Money Mystery

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Submitted: February 11, 2018

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Submitted: February 11, 2018



Bring, ring, ring!

The alarm bell rang signaling to the guards that there was an intruder.

“Get him!”

“Catch him!”

All the bank guards scampered to their feet and began chasing the corrupt criminal. Before I knew it, I was being yanked into the criminal's desolate pocket separating me from Mama-Bill and Papa-Bill.

Oh! Opps! I almost forgot to introduce myself. I know even in a frightening situations manners come first. I am One Hundred-Dollar the middle child in my Bill-Squad.

“You ain't gonna get me”, crackled the evil man as he dashed down the alley gripping me tight. His strong clutch reminded me of the day I met my Bill-Squad.

An elderly man named George deposited me to The City Bank which soon became my home. That day George gripped me tight, it was a grip that made me feel valued and treasured to him.

He eagerly approached the bank teller and requested me to be put with all of his other bills. It was on that unique day that I was united with my Bill-Squad that I would stay with forever. Of course that would be true unless someone, like this robber, decided to separate us in his headlong rush for the exit.

“Onie”, called a familiar peep. Instantly I turned around to discover my older brother-bill, Ten Thousand-Dollar.

“Hey, you know I don’t like when bills call me ‘Onie’,” I reminded him. Despite my disappointment in him, I was relieved to see him.

“Sorry I forgot,” admitted Ten Thousand-Dollar. “We need to get out of here, One Hundred-Dollar, and fast! Hey, wait a minute how about we-”

Ten Thousand-Dollar’s words were suddenly cut short by the loud wail of sirens. The alarming sound penetrated my paper ears and shook my corners. I felt as if any second I would tear apart because of all the terror.

The determined criminal pounced over a police car and leaped into the front door of a mysterious bricked house. The door slammed behind him and a young woman approached him in a scolding and rebuking fashion. I could not quite catch her words since it seemed as if she was speaking in a jumbled language combining angry phrases, clearly frustrated with the fellow.

“Look what I got”, said the crook placing me and Ten Thousand-Dollar in her palm. Her face emotions were suddenly mixed with guilt and satisfaction.

“Now we can finally pay the rent!” The exclamation brightened her face clearing all the creases and lines. The couple danced through the night holding us tightly as they swept through each inch of the meager apartment.

The joyful dancing concluded and I finally had the ability to stretch since I was not being clutched so tightly. As the villian was about to place his head on his pillow he grabbed me and Ten Thousand-Dollar.

“Tomorrow I will bring you to a place you will never forget,” whispered the  With that remark he shut his eyes and placed us under his pillow.

I could not help but repeat his words in my head. Something bothered me in the manner which he said that sentence. Why will I never forget it? Where will he bring me? Most of all, how will I survive without Mama-Bill and Papa-Bill?


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