This, That and the Other?

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This is a story that I wrote a while ago, but I will shorten it so that it is basicaly a summary.

Submitted: May 07, 2008

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Submitted: May 07, 2008



Hello, my name is Serenity. I am 15 years old and I don't have parents. Well... technically I DO have parents, they are just not here with me. You see, my mother and father were scientists and lived 300 years ago in the year 2009. They placed me in a deep sleep and hid me away from dangers until a time when I would be safe. This was only after they went through a hard period and tried to actually give me (their research) to a man named Daemian. He was after the secrets to their work which made average human babies into super humans. We are faster, stronger, and smarter than any human on the planet. Our stength and ability can also be used for combat, the only thing on Daemian's mind. My mother was a stron woman, but she apparently wasn't strong enough because she lost her will to fight after seeing the death of her close friend and companion, Mary, who also helped create us. Many of us survived and I didn't know it until now, two years after I was woken up. Mary's daughter, Rose, is my bestfriend and most trusted ally. She gathered an army while I was asleep (she was also placed in a sleep by her father right as I was) to combat anything that might come our way.Daemian's son is now our enemy. I met him once when I was a child; it was at the scene of Mary's death. He was there, and I quickly learned that he was like me. Our parents used the same basic DNA strands to make us two of a kind. What I learned from him was that our father's were friends and co-workers. This made them have the brilliant idea of making us the same, real smart mom and dad.

"Serenity, get out here." Rose is calling fro the hallway of our underground (literally underground) home.

"What is it Rose?" I asked jumping up and jogging to the doorway.

''THEY are at it again," she told me with a sigh. I nodded and asked,

"Where?" I said cocking my head to the side. She pointed to the kitchen, where the most idiotic two boys in the world must be now. I nodded again. "I'm on it." I ran as fast as I could into the middle of an all out war. Cade and Dante are throwing food, plates, and even knives at on another. "HEY!" I shouted stepping in the middle of the mess. Immediately they stopped and dropped what was in their hands.

 "He started it." They said in unison. I sighed.

"Ed," I said quietly, and I heard his reply.

"Yeah?" he asked walking forward.

"Get these boys in line before I do," I said with anger as I stomped past him. All my ease was melting into fury as the reality of the situation came to my mind. "How can we fight the enemy when all we do is fight amongst ourselves," I complained. You see, I am the stongest of the... of our kind. Daemion's son is of course as strong as I am. So, whenever we come to a battle between our two groups, it usually comes out in a draw.

"Serenity?" Cade's voice drifted to me, I had stopped my stomping and raging infront of my fountain. This fountain was sculpted by one of our own and has me posing in a beautiful dress.

"What is it Cade?" I asked, turning to face him.

"I was going to ask if perhaps you would like to," he stopped and rubbed his hand through his dark brown hair. "Maybe if you wanted to go on a date tonight?" His face turned burandy and I sighed deeply.

"I thought you liked Rose?" I asked and saw standing further down the hall was Dante, and he is seething. I laughed. "Afterall, I kind of have other plans tonight." I smiled and he glanced back at Dante.

"I see." I laughed even harder as Dante came forward.

"It's not really a date-date, since I am taking him with me as basically a cover." Dante pouted, his typical face when I deny that I like him playfully. "But of course he is technically my boyfriend if you think about it." This brought a smile to Dante's face as he wrapped an arm around my waist.

"Yeah... technically." He said grinning. "And technically, Cade and Rose are an item too." He told me (and Cade) smirking.

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