Mystery Of The Sacred Tombstone

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My friend, Mae and I decided to visit our dead friend one day during her one year death anniversary. That night, we realised that her tombstone was lighted with candles and feeling puzzled, we also saw her standing behind us. Is she dead or alive, we couldn't know the truth.

Submitted: April 08, 2015

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Submitted: April 08, 2015



It's been a year since Miley's mysterious death. It was said that she choked to death on her pizza a year ago while she was with her brother and mum at the pizza restaurant. There was nothing the authorities could do nor the paramedics to revive her. She was said to be in a coma and passed on later.

Miley was one of our good friends. Mae and I were her closest friends. When we heard of her tragic death, we were deeply saddened by the news. Mae and I attended her funeral and her mum, aunt Gertrude was weeping profusely. Her little brother was clinging on to his teddy bear and had a faraway distant look in his eyes.

That night, it was raining heavily. The funeral was strangely held at night and most of us were huddling close together sharing umbrellas. When the coffin was lowered to the ground, I noticed something amiss about the look on Miley's face. She was smiling. She didn't looked pale or wan but was smiling a peaceful smile. I shook the nagging thought out of my head that she was still alive. How could a person who has died be buried alive in a coffin? Wouldn't she find it difficult to breathe?

When the coffin was lowered to the ground, the gravediggers started digging. Miley's parents had refused to seal the coffin ensuring that it might prevent their daughter from seeing the path to the afterlife. It was a strange kind of understanding and I couldn't comprehend their motive.

Mae and I went over to my house for a sleepover that night. However, the puzzling thought was still embedded in my mind. I felt as if Miley's death might have been a homicide. The coffin wasn't properly sealed and Mae looked peaceful and radiant unlike corpses that had been preserved for weeks before the funeral. Maybe the funeral makeup artists were good and her parents wanted her to look beautiful during her funeral. The hairs on my arms stood up when I also remembered the look on aunt Gertrude's longing face and her husband's pale drawn face. It was like a mysterious drama scene and they were good actors while we, were just spectators.

A year soon passed and it was Miley's anniversary. Mae and I decided to visit her grave and we brought along her favourite chrysanthemums as Mae said that it would make her feel cheerful. There was some lightning on the horizon as we entered the cemetry and made our way to Miley's grave. The cemetry was just located nearby Miley's house and aunt Gertrude insisted that we could only pay our respects to the dead at night as she superstitiously believed that it was the best hour to communicate with the dead.

Mae and I finally agreed and after visiting aunt Gertrude and staying at her house until 10:00p.m., we decided to set out on our way to the cemetry. There was a full moon that night and I unconsciously thought I heard a wolf howl. It was a creepy atmosphere and I could feel tangible shivers run through my spine. I was shaking like a leaf. Mae, on the other hand; was as calmed as an angel when we arrived to Miley's grave. "There's no need to fear dead spirits, they can't do any harm to you." 

I had to nod in agreement, even though my head kept wanting to shake itself and scream a big "No, let's go back." However, something inside of me made me feel a little braver; a whispering thought in my head saying she might not be dead, just look outside of the truth.

Coincidentally, we reached Miley's grave. There were candles lit all over her grave and we were shocked to see that there were nine candles lighted all over in a shape of a love. I took out my camera and started taking pictures of the surroundings. It was something I had learned to do when things from surroundings became unexplainable. 

Mae quickly turned around to face me and dropped her flowers. Instinctively, I turned around and saw Miley standing there. Both of us led out a scream and I nearly fell upon Mae who fell unto Miley's grave, narrowly missing the lighted candles. 

"Don't worry, girls. It's me, Miley. I'm not dead yet." The girl in front of us gave us a reassuring smile.

We were starting to get confused when the full moon was hidden behind the clouds and it started to drizzle again. This time, the coldness of the air couldn't be compared with the fear we had deep within our hearts.

"Let me explain. Will you?" Miley walked towards us and sat on her tombstone. We were also shocked to see her brother, Shawn appeared out of nowhere and sat on the grass beside her. 

"My sister has a story to tell but I'm not sure whether you girls would believe us. Here's how the story goes." Shawn started the story and Miley continued.

That day, our mother took us to the normal pizza restaurant at High Five Avenue. We were having our usual candies and popcorns with our favourite Doggles Pizza. I was feeling a bit sleepy and dozed off. I had a scary dream. 

In the dream, mum told us that she would order a side drink. Two fuzzy cokes. We were curious and wondered why would she get us some side drinks as we already had our share of coffee and sweets. Suddenly, I had the urge to go to the bathroom. On the way, I passed by the ladies washroom and happend to see mum dropped two different tablets into the drinks she ordered. Immediatley, I went to the guys washroom and called Miley on her cellphone. 

