The Warship and the Ocean Liner-Part II

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is Part Second of the previous piece with the same name. This final portion wraps of the story with what I shall call a 'satisfying ending'. (Profile picture is actually RMS Olympic in Atlantic Dazzle paint.)

This Olympic had a brave heart!
No timid woman was she!
How appealing that truly was,
How fine was her company!

She wouldn't shirk with fright
At my stories of war-time sin.
Always would she listen
About who did lose or win.

I began to feel a sentiment
That I did so want to say.
Wanted so much to tell her,
Till there came that perfect day.

She was so tired and weary
With a recently twisted prow,
Others would seek to tease her,
But I wished to say elsewhat now.

"Olympic,dearest lady,
I hope you'll accept my thought,
Don't regard it as foolish,
I truly like you alot.

Perhaps you may be bent and bullied,
By my brethren out at sea,
But do not take them seriously,
For you have never looked lovelier to me.

You are nothing short of beautiful,
And I am considering all,
Dazzle paint and blackened portholes,
Goodness is as big as you are tall!

I may be battleship,
But you've awakened me to the world.
I now wish my shameful past
Could be taken like rubbish and hurled.

How I wish my other comrades
Would treat you fair and nice,
For a lady akin to you,my dear,
Does not come about twice!"

She faced me with a countenance
That hid not her delight.

"Someone has accepted me
And not forced me to take flight!"

From that day forward on,
We'd give each other a smile,
Whose kindly measures took us far,
On those hard battlefield miles.

During the day and its' duties,
My comrades were the whiners,
Complaining why I had to love

But that was the truth,
I loved her so very dear,
And knew the day we had to part
Would bring about a tear.

However could we leave each other,
To never meet again?
How could the humans part me
From a heart that I did win?

When that horrible time would come,
When we would have to part,
How on earth could I continue on,
Without this love that did just start?

People didn't understand us,
They didn't hear us speak.
To be seperated from this lovely liner
Would surely make me weak.

Months and months flew by,
Before my very eyes.
To bring about that horrid day
Full of despondent sighs.

Looking so majestic,
She sailed in from the sun.
To bring about her reason
Which had to so be done.

"Dearest fellow,hear me out,
For life has opened new doors.
Do not despair though,my love,
For I am always yours.

I am returning to my true purpose,
Of sailing shore to shore.
But now that I have known you,
I'll cherish you forevermore.

I may be saying 'good-bye',
And we shan't meet again.
But memories are not severed
By commanding men."

The horrible sensation of saying farewell
Welled up in and clutched my heart.
An unbearable and truthful sorrow,
That we had to part.

This wonderfully glorious woman,
Sister of great Titanic,
Would leave me with such memories
Of her heart and goodness gigantic.

I turned to her once again
Composed my words with thought.
And said the truths within me
Of emotions perishing not.

"I love you,Lady Olympic,
That is my feeling true and whole,
There will never be a finer woman
Of truth and heart and soul.

I wish we had not to part,
Together would always suit me.
But,that is not the way,my dear,
We belong to a different sea.

Originally I was a battleship,
That hated lifes' aspects finer,
But how I truly adore you,
My dear,sweet Ocean Liner.

For shame we cannot express love,
In a human way.
We must stay far apart,
Or risk suction's death giving lay.

My dearest,dearest lady,
Never again shall I know such love,
Whose kindness and good wishes
Seemed from Heaven above.

I cannot imagine this following day,
Without us sometimes near.
To be seperated till life's end
Brings on such a tear.

Olympic,say you'll remember me,
And go tell all of your fleet,
The love you had for an old warship
That you chanced to meet."

For the first time in her service,
She looked unsure,nore brave.
Quite akin to me,
With these memories to save.

I had never know there could be a love
That had a pull so fierce.
And when one had to be seperated,
It would go to the heart and pierce.

We finally met our gaze again,
And she chose to speak

"To think when you did meet me,
You thought me timid and weak.

How wrong I have proved you,my dear love,
Of how this heart is made.
How never did I suppose
Farewell would be so hard to bade.

I've endured my wartime injuries,
I've endured the harshness of guns,
But one thing hard to endure,my treasure,
Is ending love not fully run.

I wish I could stay and tell you more
But time is running late,
Yet,I shall never forget my
'Callous' warship mate."

The water started rolling against her hull,
Sliced by her elegant bow.
So slowly did she pass me,
For our end was now.

Her almost nine hundred feet of riveted steel,
Passed me for the last if times.
A woman of such glory
Who saw lifes' hidden rhymes.

I hoped I had said everything
I wanted her to know.
Hoped she'd believe it within her heart
As I watched her go.

She had never looked so very grand
As on that last of morns.
How I'd treasure her free-hearted beauty,
And the haunting note of her horn.

'Farewell,Farewell',it seemed to say,
In it's spine-tingling call.
I love you,Fair Olympic,
Don't forget at all.

The farther away she became,
The sun seemed to hide from sight.
The day was losing a glory,
And it's 'richest of gold' light.

There seemed to be a silence,
And then she called my name.
A siren song it seemed to be,
As to my very core it came......

"My beloved,
Say you'll remember me,
And go tell all of your fleet,
The love you had for an ocean liner,
That you did chance to meet...."


Submitted: September 15, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Sarah Olympia. All rights reserved.

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