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This is just a preview. I turned it into showcase at our school. Right now I'm looking for feedback on this story. All this is is chapter ten. If I get enough feedback I will probably post trhe whole story. Thanks :)

Submitted: January 24, 2013

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Submitted: January 24, 2013



Preview to my story: United We Stand

Chapter 10

I watched out the train window as we passed the very stereotypical members of society. Blonde haired beauties with dark haired blessings, to the government official’s -or Ecklon’s as I called them- this matchup had been the perfect pair. I never understood why until now. Passing by the pairs you could pick out the men and women with ease. Men had dark hair, women had light hair. It was a small and simple way to take away just one of our previous rights.

I glanced down at the drink they had given me hearing Elam’s words echo through my head. “Spirit, whatever you do, do not drink or eat anything they give you.” I sighed setting the drink down; it would have been something small to take my mind off of what was to come.

Soon the sky had been swallowed by what I could only guess was a tunnel. I got up to go to the restroom only to be pushed back down by a rude stewardess.

She had long brunette hair and gleaming white teeth. “Ma’am the boss said that you are not to move until you are escorted off the train.” Her smile seemed to get a tiny bit bigger before she turned and left.

She was one of the lucky ones. She had been one of the few that had gotten away without the chip. She was going to be just my first look at the Ecklon’s.

I sat back thinking about life before the Ecklon’s and before I knew it I was starting to doze off…

I woke up with two large men looking down at me. In between them was the woman from earlier. I eyed them suspiciously trying to figure out if they were of their own mind.

“Mr. Johnson sent us to retrieve you miss.” The taller one stated

I nodded before getting up. The taller man started leading the way and I followed him trying to figure him out.

If he was under their control he would ignore any thing I told him. Then again if he wasn’t I had about a seventy to thirty percent chance he would listen to my plea of innocence. That chance was not in my favor so I decided to prolong my decision. 

I glanced quickly back at the man behind me seeing his eyes glazed over I knew he was not himself. I used this to my advantage.

I tapped the man in front of me on the shoulder. He ignored it. I grumbled tapping him on the shoulder again. This time I got a small response but it was just a soft rumble of being irritated. I smirked -he was in charge of his own movements- with that I tapped him one last time before he twisted around violently.

“What do you want?!” He growled

“I have to use the restroom.”

His dark green eyes studied me for a while then he nodded his head. We continued to walk about thirty or forty steps before he turned, dismissed his mindless helper, and ushered me into the bathroom.

The bathroom was large but it had no privacy. All of the stalls had walls up on either side of them but no door.

I scowled back at my captor. “Can I have some privacy?”

“I’m sorry it’s against rules Miss.”

“Call me Spirit. It is my name.” I held out my hand as a friendly greeting.

He hesitantly took it giving my hand one good shake and then dropping it. “I’m Chase.”

“So can I please have some privacy Chase? I really would prefer not to have someone watch me go to the bathroom.”

He let out a frustrated sigh before turning around so his back was to me. “Hurry up.”

I went to the nearest stall and thought out what to say. I really didn’t have to go to the bathroom but it was a great chance to be alone. I quickly looked around to see if there was anything in the bathroom I could use to my advantage. Toilet paper was the only thing I could reach without being suspicious and toilet paper was something I really couldn’t use to help me right now.

I flushed the toilet walking out. Chase was now turned around watching me, so I quickly washed my hands before returning to him.

“So Chase what exactly have they told you about me?”

He looked at me suspiciously before speaking. “They told me that you plan on tearing down the government system.”

“Well… I guess you could call it that.”

He raised his eyebrow giving me a questioning look.

“I’m not trying to take out the government, but I am trying to give everyone their self-control back.”

“Do you really think its better that way? With everyone making stupid decisions like doing drugs or killing people?! It was ruining other people’s lives by doing so! I don’t know if you remember 2031 or not but those people’s decisions killed thousands… including my brother.”

I finally understood what drove the Ecklon’s to search for controlling everyone. It wasn’t power like I had thought before. It was fear. Fear that if everyone had control of their own bodies people might start killing people.

The Ecklon’s feared for their lives.

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