The Warship and the Ocean Liner

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You do not have to be of the same creed,background,wealth or race to love one another. My poem relays the story of the RMS Olympic,who did serve in World War One. This is the story I wove of how it must have been for an ocean liner to serve in the battlefield among the harsh looking warships. It is the story of how the toughened wartime vessel learned the story of his comrade and eventually fell in love with her. My message is-'We do not have to be the same to cherish someone who has captured our adoration'. That is my belief.(Please read Part Second,it is the ending of this.)

Submitted: September 14, 2013

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Submitted: September 14, 2013



I am the common warship,
Meant to be callous,cruel and gray,
With a most unpleasent attitude,
I scoff at a lovely day.

The seabirds and the sungilt waves,
I would look at with scorn,
Not caring for their beauty,
Nor the colorful palette of morn.

To maim and to banish
That intolerable enemy troop
Carrier of the firearms,
I am no mortal sloop!!

The vessels I did sink
Would cry out in fright.
I would laugh and smirk
At their never-winning plight!

I was proud of my battleship looks,
Proud of my destroyer prow,
The lesser vessel wouldn't compete,
An opinion I did vow.

I had no like of beauty,
It was a cursed word.
I sent it away with a glare
Like the ever calling sea bird.

The watercolor of  a sunset,
Of it's colors across the sky,
Were so horrible in their looks,
I wished that they would die.

But every morn and every eve,
The sun gave off it's hues.
I'd glare and turn my eyes away,
It was the least to do.

The men who strode upon my decks,
Treated me first rate.
But one day they all did something odd,
Put something unpleasent on our plate!

The newest vessel added
To our confident,harshened fleet
Ended up being a female!
Being trim and thin and neat!

What were they thinking
To add such a timid sort?!
I yelled out jeers as she sailed by
Told her to get back to port!

"You cursed woman,what are your motives
Among us strong and frightless men?!
Get back to where you belong
With all of you weak-minded kin!

You foolish,crazy female
Don't dare ruin our days!
You shallow minded lady,
Who'll turn to clouds and gaze!

If my Captain would allow it,
I'd bash you with my prow
Listen to what we'll say,
For your masters are many men now!

Away,away,you timid ship!
You're much too soft for war!
Why,you'd be likely to faint dead away,
You have no knowledge for what's in store!

The moment you'll hear the retort of the gun,
You're bound to try and flee,
Go ahead,you polished woman,
See if it will bother me!

I'd be glad to see your retreating shape
The steam flying off your stacks,
Go back to your glamourous life
For bravery I am certain you lack!"

Unabashed outwardly by my words,
She fixed me with a level gaze.
And replied in a gentle tone
A talk about her ways.

"Dearest fellow,what is the matter,
Why must you be so mean to me?
Can't you give a girl a decent welcome
When she's traveled far 'cross the sea?

You do not even know me!
How can you be so cross?
If you insist on sending me away,
You may endure a loss"

"A loss!? A LOSS?!?! What a thought!
You are a starry eyed crone!
Why don't you get back to your sort
And leave us,please,alone!

We do not need a woman
To muddle up our fleet strong.
You'll do no good,that's for sure!
You'll only bring about wrong!

Look at yourself for what you are
You're akin to a human dame
Who dwells in a marbled manor
Not out with the war and it's flame.

You are a light headed female
Used to trifling,sprightly surf,
A glamourous.first class woman
Not made for our brutal turf!!"

"How in heavens can you say such things?
I've been through tumultous waves,
But that did not dampen my desire
For my future's unknown days.

I may look like a 'First Class' sort,
But I beg you 'Give me time!',
I may be tougher than you think
And keep the enemy in line.

Really,what sort of gentleman are you?
You haven't once asked my name!
That truly is quite selfish,
And I shall tell you all the same!!!

Aren't you curious to know who I am?
Let down your callous visage?
And not go about with words that bite,
Like the shark's harsh-hewn jaws?"

"Lady,you are quite difficult and
Vainglorious in your size!
My words don't seem to harm you,
Nor my warring battlship guise!

I do not seek to ask your name,
It is right there on your bow.
It seems to say 'OLYMPIC',lady,
Are you happy now?

I have chosen to acknowledge you,
And not say 'That Female Ship'.
But,I far from like you,
So my words shall often slip."

"True,you have acknowledged me,
But-with a haughty way.
I'll hope for kinder talk in the future
For I am here for awhile to stay.

I'm here to perform a good deed,
A duty I am to serve.
Treat me nice,will you please?
And speak with a nicer verve."

"You are incorrigible,you Olympic woman!
Your patience is not a feint!
You really are so unabashed,
And my sentences do not taint!

