sharp that night. Suddenly, I heard the same banging sound outside of Kendra's house. I peeped through the keyhole and saw Kendra hitting the grill with a baseball bat. I was definitely sure now that it was her since she was wearing the similar blue dress earlier. Her hair covered her face but I could see a striking resemblance of Kendra on that girl. This time, curiousity got hold of me so I decided to do the bravest thing in my life, which was to observe and follow her.

I stared at her hitting the grill door and finally, she took out the key from her pocket and went indoors. I got ready my key and slowly waited and see what would happen next. Soon, I saw her front door opened and she stepped out barefooted. I quickly opened the door after she slowly paced a certain distance ahead of me and shut it softly as not to awake anyone. 

I crept behind her as she made her way towards the apartment lift. I decided to take the other lift to the ground floor and was lucky to see her walking towards the car park. She got into her car and drove off. Alarmed, I called a security guard who was off duty and gave him ten dollars as I told him to follow her. He obediently obliged me and he drove off using his bike as I sat behind. 

As we trailed Kendra, we saw that she stopped at a certain dead end. There were many cats nearby and she would just stopped and looked at them. Suddenly, she would stroke them slowly and claw them bit by bit. Finally, she would bite into their fur and tear them apart. It was a beastly sight and soon, I was calling the police. Kendra didn't notice us until the siren of the police cars were heard. They brought an ambulance and also some veterinarians to inspect the wounded cats.

I was relieved that the cats were rescued. I couldn't have imagined how many innocent cats would have died after being victims of the deranged Kendra. 

Kendra was later sent to the hospital for checkup. She was diagnosed of sleepwalking around 12:00.m. every night and also a slight personality disorder. She appeared to be violent around midnight if she is awake. She loved cats but also imagined them as item of pleasure for torture. She was later sent to an asylum to ensure that she was under observation and treatment to prevent her from hitting or injuring someone during midnight. She was also taught how to appreciate animals and that they are not to be treated as items of abuse and torture. She went insane the first night but gradually became better as she was getting used to her life in the asylum.

Eve and I visited her frequently after her admisison. We gave her the emotional support and encouragment she needed from friends. Her family also visited her. That's when I heard that Kendra was delusional when she was a kid but eventually, she seemed to have got better while she was a teenager. However, her split personality and sleepwalking got worse when she reached adulthood. Kendra might not be aware of what happenes at night but she was fairly normal during the day. Kendra's bubbly personality still remains during the day and seemed to be under control at night. However, during one night; they found out that Kendra had mysteriously escaped from the asylum.



© Copyright 2020 SaraEloyce. All rights reserved.

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