Oblivious Lover

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a short story about love.
There is some strong language and some sexual content.
All comments are welcome as it is dificult to gudge your own work. Please be HONEST!

I am lost, so lost in this goddess of awoman. She is gorgeous, always beautiful. She’d be so perfect with me. I see us together, lying side by side for now and forever. I’d kiss her cheek, massage her body, and whisper how much I love her; her hair, her eyes, her lips, her breast. I want her.
I fantasize about her, I watch her; every move she makes. The more I watch the deeper I fall, and the more I long for my oblivious lover.
She will be mine. Just one word, one touch, would prove to her my love and she’d see only me, and realise that I am all she needs. If only she knew. But the more I watch and dream, it gets less and less likely I’ll get anywhere near her.
I’ve tried to leave, another girl, another life, but their never the same. They don’t understand me they’ve no emotion no feeling. A quick fuck, no I love you. It is the woman with the delicate eyes for whom I would die.
Looking through the window of the bar, I saw her order her usual drink, a glass of red, next would be something a little stronger, maybe a double JD and coke. Her friends had left her to go “powder their noses”. Now was my chance, nerves set in, or was it just pure lust? Sitting next to her; I’d never been so close. My head begins to race. Flashing images of me and my angel. Smiling, laughing, walking hand in hand through a park on a beach, kissing, loving pecks on the cheek, my hand moving across her face behind her neck pulling her close towards me kissing her hard and passionately, my hands moving to places only I could go. Fucking her, all different positions, toys she’s tied up, blind folded. Images flashed through my mind I could hardly keep up, I want her, I need her, to touch her, feel her, her face, her hair, her lips, hips, breast, arse.
“Hello”. She speaks. Long before I had the chance to hear her I adored only the bits I could see. Now here she is waiting for me to respond. I am falling, deeper still into my darling angels eyes. What could I say? I love you? I’d like nothing more than to fuck you all night and day? That she is the only person that can fill the hole in my heart? That I know she is the sexiest person that walks this earth? That she turns every head and I’ve been there the whole time she just didn’t know it? This is my only chance to tell her how I feel. I’m going to tell her, just straight out tell her the truth. I love her and want to be her lover, boyfriend, husband, her soul mate. Looking up, she turns away and leaves me standing. Before I could say anything she was in the arms of another man. Her friends were back and they all sat at a bright table in the middle if the bar, for all to see. Still my oblivious lover doesn’t see me. Watching and adoring from afar.
My hollow heart is filled with darkness she is no longer mine, my angel, my dream, my oblivious lover. she is his. Only love could save me and love has destroyed me. How could she leave me? We had a connection, a love so deep I couldn’t find the words for it. I waited so long for her to see me. Waited for her when she got home, worried when she was late, left flowers on her step, protected her from danger. And she leaves me for some shirt that doesn’t care. This isn’t over.
I see her getting up to go to the toilet. She turns around, pulls a smile and it drives me wild. I’m not loosing another chance. I follow her through the narrow corridors towards the toilets; she still doesn’t notice I’m there, so close yet so far. Now’s my chance a secret corner, no one around, just me and my once angel. Holding her in my arms, finally, I can feel what I’ve been longing for. As she struggles I hold her tighter and tighter. We dance and the walls melt away and we dance on the clouds, moving as one, as we are meant to be. A sea of warmth rushed through my body over my hands and through the floor. Each wave takes us higher and higher and all we have is each other. Step after step, twirl after twirl. Finally she can see me, her delicate eyes locked onto mine. The sparkle has gone away,her once fairy tale eyes are dull and boring. The clouds disappear and me and my angel are back in our corner. I push her back but she doesn’t move. Her once warm body is now cold and heavy. Her skin is grey and lifeless. What’s happened? I let her go and she falls to the floor, slumped over herself. Where do I go from here? I’ve lost my angel. My life has nothing special.
I found her, loved her, lost her.
I miss her.

Submitted: August 26, 2008

© Copyright 2021 sarah0401. All rights reserved.

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I loved it! it put me in mind of my Criminology class...Awesome writing!

Wed, September 10th, 2008 9:23pm


Thank you. Glad you liked it.

Thu, September 11th, 2008 2:35am

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