Hello U.S.A.

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This is a poem that I wrote thinking of all the things that go on in our country. I love our country and am in no way trying to dishonor it, however I really like this and wanted to share it. So enjoy the rhyme, and think about the meaning.

Submitted: May 04, 2008

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Submitted: May 04, 2008



Sometimes our country is so hating,

the whole wide nation is always debating.

Should we do this to that place,

or do we get onto their case?

The basic conception is rather belligerent,

many people are just too ignorant.

Our soldiers in other countries giving their lives,

many won't come home to see their wives.

Their cars get bombed and their beds are bare,

do you think our president cares?

When here in our own towns and in our cites,

domestic violence and gang wars are such a pity.

We try to feed hunger when hungers with us,

people in our towns turning to dust.

Drugs and 'pill poppers' are too extended,

jails and court houses are filled open ended.

Car accidents and suicides consume news stations,

movie stars and singers go on probations.

Pictures of heros on TV having murdered their entire family,

disappointment because of this crazy insanity.

Teenage girls get pregnant or they drink for fun,

teenage boys drive fast cars all day in the sun.

This is what goes on in the U.S.,

many things that many people really detest.

I love many people and they say they love me,

but how can I see when what I see is smoggy.

The president tells us it will get better,

but more people die and others get deader.

I really do care about all these people,

more than a church with a wonderful steeple.

If everyone could learn to love,

then life would be wonderful like a white dove.

But there is some good stuff all bright and mellow,

though many people just feel like they're in hell-o.

The American government is way too controlling,

while driving around officers are always patrolling.

But what good do they do,

when many of them just frame you.

The good people in this world,

find the place is all twisted and curled.

I need to inform you of how things are,

even if it is while you are in your car.

Gas and oil prices quickly skyrocket,

you feel the pain deep in your pocket.

I'm venting and raging my opinions truly,

I think about all this rather bluely.

So what is our country coming to,

when you see me as a nobody and I only see you.

I end this thing here and now,

I tell you this and I take my bow.

© Copyright 2018 Sarah Higgins. All rights reserved.

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