University Library

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This poem details the experiences, people and places of a university Library.

Submitted: February 14, 2013

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Submitted: February 14, 2013



University Library

You walk around with an uncouth fratitality 

An air of indecision

 Potential mastery on the near horizon

Friendly and intellectual conversation transition between each other like a kiss of passion

There’s no shame, no one looking you down and up,

The only financial concerns are to sustain the basics, suitable clothing need not apply

The arts students cross their legs in a humble meditation,

The psychology majors gaze at the intricate pattern of the ceiling

The rest are in their fields, studios, lecture halls and labs

Some sleep soundly, a quiet appreciation and peace is held in that state

It’s a safety zone, somewhere in which all students dream of visiting

The hardest working person in the room must be the employee of the coffee van,

Whos probably writing his assignment in his head as he froths another double shot latte

A variety of cultures and ages surround each other in a diplomatic positioning

There’s no evident hierarchy, each person conforming to a Marxist values

Quiet murmours surround a group of meeting people eating packaged noodles

A soundwave of clicking mouses click to the tune of minimising and refreshing a page

The barily audible sounds of computers type away

Beside you could be a poet, the prime ministers daughter or a refugee

But you never look, each one is consumed in their own world of knowledge

Oh the knowledge that would surround these walls.

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