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Submitted: July 30, 2018

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Submitted: July 30, 2018



While you are sleeping

I like to map your skin

Like a foreign explorer

Realizing for the first time

The wild beauty of the new world,

Tracing my fingers delicately

On a path through the unknown,

Finding new features and lands

With every expedition,

Weaving among the pores

Of your skin like they are

Small villages dotting

Your landscape, your bones

Rising like mountains,

Sunspots like cities sprawling

And visible from space,

Your hair dark like forests

And at the top of the world

The great taiga stretching black

And blanketing the earth for miles,

Wrinkle lines like the rolling hills and valleys,

Your eyes and mouth like

The ocean, long and dark and deep

And always bringing to the surface

Something new to entertain,

Always enticing me with the unexplored depths

And feeding me regularly fresh curiosities,

Scars like the faults and canyons

Of the earth crust,

Visible reminders of the

Stress and tensions that pull and break,

Each nanometer telling

Some kind of story of times when

Skin disconnected from skin,

And all the while soaking in

This beautiful thing that I can

Only observe and touch and

Yearn to be a part of,

Only study but never belong.

© Copyright 2019 Sarah Grace Taylor. All rights reserved.

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