Julia & Sam

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Friendship is a priceless treasure that one cannot live without. This short story reflects this idea and shows that nothing can replace love and friendship no matter how worthy this thing is. Hope you enjoy it !

Submitted: March 27, 2013

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Submitted: March 27, 2013




Once upon a time on God’s land

 Julia and Sam were two best friends

 Long lived in poverty which they couldn’t stand

Yet they never surrendered, and they refused to bend

As any person in the world, they had a dream

 Out of the darkness it brightly beamed

They lived in a world more vicious than it seemed

Their voices were loud but no one heard their screams

Sam was talented, and mostly doing well

Yet Julia seldom rose, and often she fell

Sam tried night and day to find a job

While Julia stole to live, and lived to rob

One day a business man came to town,

And guess what he has found

Sam sitting on the ground

 Working on a new idea to spread around

He approached him saying: «what are you doing young man? » 

 He responded: « just working on a new business plan»

 The man said: « isn’t this too complicated for you to understand? »

Sam replied smiling: «no good sir, I even designed it from the top till the end

But it doesn’t get me my daily bread or any money to spend

 I can no longer fool myself, I can no longer pretend».

Sam stood up so he can leave

 When the business man said: «there is a lot you can achieve»

He handed him his card saying: «work with me and you will gain more than you believe».

Joy made Sam’s heart move

And he immediately approved

I’m leaving tomorrow, said the man

Get yourself ready and goodbye till then

Sam went back and told Julia the story

Naturally, she encouraged him to start his way to glory

She knew that this day will come

 And in tears waved goodbye, then returned to where she came from.

Little did Sam know, Julia was terribly sick

 Yet she said nothing and played her little trick

She was the one who guided the business man

 To see Sam happy, she made that master plane

Hoping to see him in a better position soon again

Her sickness got worst, and the race against time began.

Weeks turned into months, and months into years

Sam realized his dreams and destroyed his fear

 Then he thought to himself: «this won’t be complete without Julia here»

So he packed his bags and away he flew

Crossing the boundless lands, and the vast blue

As soon as he got there he was informed

And that news slaughtered him like a sword

His friend Julia passed away

After struggling for long days

Believing that some day he will return

But death could not wait when it was her turn 

So Sam had money, fame, and all he has chased,

But without Julia none had a colour nor a taste.

 And here our story ends

 Its essence is to never dump faithful friends

Happiness is an image which will never be complete

Without friends to cherish till our last heart beat


To the reader 

Last but not least

Best wishes that covers the Earth from the West to the East.


© Copyright 2017 Sarah Elvira . All rights reserved.

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