What is it I can say to you
To put you in your place?!
What is it that'll put a tremor
On your beautiful,polished face?!?"

"Why do you wish to hurt me?
I have done nothing to you.
I have sat upon these rolling waves
While your rants turn the air blue.

Why is it you wish to be mean me?
And bring a tear to my eye.
Would it make a man feel better
To make a poor girl cry?"

"You women say such things as this
Making me feel like fink!
Do I wish to see you cry?
No,I do not think."

"You have said something sensible!
You truly do have a heart!
I was really beginning to wonder
If it and you were apart!

You seem to think to be manly,
You shouldn't treat a lady nice,
But you've managed to say a kind thing
Within just a mere trice!"

"Do not expect me to keep it up
And drop my warring ways.
That is far from what I shall do
In my future days.

Go away to whatever your duty is
I am ill of your senseless chatter,
We'll see just how 'brave' you are
With battlefield,gunfire matter!"

She sailed away into the surf
Delicate bow slicing through water.
How worthy would this woman be?
Belfast's trim,lithe daughter.

I returned to my full duties
Disregarding her with a snort.
An oppressive,high woman she was.
An impudent and forward sort.

Think of her little I did that day.
Among the guunshots and gunfire.
'Who knows',I thought with devilish grin,
She may be on her funeral pyre!!

How tough could she be
Amongst my fellow men?
No woman could deal
With battling sin!

Evening came and she approached,
I vexed her with a smirk.
Behind her confident carriage
Sure was I weakness did lurk.

You have had your day.
Eager to turn stern and flee,
Won't you truthfully say?"

She gazed at me with kindness
Though her smile did seem worn.

"No,dear fellow,my feelings are stable,
Not fleeting like the sunrise of morn."

Side by side we rested that night
Recovering from our day.
Being so close beside her,though,
Certainly didn't suit my way!

She did so try to engage me
With a spell-binding talk.
Of her life before the battle,
And collision with old Hawke.

I disregarded most she said,
Giving a noncommital reply,
But she wasn't discouraged easily
Even when morning became nigh.

As the sunrise streaked it's colors
Across the grayed sky of night.
She gazed at me so kindly and said

"Is that not a sight?!

I remember the days so fully
Of my sister and I in dock.
For once were we away
From the tugboats who did mock!

When the colors would streak the ocean,
As if from a skilled painters hand
I revelled in our times together
On the surf of our country's land.

I still enjoy the colors
And majesty of the dawn.
But it all is not the same,
For my sister is now gone.

But today! Dearest fellow,
I was able to share the beauty of the sun!
The fire of it so dearly dims
The fire of your gun!

What a pleasure I am given
To share this glorious light
Which gilds the day from the most lovely gold,
There is ever to be in sight!

Now,off I am to be leaving soon,
For a full and tedious day,
Can you give me a good wish
A kind thing shall you say?"

Now she had me under her gaze.
Under a watching eye.
'I have to give her a good wish'
I thought so with a sigh.

I summoned up my best of thoughts,
Outside of my hardened heart.
And looked her straight within the eye,
Said something quite off the chart.

"All right,Olympic,lady,
I'll send with you a thought.
Be careful in your role today.
And I'll pray you perish not.

Ignore the other cruisers
Who will taunt and tease and vex.
Perhaps you are a stalwart woman,
Beneath your weakness labled sex."

"So you can be kind!
Thank you for your prayer!
It shows to me under your looks,
You really can be one to care.

A little wish is all it takes
To get one through their day.
A kindly word helps alot,
To make me cheered and gay.

You have asked for my safety,
So now,I shall ask for yours,
For as I have said,kindness speaks,
And opens the most charmed of doors.

You have the means to defend yourself,
One can think without a doubt.
But anything can occur,my friend,
On life's twisting and turning route.

I hope you shall be safe today,
And keep clear of any fate
For death may come any time
Unfortunately early,or late."

I was astonished she could care for me,
And call me her own friend.
I had done nothing to please her,
Taunting her at days end.

How on earth could she regard me
With her personality so fair?
When I would smirk and ignore her,
And too so often glare.

For the first time in my destructive life,
I truly felt quite bad.
For here was this glorious lady,
Who put up with behavior mad.

Days passed,turned into months,
And I had a changing of thought.
Who was this kindly liner?
Whose gentility diminished not?

Yes,of course,she had her days,
Wearied by other taunts.
And I would face the offender
With a look quite sure to haunt!

I was growing to like her a little more
In each passing week,
And could look at her with a smile.
And easier could I speak.

A feeling was stirred within my heart,
Which I didn't even know was there
A feeling of love and kindness
In a plain I thought quite bare.

© Copyright 2019 Sarah Olympia. All rights reserved.

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