The Locket Keeper

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In this world, whatever you do good or bad, the seeds of your deeds will always follow you whatever you go. This short story is a little example of this fact. I Hope you enjoy it!

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013



The Locket Keeper ( Part 1) :

Good deeds are made, but so are sins *** in a world full of chaos our story begins.
Our hero is just a regular teen *** a boy living throughout everyday’s routine.
Inside a life so exhausting and messy *** dived our hero whose name is Jessie.
He was a student like any person in his age *** full of ambition, emotions and rage
He was reckless with some goodness seeds *** and a vicious character that is so hard to read
In a winter day so wicked and cold *** something was about to happen that’ll change Jessie’s world
While he was heading to school like any other day *** an old lady stopped him in the way
She said: « I have nothing to drink or eat » *** « I can barely stand on my two feet »
« Cold is the only thing I feel » *** « and I’m really craving for a hot meal »
Jessie had nothing but his pocket money *** yet he gave it all to her to the last penny
She smiled and said: « you shall be rewarded in double» *** « now go Jessie and stay out of troubles »
In a shock he asked: «how did you know my name? » *** « who are you and from where have you came?  »
In that minute his eyes spotted something on the ground*** it was a red locket so sparky and round
He picked it up, its beauty drove him insane *** meanwhile the lady disappeared in a cloud of fog and rain
He himself thought he was crazy or sick ***and without thinking he put the locket around his neck
Then, in his way he continued to walk *** in a path which is a bit bright and greatly dark...

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