Miley received the call from me but suddenly, I heard the sound of her phone fell on the ground. 

When I woke up, I noticed that Miley was foaming at her mouth. She appeared to be choking. She tried hard to cough but couldn't, she slowly started suffocating. Our mum just stood at her place and watched. There were many onlookers and they were screaming but our bodyguards were stopping them to get any help. 

Soon, someone called the police. The ambulance arrived soon after five minutes and my sister had fainted. She was still alive and was sent to hospital. She tried to tell the nurse something but was stopped by our mum. Our mum was suddenly hysterical and kept muttering whether Miley would be okay. Later, I was sent home to dad and didn't know more about the outcome.

Miley was silent and finally found her tongue. She decided to continue her brother's story.

During that time at the restaurant. Mum did tell me that she would order a side drink. Two fuzzy cokes. I didn't think much about why she wanted to get us some side drinks as we already had our share of coffee and sweets. I was playing with my phone when my brother happend to go to the bathroom.  

Suddenly, I received a call from him and wanted to answer. However, mum was back and passed me the drink. I was glad since I was feeling a bit thristy. Suddenly, I took a sip and after five minutes; a feeling of nausea got into me and I started vomiting. However, I felt as if I was choking. Shawn got back just in time and yelled out a warning. He wanted to call the police but my mum stopped him. He was sleepwalking again and quietly walked back to his seat. Suddenly, he woke up and saw me choking. I tried to point a finger at mum but she was strangely hysterical and putting up a sad act. There were people coming to my aid soon but was stopped by her bodyguards. She said that I had accidentally choked on some pizza. 

The police and ambulance came and mum was telling them what really happened. I was sent to a ward for the higher class. I tugged at a nurse and tried to tell her what happened. However, my voice was so soft and weak; she couldn't hear my message. Later, my mum came and told the nurse to let me get some rest. Later, the nurse gave me an injection and I fainted. 

Shawn continued his part of the story, it was clear that he was the hero and the smart guy who saved the day. I really admired his courage and intelligence in getting his sister back out alive from the grave.

That night, after my sister's admittance to the hospital; I couldn't sleep. I slowly tiptoed downstairs to get a glass of water. While I was passing by mum's room; the light was still on. I heard voices and started to eavesdrop. Mum was talking to dad. "We need to sacrifice our daughter to our ancestors to get back our wealth. This is the only way. I swapped the injection the nurse wanted to give her with the poison. The only antidote to break the poison is this and nobody could cure her. This antidote is safe with us. I heard my dad mumbled back a reply but his voice sounded vague.

I immediatley tiptoed upstairs and closed the room door. The next day, I faked a fever and stayed at home. When my parents were out, I crept into mum's room and fumbled all over the place for something that looked like an antidote. Immediately, something like a vial came tumbling out from her makeup drawer. The liquid was red in colour. I also found an old letter written in red ink about the ceremony of sacrificing a female child at the age of eighteen to our ancestors to get wealth and fortune. 

I kept the vial in my pocket and replaced an empty vial with Ribena. I kept it hidden in my drawer and took a bus to the hospital. I was underage but I managed to steal a pair of a doctor's uniform to slip into the ward my sister was in. She was unconscious. I hid at a corner and soon, a nurse had pronounced her dead. My parents were later informed and they rushed from their workplace to take a last look at her in the morgue. 

I followed the nurse to the morgue and as soon as everyone departed, I pulled out the drawer and saw my sister's corpse. I boldly injected the liquid into her arm and slowly she started coughing. I told her the whole incident and we came up with a plan. We decided that she should play dead. 

That day after the funeral, I went to her grave and dug out the coffin. I was glad that I had hidden an emergency oksigen device in her dress. Since she was considered a corpse, nobody cared to check her clothes after changing it. 

We were so shocked to hear the truth and finally, after some silence; I decided to ask the bold question. "What are the candles for?" 

"It's part of the ceremonial yearly ritual. It has been the 9th day of this month now. Each candle represents one day of this month. It was said to appease my spirit from getting vengeful." Miley said with a rue smile.

Suddenly, the moon came up again. "Aren't you going to call the police?" Mae asked wonderingly. "We had, the day we realised it was our death anniversary; Miley came out of hiding from the hut I built for her." Shawn pointed at a small cottage hut nearby the cemetry. "That's where she spent her year. Small but homely and comfortable."

"You're a smart kid." Mae and I said in unison and we laughed. 

"The cops will be here soon." Miley replied and soon enough, we heard some police patrol cars covering the area. We slowly stepped out of the cemetry and saw that coincidentally, Miley's mother had hung herself on a nearby tree and a note was written, "Our family secret musn't be revealed to anyone."



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