Locket Keeper ( Part 2 )

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-Part 2-

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013




The Locket Keeper (part 2):

When he got home he checked the locket more *** suddenly it was opened and a note fell on the floor

It says: « I’m the princess of hopes and dreams» *** « My sorrow is way deeper than it seems »

« My soul is trapped inside the locket in your hands» *** « only a sacrifice can put my pain into an end »

«When the locket is red or blue» *** «all your dreams will come true »

«My tortured soul will come back»***«if the locket turns black »

« Greed means giving your soul willingly» *** « thus, you will end up where I am finely»

« Locket keeper, be wise! » *** « or start saying your goodbyes » 

Grinning was all Jessie could do *** when he knew that his dreams will come true

Wealth and power became in his hand***as he took control on every sea or land

Throughout the days the locket got dark *** with a scary shine and a black spark

This is when Jessie knew he must stop *** while he has everything and he was at the top

But he was driven by his ego and greed *** which led toward making a terrible deed

He kept wishing and wishing as a fool *** until eventually the locket took over his soul

The dark princess became free *** and Jessie was captured in the locket for infinity

He screamed but no one heard *** and «help» was his last word

As he was desperate to be rescued and found *** he heard a strange loud sound

 Saying: «wake up you slept a lot you fool»***« wake up now or you‘ll be late for school »: D

Then he realized it was only a nightmare *** and the locket was never really there


And here our story ends *** to conclude that Greed and ego are never good friends.


To the reader:

May wisdom enlighten every path you choose

And you always be a winner even if in case you lose 

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