The Blackwood Witches

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This story speaks of a girl who faces the consequences of rejecting a gift of a witch, what will happen to her, why did she refuse the gift, and why was it given to HER in the first place...?

Submitted: July 09, 2013

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Submitted: July 09, 2013




The Blackwood Witches:


Life is a wonder in every single way

It’s sometimes bright, sometimes dismal like a rainy day

Yes, it’s hard, yet as we say: “it’s only logical”

And merry moments may in a second, turn into a funeral

Every life story has joy, pain and fear

So without further ado, our story starts here

This time, it’s a about a girl who’s never satisfied

And the hidden blesses in her life needed to be “clarified “


  • Part1:
  • After A long  day at school
  • She came back home screaming like a fool
  • :« My life is a nightmare, I want to die »
  • «Why is everything against me, I just want to know why?! »
  • Her mom came in asking: « what’s wrong? What seems to be the matter? »
  • She replied: «EVERYTHING IS WRONG, ppl hate me, I’m failing classes,  and I went fatter»
  • The mom said: «precious! Saying that is not fair! »
  • «You have a place to stay, food to eat and clothes to wear! »
  • « It’s not that bad, perhaps you just need to get some air »
  • After the girl sighed in grief and sorrow
  • She went to take a walk thinking of the terrible tomorrow
  • In the way, she spotted a “ Fortune Teller “
  • Saying:« wishes Do come true, life Can be better»
  • As the girl approached her, she spoke louder than before
  • And she addressed the girl saying: « Well Hello there Mrs hard core! »
  • The girl stood staring at the old lady’s features
  • She was weird looking, with  book collections on “dark creatures “
  • She had a skin full of wrinkles, a grey hair and a long nose
  • And after staring back at the girl, she handed her a rose
  • Then wickedly smiled and said « isn’t this the nicest flower u have ever seen»
  • «Come on now; take it my dear sweet Irene! »
  • In a shock Irene said: « How on earth did u know my name?! »
  • The old lady replied: «Oh dear! This question is very lame »
  • «Now take the flour! don’t feel shame »
  • Irene  pushed the old lady’s cold hand
  • And as she attempted to run, the old lady disappeared into a pile of sand
  • Irene was very confused and she just couldn’t  understand


  • Part 2 :


  • Irene got home but she didn’t know what to tell
  • Who would believe that she met a creature of hell
  • So she decided to keep this secrete for her own
  • Or even better, she decided to forget about the matter and  just leave it alone
  • And indeed, her daily problems helped her to forget
  • But, is the “story” ready to be forgotten yet?
  • That Friday night, Irene was in her bed listening to the wind blow
  • Thinking about her life and what did make it like so
  • As she started to stare at the dark shadow
  • She thought to herself: « is this real, can this be?! »
  • «I’m I seeing this or are my eyes fooling me» 
  • She kept staring, waiting for the shadow to be clear
  • She wanted to stand up, but she was paralysed by fear!
  • She couldn’t keep staring so she closed her eyes tight
  • And she prayed that god ends this damned night
  • She didn’t dare to open her eyes, instead, she tried to fall asleep
  • Then , she felt a cold breath sneaking to her bones and going deep
  • She opened up her eyes once more
  • To see clearly now, a figure standing next to the door
  • That night was terribly gloomy, so she couldn’t be very sure
  • She suddenly said: « Show yourself, who’s there! »
  • And as she got no response she continued to stare
  • She was out of breath and her heart was going out of her chest
  • She was in terror, yet her illusion did not give it a rest
  • On a sudden impulse, out of the darkness, two red eyes started to beam
  • And when Irene spotted them, she started to scream and scream
  • Her parents came in running and turned the lights on
  • And her mom asked in a worry: « What’s the matter, what’s wrong »
  • Irene said in a trembling voice: « red eyes... a shadow...something was standing there! »
  • Her mom hugged her saying: « relax my dear! It was only a nightmare »
  • In order to feel secured, Irene insisted to sleep at her mom’s
  • But deep down she knew that something wicked this way comes.


  • Part 3 :


  • The next day it was raining heavy rain
  • Irene got ready to head to school, although she was going insane
  • She got worse when she found a letter at the door with a blood stain.... 
  • The letter said:
  • «Roses are red, violets are blue»
  • «Turning down the gift of a witch, turns the curse on you»
  • Irene said angrily:« is this a joke of some kind»
  • But deep down she thought:« this must be a real bad sign »
  • She wanted to end this mess, but it was tough
  • So she stood helpless saying: «Oh! Like my problems weren’t enough »
  • « There is a solution, however...» Irene continued to speak
  • « I should go find And apologize to that freak»
  • « A freak you say? Ey ?» said a voice in a low tone
  • « Should I now burn you, or turn you to stone! »
  • Irene turned around to find the lady standing there
  • In the middle of cold and rain, she came out of nowhere
  • Irene said in a shaking voice: «Oh I’m so sorry! , I didn’t mean what I just said»
  • The old lady replied: « but I did! you deserve to be dead»
  • « you’re never thankful, you only wine and curse instead »
  • « So, since you don’t value the gift of life at all»
  • « Death will help  you realise the prise of your human soul»
  • « I’m sorry ... I really am » said Irene as she cried
  • « for being ungrateful, and for every time I cursed or lied»
  • « I’ll do anything to clear this mess »
  • The old lady said: « to do this you must fix your mistake and accept the witch’s bless»
  • «What makes me deserve anything good» Irene replied
  • «Or did u possibly forgave my foolishness and had put everything aside»
  • The old lady laughed and sarcastically said:
  • « Sure I did! And now I shall be your loyal good friend! »
  • « Truth to be told! I don’t like you nor do I care »
  • «The bless is a right of yours since you are the heir »
  • Irene asked: «the heir? I don’t understand»
  • The old lady replies: «your mother can explain better than I can »
  • « Your gift is a wish u pick to become true »
  • « And you have three days to set your mind on what to do»...


© Copyright 2019 Sarah Elvira . All rights reserved.

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