Flying, Falling

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short piece of flash fiction written after a dream I had.

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012




I am running as fast as my feet can go, whipping through trees and branches trying not to loose my footing. Green is all I can see at my feet, I just keep going, willpower overthrowing everything else that blocks my path. I reach the clearing covered with thick growing moss and clover and I know I am here. I keep running and I hit the column of light I’ve become so familiar with over the past few months. My body surges forward and a ripple of electricity runs through my body as I am taken into the air. I outstretch my arms and my feet begin to move of their own accord as though separate from my body, making sure I do not falter. I am in the sky, and I can see everything. I look down to the lush green of the farmers’ fields and the deep blue of the man made lakes containing all manner of plant life. I continue on my travels and reach a town, slowing my pace down I take in all that I can see. There are people going about their daily routine of running errands and purchasing produce from the various market stalls but one sight draws me in and I linger on this picture for some time. A woman is making her way through the town with her baby in her arms when all of a sudden, from walking on cobbles and looking so strong, she is struck to the ground by a passing man carrying a monstrous tub of fish. I notice people around her continue their day, paying no attention to the incident. I am still flying, but circling at this point and beginning to feel faint. I carry on in my journey and as I begin to fly properly again I feel exuberant, as though a vessel full of adrenaline is being pumped into my body and my endorphins are in overdrive. I pass many fields full of crops and flowers and just bare soil and marvel at how different the world looks from above. I look in front of me and see an unusual black cloud, however I take no notice and carry on my flying glad that no one has noticed me yet. The black cloud is getting bigger and bigger and closer and closer, until I am met with an immense flock of crows, hurtling towards me at a speed I can only hope to match. As I attempt to dive and duck from their path the force of them hits me. I am falling down and down, spiraling out of control unable to regain my stance in the sky. The green of the field below is getting closer and all I can think of is how I am going to die, any minute now and I have no way of stopping it. 

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