Nightfall Mystery

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Do you believe in mystical beings appearing outside your bedroom window at night. Have you ever wondered what lurks around the confines of your home when you are asleep or around your neighbourhood at night?

Submitted: January 26, 2015

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Submitted: January 26, 2015



I've always love the night. It's always peaceful and quiet and I'll stare outside my window until I doze off. 

That night, the moon was extra bright. There was a dog howling somewhere nearby. It didn't bother me as the whole town was fast asleep. I thought that the dog must have been excited to see the full moon. However, despite the full moonlit night; I was tossing and turning on my bed and couldn't really fall asleep. The night was silent and there were stars shining brightly. 

Finally, I decided to get up to go downstairs to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I quietly creeped downstairs, I was afraid to awaken anyone sleeping in the nearby bedrooms since it was very late at night and mum wouldn't like anyone of us being up and about during this hour at night. After getting a glass of warm water, I decided to open the fridge and have some desserts instead. After having some cake, I decided to take a walk outside and get some fresh air. 

The night air was cool and fresh, just as I expected it. As inhaled deeply. All of a sudden, a knock came over the fence. Alarmed, I instantly looked towards the sound. I was shocked to see a young boy sitting on the fence dressed in a cowboy hat and he wore a rugged brown vast. He looked like a cowboy and he was staring at me as if I had unconsciously disobeyed some important town law. 

"Hey there, miss. I'm afraid it's not the time for you to take a walk outdoors. It's getting real late." He gave me a wink and I nearly giggled as his hat nearly fell from his head. He tried to regain his balance as he tried to use another hand to put the hat back to its place. Finally, he jumped down from the fence and landed right in my garden. I found this a little peculiar and out of my upmost curiousity, I decided to have a little conversation with this unknown stranger.

"What is your name? Why are you here so late at night and sitting on my fence?" I was rather startled when he turned around and looked towards the hills nearby. Suddenly, the howling of wolves or dogs resumed and I was taken aback by the sound. It soon stopped abruptly just as how it started. The boy looked at me and grinned, "My name is Alex. I was sent here to guard your house." 

His answer surprised me and as soon as the howling stopped, i was shocked to see a mysterious being creeping around the confines of my house. The shadow of the being seemed to have entered into the kitchen door and disappeared soon after some time. Alex pointed towards the direction of the being and replied, "Those are your greatest nightmare and that is why I'm here to stand guard; I'm here to ensure that none of you leave the house or bedroom by this time." I looked puzzled and Alex held my hand, he grabbed hold of me just in time to see the black monster-liked creature came out of the kitchen.

My heart nearly stopped beating when I realised that the creature looked like a giant cat. Its fur was so thick and long, it could have been made into a very expensive carpet. My imagination stopped as soon as it let out a howl similar to the one I heard earlier when I was upstairs. Alex immediately blew a whistle at the big cat and it disappeared. 

'What have you done?" i was amazed at how the giant cat could have disappeared out of mid air. Alex gave me a triumph smile indicating that he had done his job. "i'm your night guardian here so you don't have to worry. Just go back to bed, girl." He gave me another wink, leaped over the fence and disappeared into the haze. 

I was still staring blankly at the fog when I heard another howl coming from the neighbourhood. Without further thinking, I decided to go back upstairs and into bed. This night was yet a peculiar night at my neighbourhood, it was an experience which I would never forget. 


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