Great Kratos

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who has not yet played or heard of the famous *God Of war* game? no one I'm guessing. Well, this short story tells the events of that Greek myth...let's say, in a bit different way. Hope you enjoy it!

Submitted: March 29, 2013

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Submitted: March 29, 2013




Great Kratos:

In a time in a place, in a universe in a space

Lived a warrior who fronted death face to face

He could fight from night till dawn

He was a great mortal called Spiridon

 The legend said he was powerful and hard core

And he has never lost a single war

Until one day a massive army invaded his land

With numerous troops that he couldn’t stand

Along with his army they did all what they can

But eventually they crashed man after man

Until he was the only one left seeking a helping hand

He screamed: « Ares give me power and force

Help me win this war and my soul is yours »

Ares the god of war answered to his call

And gave him strength to defeat his enemies once and for all

 This event changed Spiridon’s life

And rage took over him till he killed his kids and wife

Because Ares stole his humanity and will

Turning him to a monster that only lives to kill

Now he had nothing to live for

Revenge became his ultimate goal

He aimed to destroy Ares and retrieve his soul

But destroying a god was greatly hard

Even for Spiridon the hero with a brave heart

Indeed he was so strong and tough

Yet all his powers were not even close to enough.

In a rainy night Spiridon climbed a high tower

To clear his head and find a way to get power

Then he thought: « Ares is hated and denied

By all gods of the land and the sea sides

So, what if we became united and allied

To destroy Ares along with his evil and lies»

This idea didn’t seem so bad

And quickly settled into Spiridon’ s head

In order to put a greater power in his hands

He must travel the seven seas and lands

And meet the gods to explain his case

And hopefully they’ll meet him with a welcoming face

He travelled for long days and nights

Till he saw the first hope light

He saw Atlas carrying earth on his shoulder

So he asked for his help to be stronger and bolder

Atlas gave him the gift of the powerful strike

And a great force making him a monster-like

Later in his journey he met the god Chronos the greatest of them all

Who presented him with the gift of the time control 

Then he reached Hephaestus god of fire

And gaining this gift made his powers go higher

Last but not least, he kneeled before the god Zeus

And his blessing gave him a big boost

As he gave him the gift of controlling lightning and thunder

His strength was a huge miracle and an amazing wonder

Spiridon is now not the same

And «great Kratos» became his new name

Now with all this power and gods’ bless

He knocked Ares with a single hit on the chest

After the God Ares died

One throne stayed unoccupied

So Kratos was crowded and took this throne

But the ghost of the past would never leave him alone

This is how a mortal became a god which never bends

And in this point our glorious story ends.

© Copyright 2017 Sarah Elvira . All rights reserved.

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